Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 82 - Ten Ring? One Hundred Ring?
Chapter 82: Ten Ring? One Hundred Ring?

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Mu Zi looked at Jian Qi. She knew what Chu Yu was planning as well. She could not help but frown slightly.

They met each other for the first time the day before. Jian Qi had never mentioned her marksmanship skills. Chu Yu was obviously trying to embarass Jian Qi.

Moreover, how could Jian Qi be compared to Chu Yu even if Jian Qi knew how to shoot a gun? Chu Yu was the national champion and she had gone through plenty of practice.

If Jian Qi were to be defeated, she would surely be humiliated by everyone.

“Jian Qi, you…”

Mu Zi was about to voice out and give Jian Qi a hand. Chu Yu interrupted her, “Jian Qi, didn’t you say that you’re excellent in marksmanship yesterday? Why don’t you show us?”

Feng Yi knew what kind of tricks Chu Yu had up her sleeve. The girl he liked was being bullied. Should he do something to resolve it?

Feng Yi was about to say something when another cold voice was heard. “Jian Qi, fall out!”

Chu Yu gave Jian Qi a smug smile. Her eyes were gleaming with the look of utter satisfaction with the prospect of Jian Qi’s humiliation.

She wanted to see how terribly humiliated Jian Qi would be when she was defeated!

Did she think that she was outstanding just because she could run very well?

Jian Qi merely had good stamina.

Everyone else could not help but whisper among themselves.

“What is Jian Qi doing? Doesn’t she know her place?”

“That’s true. How can she challenge the national champion? What is she thinking? Is she mad?”

“Isn’t her academic results good?” Another girl said sarcastically. “She’s merely a bookworm. How can she challenge Chu Yu? Isn’t she just digging a hole for herself?”

“Just look at her! It seems like she has never touched a gun!”

“What’s with all the noise? Keep quiet!” Feng Yi commanded coldly.

They soon stopped their mutterings and stood in attention.

Jian Qi walked toward Feng Yi. Feng Yi looked at her and asked, “Can you do it?”

Jian Qi smiled playfully and wickedly. “We’ll see about that.”

Feng Yi handed her the gun.

Jian Qi took it from him. Then, she stepped forward a few steps and lied belly-down on the ground. She aimed her gun at the target far away from them. She took a glance at the patches of grass swaying along with the wind near her.

Then, she looked up again and tilted her head slightly. She closed one of her eyes, and looked at the bull’s eye in the distance through the scope. At the same time, she was repositioning the gun and holding it firmly in her hands.

Chu Yu stared at her scornfully. She sure had a lot of gimmicks!

“Does she know how to do it? Why hasn’t she fired the gun?”

The others could not help but start to whisper among themselves again. They soon kept quiet when Feng Yi gave them a cold stare.

Tang Jinyu looked at the young girl who was lying on the ground. His deep eyes were indiscernible. Nobody knew what he was thinking about.

Feng Yi was worried about Jian Qi. He did not want her to lose terribly.

The others were all staring at Jian Qi, certain of what the outcome would be. Whatever she was doing right now was all an act that would lead to her humiliation.

Jian Qi smiled softly. She seemed rather confident and reckless. At that moment, it felt as if her aura had changed.

Looking through the scope, Jian Qi’s hand then moved to the trigger slowly. Then, she pulled the trigger.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Ten bullets were fired continuously. Everyone then turned to look at the target.

Tang Jinyu lifted the binoculars once again and looked at the target. He narrowed his eyes slightly.

At the same time, Feng Yi grabbed the binoculars from him and looked at the target as well. He sounded rather surprised when he said, “Jian Qi, ten ring?”

After hearing what Feng Yi said, the other people’s scornful whispering about Jian Qi became louder.

Tang Jinyu remained silent. Another instructor who was standing at a faraway position meant for announcing the shooting results said, “Jian Qi, one hundred ring!”

Everyone was utterly confused. Was it not ten ring?

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