Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 85 - Shouldn’t You Do This in Close Combat?
Chapter 85: Shouldn’t You Do This in Close Combat?

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Before Chu Yu could punch her, Jian Qi held up her hand and grabbed Chu Yu’s hand. Then, she lifted her and threw Chu Yu over her shoulders mercilessly. Chu Yu fell with a thud on the ground.

Her movement was fast and strong. Having fallen flat on her back, Chu Yu felt a sharp pain on her back.

Jian Qi did not allow her time to rest. She then grabbed her from the ground. After that, she clenched her fist and gave Chu Yu a heavy punch on her stomach. Chu Yu drew in a cold breath because of the pain.

Chu Yu was doubled over in great pain.

Jian Qi grabbed her shoulders, raised her leg and bent it slightly upward. What followed was a kick to her chest.

Before Chu Yu could get up, Jian Qi tilted her elbow and slammed it with great force onto Chu Yu’s cheek.

Chu Yu took a few steps backward. Without even a second to spare, she was grabbed by Jian Qi again. Jian Qi grabbed her arms and flung her aside. Then, she kicked her chest once again. Chu Yu was kicked heavily and she fell down on the ground. Jian Qi then stepped on her chest.

Their great commotion shocked the others who were training beside them. All of them stopped their training and looked at the scene before them in great horror.

“What are you doing?” Tang Jinyu said coldly.

Jian Qi stopped her attacks and stood at the side. Then, she said innocently, “Instructor, didn’t you say that it’s close combat? If it’s close combat, getting minor injuries is unavoidable!”

As she was talking, Jian Qi lowered her eyes and looked at Chu Yu who was lying on the ground. There was blood on the corner of Chu Yu’s lips. Jian Qi smiled playfully and said, “Am I right, Chu Yu?”

Zhang Xiao and Mu Zi rushed over and helped the injured Chu Yu up on her feet.

Chu Yu wiped away the blood on her lips and stared at Jian Qi coldly. But, she said nothing.

The others gave Jian Qi a frightful look.

They thought that Jian Qi was just a beautiful girl who was good at running and shooting, but was still a gentle girl as a whole.

However, it seemed like she was rather violent!

Just look at how badly Jian Qi had beaten Chu Yu up!

Moreover, Jian Qi appeared nonchalant and playful. She did not seem to care about what she had done. The way she looked right now was rather annoying and reckless. They soon had a whole new impression of her!

Jian Qi was a girl who used only three months to break her image as merely a beautiful girl in the entertainment circle. Now, she used only one month to make everybody realize that she was not a weak bookworm.

She seemed reckless and playful, just like a gangster. Now, she was labelled as a bad girl who was prone to violence.

Feng Yi touched his nose rather awkwardly. There was so much change in her. She was such a violent girl. Should he reconsider whether or not to pursue her?

He did not think that he would be able to take it!

She was even more ruthless than the guys in a fight!

It appeared that Chu Yu was not able to stand properly. Her face was filled with bruises and scars…


Why was she so good at fighting? How could she beat Chu Yu up that badly?

If he were to ever fight with Jian Qi in the future, would he be beaten up vehemently to the point where he would look like a panda?

It was true that being gentler was much better.

Tang Jinyu looked at Jian Qi who stood before him. She appeared so calm and relaxed. She did not care how the others looked at her. She seemed so arrogant like that!

“Send Chu Yu to the clinic. The rest of you continue your training. Jian Qi, come with me!” Tang Jinyu commanded coldly.

The others could feel Tang Jinyu’s intensified suppression clearly. They continued their training obediently while Jian Qi calmly followed behind him.

Tang Jinyu stopped and turned to look at her when they were about five metres away from the others. “Why did you beat her up?”

“Report, Instructor. I didn’t beat her up. It’s training. Shouldn’t we do this in close combat?” Jian Qi appeared calm but her smile was arrogant.

“Are you trying to fool me?” Tang Jinyu voiced out coldly. Yet, he did not show any emotions.

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