Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 83 - Absolute Confidence
Chapter 83: Absolute Confidence

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Chu Yu’s sarcastic smile froze all of a sudden. She stared at the target in disbelief.

Everyone lifted their binoculars and looked at the target.

Ten bullets were shot at the same spot on the first target.

From afar, it seemed like ten ring and the rest of the rings were missing.

“Oh my god! It’s absolute confidence!” A guy could not help but wonder aloud.

“It’s outstanding!”

“A sharpshooter?”

“How have we not heard anything about her?”

“If Jian Qi had gone and participated in the national shooting competitions, Chu Yu would surely not be the champion.”

“She’s indeed my goddess! I liked her beauty before. Now, I realize that she has great talents too!”

“She’s a true Lady Kao in the real world. Now, it seems like ‘King of Guns’ is designed for her!”

Most of the students who praised Jian Qi were males since the girls were condemning her just moments ago. The girls were hostile toward Jian Qi.

That target seemed to have slapped the girls, who looked down on Jian Qi, senseless.

Chu Yu looked at the round hole that was shot through by the bullets. It was rather annoying.

Compared to Jian Qi’s results, what Chu Yu did just now was utter rubbish.

It was worthless!

Jian Qi chose the first target although there were a lot of targets there. Was she trying to tell Chu Yu that she was the champion instead?

It seemed like the target had given Chu Yu a vehement slap as well.

Her facial expression worsened when she heard their exclamations of amazement.

Her hands that were hanging loosely beside her were now clenched into tight fists, and she looked coldly at Jian Qi.

Jian Qi seemed so nonchalant. It seemed like she was not surprised at her own results.

Chu Yu felt as if Jian Qi did not care about her results just now.

Tang Jinyu walked toward them. Then, he looked at Jian Qi and said coldy, “Did you all see that?”

The guys exclaimed and clapped their hands.

Tang Jinyu said again with his frosty voice, “Everyone get ready. An hour of shooting practice will begin now!”

Everyone was taken aback that the instructor did not even praise her for that kind of excellent result she had produced.

How strict was he!

However, Feng Yi understood why as that was how they had gone through their own training.

If they wanted the boss’s praise, they needed to fulfill his every single command.

However, he was indeed surprised to see Jian Qi’s results. Even if they were talented and had undergone special training before, they would only be able to hit the bullseye. They would never be able to precisely hit the same target at the same spot like her.

Feng Yi looked at Jian Qi in a way like he was looking at a treasure. What else was hidden inside of her?

Jian Qi was not surprised at Tang Jinyu’s response. That was why he was single!

He did not even know how to praise others!

Jian Qi held the gun in her hand. Then, she lied belly-down once again just like everyone else. They began their training.

Chu Yu’s face was dark and sombre. Although Tang Jinyu did not praise Jian Qi just now, what he said caused her to be displeased.

Jian Qi did not even hit the bullseye!

Chu Yu tilted her head and looked at Jian Qi who remained calm and nonchalant. It was as if what had happened just now did not affect her at all.

Chu Yu hated how she was behaving. It felt like she was laughing at her sarcastically!

Jian Qi!

Then, she came to her senses and aimed at the target in front of her. She then pressed the trigger. Her eyes were filled with deep hatred!

Feng Yi approached Tang Jinyu and said, “Boss, why do I feel like the information that I have obtained regarding Jian Qi is wrong?”

Tang Jinyu tilted his head and threw him a glance. “I’m so happy now that you know that you’re wrong!”

Feng Yi was speechless.

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