Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 86 - You Look So Charming When You Smile, Instructor!
Chapter 86: You Look So Charming When You Smile, Instructor!

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Even though there was a powerful sense of oppression emanating from Tang Jinyu, she could still feel his callousness.

Jian Qi smiled calmly. “You are always so cautious, Instructor. The kind and innocent me is no match against you. I was really training, and probably used a little bit too much strength. You can’t blame me just because Chu Yu is so delicate!”

“So is it my fault then?” Tang Jinyu said in annoyance.

“No, it’s my fault,” Jian Qi apologized willingly. “My fault for being too strong!”


“Jian Qi, you listen closely.” Tang Jinyu felt like punching Jian Qi who was still proudly shaking her legs.

Jian Qi immediately stood up properly in attention.

“Do you know what you have done today?”

“Proper training!”

Tang Jinyu scoffed. “What kind of training involves you beating up your classmates?!”

“It’s not a big deal, Instructor. Injuries are inevitable. If she can’t handle small injuries like that, how can she protect the country in the future?” Jian Qi spoke confidently.

Tang Jinyu smiled smugly. “You spoke so well. Why not be a comedian!”

“It is always better to do something well, action speaks louder than words. Hence, I’ll treat every training as if we are on the battlefield. There can only be success and no failures. Therefore, I can’t help it if I hurt anyone!”

Jian Qi was displaying a very serious attitude.

Staring at the woman in front of him, he felt like beating her up.

“I never knew that you had such great ambitions and responsibilities though!”

“Please do not use your short-sightedness to pass judgement on my great ambitions and responsibilities, Instructor!”

“I did not want to punish you at first, Jian Qi. Now, I’ve changed my mind!” Tang Jinyu looked at her with a smug look on his face.


‘Oh sh*t, I overdid it!’

“I’m young and stupid, Instructor. If I said anything wrong, can you act as if you heard nothing…” Jian Qi looked at him and coughed unnaturally. “Can you act as if you heard nothing?”

Tang Jinyu sneered and said with a sense of mockery, “You have such good fighting skills and fluent oral skills. Excellent in persuading people. I didn’t even realize that I have such a great student all along!”

“You’re strong, right? I’ll accompany you for your training today. Alright?”

Tang Jinyu gently touched her head and smiled.

The smile made his enigmatic features even more lethal.

However, everyone who saw that touch was immediately shocked.

How endearing…

Jian Qi was obsessed with good looks. His beautiful features and charming smile were absolutely stunning.

“You look so charming when you smile, Instructor!” She smiled brightly.

The sudden tease made Tang Jinyu’s smile become slightly spooky.

“Charming, right?” Tang Jinyu smiled even brighter. “I’ll be even more charming later. Trust me!”

Jian Qi cleared her throat awkwardly.

Indeed, proud men cannot be teased!

“Let’s start!” Tang Jinyu said.

Jian Qi smiled. “Instructor, please have mercy on me!”

Tang Jinyu calmly copied her words. “Injuries are inevitable. If you can’t handle small injuries, how can you protect the country in the future?”


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