Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 91 - There’s a Halo Above Your Head, Instructor!
Chapter 91: There’s a Halo Above Your Head, Instructor!

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“Look at Tang Jinyu, Principal!” Director Liang said mockingly, “What kind of attitude was that? How can he lead students with such an attitude! Firing him is the best decision.”

“Instructor Tang was personally hired by me, Director Liang. If you have any questions regarding my decision you can talk to me personally.”

Deng Guofeng was very upset as he stared at him angrily.

Everyone around them felt the sudden rise in tension immediately.

Director Liang frowned.

Deng Guofeng continued on with a serious tone, “I hope you understand that this is a military school, Director Liang. Injuries are inevitable. If she can’t handle a little bit of injury then she should not be here.”

Also, please be well aware of your position and your job scope here. Who the school hires or fires is not a matter that you should be concerned about. I hope you understand this.”

Deng Guofeng said it with a sense of oppression.

He was often a gentleman, but this time, Director Liang had been riding on his nerves. He had never spoken like this before.

Director Liang’s face looked terrible, he never would have thought that Deng Guofeng would speak in that manner.

His words were indeed hurtful to his pride in front of all these people.

Everyone noticeably shifted their gaze.

Director Liang wanted to say something but he could not do it in the end.

Chu Yu felt extremely nervous in the office. She was glad that Tang Jinyu was not revoked of his position or else she would have hated Jian Qi even more.


“Why did you help me, Instructor Tang?” Jian Qi looked at Tang Jinyu as she smiled playfully. “I always thought that you did not like me. I didn’t think that you would offend the rest of the school just for me. I’m so touched, Instructor. Should I dedicate myself to you?”

Jian Qi cheekily teased him. Tang Jinyu frowned and ignored her.

“Go back to your training!”

“Where are you going, Instructor?” Jian Qi pulled at Tang Jinyu who was walking by her side, and asked, “You won’t really quit, would you?”

If he really did quit, then she would be in big trouble!

“Those scrubs from the Liang family are merely insignificant people, they don’t have the power to make me leave!” Tang Jinyu said.

“Then where are you going?” Since they could not hurt him, why did he leave?

“The Liang and Chu family can’t touch me, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t make you leave!” Tang Jinyu replied solemnly.

She knew that what he said was true, but what did he intend to do?

“Go back to your training, Leave this matter in my hands!” Tang Jinyu added and walked away.

“Instructor Tang…”Jian Qi reached out to pull at him again. Her smile was bright and unrestrained as she said, “I owe you one for today!”

Tang Jinyu looked at her quietly, and his gaze flitted slightly. “No need. You’re my soldier and your actions are my responsibility. In fact, you were not wrong in the first place. My soldier shouldn’t be told what to do by others!”

Jian Qi’s smile widened. “There’s a halo above your head, Instructor!”

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