Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 80 - Little Tang Tang, Goodnight
Chapter 80: Little Tang Tang, Goodnight

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One hour. Jian Qi was about to collapse.

Her forehead was covered in sweat.

Tang Jinyu looked at her calmly. He smiled faintly. “What happened? Aren’t you going to chat with me? Let’s continue chatting!”

“Instructor, I… I want to be a… quiet girl!” Jian Qi controlled her breathing. She tried her best to make herself sound energetic.

She had no energy to mess with him now.

He did not know how to treat girls well!

“Instructor, you’re single, aren’t you?” Jian Qi smiled faintly.

Tang Jinyu looked at her. She could not see through his dark eyes at night.

Jian Qi broke into a bright smile. If one were to ignore her shaky legs, she still appeared to have gained the upper hand.

“Do you still have energy to make jokes about me? It would appear that this is too easy for you!” Tang Jinyu said coldly. Having heard what Tang Jinyu said, Jian Qi wanted so badly to argue with him.

‘Is there more?’

Did he plan to break her legs there and then?

“Instructor, are you sure that you’re not planning to train me until I’m half dead so that you can kick me out of the academy?”

“Hmm… From what I can see, you’re quite energetic. I plan to chat with you the whole night. Are you happy?” Tang Jinyu smiled and asked her. He seemed rather wicked.

“Sure… I’m happy!”

“You seem to be forcing your smile!” Tang Jinyu said.

“Instructor, your eyes are rather devious!” Jian Qi smiled softly. She was cooking up a plan. One day, she would surely not hold back and beat him into a pulp!

Tang Jinyu smiled and lowered his eyes to look at the time again. “You still have half an hour!”

Jian Qi was speechless.

‘Didn’t he say that there was only ten minutes left?

‘Where did the extra twenty minutes come from?’

If she were to maintain that pose for another half an hour, she would surely collapse on the spot!

As such, Jian Qi became quiet. Tang Jinyu then said calmly, “Since you’re quiet now, I’ll tell you something. Listen up!”

Tang Jinyu lifted his leg and kicked her slightly lowered legs. “Maintain a proper pose!”

Deep down, Jian Qi was rolling her eyes at him. Then, she raised her legs slightly.

“You should act like a student in the defense academy. Don’t act playful or mischievous in front of me. You need to obey the instructors’ commands here. If you make me repeat myself, you’ll surely regret it!”

“Instructor, when did I not behave like a student?” Jian Qi asked.

“You need to say ‘report’ before you want to speak. Did you forget about that?”


Jian Qi replied calmly. “Instructor, when did I not behave like a student?”

“Did I allow you to talk?”

Tang Jinyu said stoniy.

Jian Qi was speechless.

Tang Jinyu glanced at the time. “Alright, time’s up. Go back to your room and rest now!”

Jian Qi put down her legs. Her whole body was weak and had no feelings left in it.

“Instructor, you still haven’t answered my question!” Jian Qi looked at Tang Jinyu who had turned around to leave.

“Do you still want to chat with me?” Tang Jinyu narrowed his eyes with a dangerous aura. His voice was calm but it seemed to imply an upcoming danger.

Jian Qi raised her sore legs and hands slightly. If she were to do that again, she would never ever feel her limbs ever again.

Tang Jinyu smirked in satisfaction when Jian Qi remained quiet. He turned to walk away.

“Little Tang Tang, goodnight!”

Her seductive voice came behind him. Tang Jinyu stopped walking and bit his lips slightly. He suppressed the urge to turn around and give her a piece of his mind . In the end, he walked away.

Jian Qi’s smile widened, as she looked at Tang Jinyu from the back.

‘Tang Jinyu, just you wait and see. One day, I’ll surely give you a lesson you’ll never forget!’

Jian Qi returned to her room by dragging her exhausted body along with her. She pushed the door open and she was surprised to see that her three roommates were still not yet asleep.

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