Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 89 - Instructor Tang Protecting His Own
Chapter 89: Instructor Tang Protecting His Own

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Jian Qi looked away and noticed the worried look on Director Liang’s face.

Director Liang immediately moved forward and held onto Chu Yu. “Does it hurt?”

Chu Yu frowned and nodded her head in an upset manner.

“Doctor Lin, how are her injuries?” Director Liang looked at the doctor supporting Chu Yu and asked.

“She has twelve injuries in total. All caused by blunt force. She has also been kicked around the chest area causing serious bruising.”

“Now, everyone has heard what the doctor said. She has gone too far for beating up her own classmate! I strongly suggest that we expel her!” Director Liang glared at Jian Qi as if he wanted to throw punches at her.

Jian Qi shrugged her shoulders and returned his glare with a provocative smile.

Director Liang had never seen such a disrespectful student. Just as he was about to lecture her, Tang Jinyu stood in front of Jian Qi. “Director Liang…”

He said it in an oppressive manner, warning the director.

Director Liang turned away and looked at Deng Guofeng. “You heard it for yourself, Principal. This is a serious matter. Please expel her immediately.”

Chu Yu could not keep her eyes away from Tang Jinyu who was constantly trying to protect Jian Qi. She felt even more hatred toward Jian Qi.

She should have left way before this!

Deng Guofeng finally asked, ” What happened, Chu Yu?”

Chu Yu replied weakly. “We were supposed to do close combat training today. I was assigned to be in the same group as Jian Qi. Everything was fine at first, but when it was her turn to attack, she beat me up rather harshly. I asked her to stop but she said ten minutes was not up yet and continued to punch me!”

Jian Qi scoffed. “What a sweet little lotus flower.”

Her voice was not too soft nor too loud, but everyone turned and looked at her. They could only see Tang Jinyu who was standing in front of her, and they all shifted their gaze.

It was the first time Jian Qi thought that Tang Jinyu was useful as a human wall.

He had a self-isolating function!

Chu Yu looked upset. Especially when she saw Tang Jinyu protecting Jian Qi, she felt even grumpier.

Deng Guofeng continued on, “Jian Qi, is it true? Did you hit her on purpose?”

Jian Qi poked her head out from behind Tang Jinyu. “Why would I beat her up on purpose? It was proper training. Unless close combat is a game of hugging?”

Her head disappeared behind Tang Jinyu once she finished speaking. She even tugged at Tang Jinyu to make sure that he was completely blocking her from everyone’s view.

Tang Jinyu smirked.

She was being too arrogant.

Why did she have to tug at him?

“She’s giving excuses, Principal!” Director Liang said angrily.

He wanted to glare at her but she was completely blocked by Tang Jinyu!

He would have never imagined that Tang Jinyu would go against him just for a freshman.

Did he not know the consequences?

He knew that Tang Jinyu was a stubborn person. If he were to protect Jian Qi, he would not give up.

It was not ideal to go against the Tangs!

“Instructor Tang, Chu Yu is also your soldier yet you are protecting Jian Qi. Isn’t it too much?”

Director Liang said.

“So you do know that they are both my soldiers!” Tang Jinyu’s sarcastic words were laced with mockery. “Chu Yu, how would you like to settle this matter?”

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