Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 88 - Did She Have To Be So Weak?
Chapter 88: Did She Have To Be So Weak?

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Director Liang’s face fell. Everyone in the academy respected him. However, was Tang Jinyu not being too arrogant right now?

“Instructor Tang, you can’t be telling me that Chu Yu, who is in the infirmary covered in injuries, fell on her own?” Director Liang questioned him.

“They were just having their usual practice. If Director Liang were to fuss over everyone’s injuries, does that also mean that they don’t have to do training anymore?” Tang Jinyu replied firmly, showing no signs of backing down whatsoever. “Or is it because Chu Yu is the one who is injured, hence you have to attend to it personally?”

The director turned and looked at Deng Guofeng who was sitting by the office table. “I strongly recommend that you expel Jian Qi, Sir. Such a student should not be allowed to stay!”

“I disagree!” Tang Jinyu looked serious, and his stand was firm. “She has not done anything wrong. There is no reason to expel her!”

“Beating other students up is not considered a serious reason?” Director Liang stared at Tang Jinyu. “Instructor Tang, you are being too overprotective. Even though Jian Qi has had good performances, she has issues with her behaviour. A student like this will only bring harm to our academy!”

“Watch yourself, Director Liang. As a teacher, isn’t it too much for you to say such things? She is my soldier and I will punish her if she has done anything wrong. It is not your call!”

Tang Jinyu had a tough stance against Director Liang on this one. His overwhelming aura was repressive and his words acted as a warning to the director.

His attitude itself was enough to put fear into people’s hearts.

However, Director Liang has not given up. He looked at Deng Guofeng. “I request to expel Jian Qi, Principal!”

Deng Guofeng was in a tight spot being the middleman between the school’s director and the instructor, who was also his favourite student, he brought in personally. He could not decide.

“What are others’ opinions on this?” Deng Guofeng looked at the other leaders of the school and asked.

The other leaders were speechless as well. They did not know what to do.

After all, these two people were not people they could easily offend!

Even though Tang Jinyu was just an instructor in this school, however, the Tang family as well as his position in the army were reasons why they could not possibly lay a finger on him.

As for Director Liang, he was also a terrifying character in their school.

In fact, the one that was injured was none other than his own niece, Chu Yu. Hence, they did not want to take a stand in this issue.

Everyone did not understand why Tang Jinyu would argue with the Chu family just for a newbie. Was it worth it?

Everyone else in the office chose to stay out of the matter. They looked at Deng Guofeng and shook their heads. “You should decide, Principal.”

“Since both of you have your own opinions, let’s bring in the students and see what they have to say,” Deng Guofeng said, and asked his assistant to bring in the students. “Bring in Jian Qi and Chu Yu.”

Soon after, Jian Qi arrived at the office. She immediately felt a strong tension in the room.

She raised an eyebrow and looked at Tang Jinyu. Tang Jinyu made eye contact and gave a warning sign that said: ‘Stand properly’.

Jian Qi kept her cool and stood in attention.

Not long after, Chu Yu came in with a doctor supporting her.

Jian Qi glanced briefly at her. Did she have to be so weak?

She was the one who beat her up. She knew how much strength she used and was sure that her injuries were nothing serious, they were just a few scratches.

She would recover in a few days’ time. She certainly knew how to act by appearing so fragile!

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