Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 9
Chapter 9: There’s Something Wrong With This Woman!

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The gunshot made all the men who were fierce and scary just a moment ago immediately crouch down in fright.

Jian Qi was abnormally sensitive to this sort of sound, and as if a beast were awakened her expression became more excited. Kicking away a man on the ground, with a slight movement of her foot, she raised the pole on the ground into her hand.

Then she walked over to the middle-aged man who was crouching on the ground, scared to get shot.

As gunshots rang, Jian Qi stepped closer and closer to him with a murderous glint in her eyes as if she had not heard the sounds.

“What do you want?” The middle-aged man retreated in fear, before looking at his lackeys that he hired, “Why are you standing there? Get her!”

They were mere gangsters, not people that lived on the edge of a knife every day. The gunshots came from quite near, and if they weren’t careful they would die!

None of them followed the orders of that middle-aged man.

Jian Qi smiled, showing her pearly teeth like a vampire out for prey.

She raised her hand, raising the pole high before swinging down with all her might.

“Ah—!” The wails of the middle-aged man almost covered the sounds of gunshots.

In ten seconds, Jian Qi stopped her movements and smiled at the middle-aged man whose teeth were all out. “Didn’t Chu Yuhan tell you that I have a black belt in taekwondo? Could she maybe have called you here on purpose to let me beat you up?”

The man’s face was swollen and bloody all over, and his hand that was in a cast was broken once again. No part of his body was left unscathed!

The man stared at Jian Qi hatefully, but as his gaze met with her cold one he could only retract his gaze. He was starting to hate Chu Yuhan for letting him get on the bad side of this devil of a woman!

The grunts looked at this scene and gulped inaudibly.

Thankfully they didn’t make a move on her just now, or that would be how they would have ended up!

Jian Qi looked at the gunfight and threw away the pole in her hand nonchalantly, pulling down her hat and turning to leave the scene.

After walking a few steps, the gun sounds came closer and a man ran over quickly in this direction, bumping into her.

Jian Qi furrowed her brow.

That man seemed to not have expected someone to block his way, shooting at Jian Qi immediately upon turning around.

Jian Qi rolled to dodge the shots, ending up back at the middle-aged man’s position.

A few shots were fired at her, but she was able to dodge them successfully, causing the middle-aged man to take the shots. Even though none of them were fatal, it gave him intense pain!

The man was shocked that Jian Qi could dodge so fast. He had already used up an entire cartridge, but she was completely unscathed.

But as he was reloading his gun, a pole flew in his direction.

The man dodged in disdain, thinking, ‘Just a pole…’

Before his thoughts could take form, another pole flew in his direction. He dodged promptly, only to get hit by a third pole and pass out on the floor.

The grunts that saw this scene looked at each other, then closed their eyes and pretended to be dead!

There’s something wrong with this woman!

Fast and precise, she did not give any chance for the opponent to react!

Jian Qi didn’t want to stay in this eventful place, quickly making a hasty retreat, but as she did so the other gunner thought she was his enemy.

Only a few steps later, someone shot at her from the back.

A hand reached over and pulled her away, pressing her to the corner of the wall.

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