Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 92 - No Faith, Just Passion!
Chapter 92: No Faith, Just Passion!

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Tang Jinyu pursed his lips. “Training’s up, weight-bearing marathon twenty kilometres!”

‘Damn it, can’t you handle a single compliment?!’

‘I just complimented you and now you are punishing me!’

“Go back now!” Tang Jinyu continued on.

Jian Qi pouted. ‘Do you have to be so arrogant? I’m complimenting you but you are still so unhappy!

“Xiao Tang Tang, goodbye…” Jian Qi raised her hand and waved at Tang Jinyu before turning to leave.

After seeing her leave, Tang Jinyu then turned around.

Jian Qi went back to the training ground and continued her training.

Jian Qi quietly went to Feng Yi during break time. “Can I ask you a question, Assistant Instructor?”

Feng Yi willingly nodded his head. He was really glad that his goddess came to speak to him personally.

“What is it?”

“Do you know about Instructor Tang’s background?”

Jian Qi asked quietly.

Feng Yi was stunned for a while and asked, “Why are you asking?”

“I was at the Principal’s office just now and there was an idiot named Liang who wanted to expel me but Instructor Tang stopped him. I’m just curious to find out about Instructor Tang’s background and if he really is capable of stopping him.”

Jian Qi had a straw of grass in her mouth while squatting on the ground, it was as if she was planning something in secret.

This gangster look of hers sent chills down Feng Yi’s spine.

He had a feeling that if Boss were not able to stop it, she would have brought a sword to kill the person herself.

‘Girl, do you think you are in a gang?’

“Since Instructor Tang has already stopped it from happening then you should trust that he would settle this matter for you, Ms. Jian!”

Jian Qi stared at Feng Yi. She was surprised to see how much trust Feng Yi had for Tang Jinyu.

It did seem like Tang Jinyu’s background was not simple at all.

Feng Yi did not want to tell her anything. Since she did not have a computer in here, she would not be able to do research on Tang Jinyu as well.

“Can’t you tell me anything about his identity?” Jian Qi asked.

Feng Yi thought about it and seeing that his goddess was being so curious, he then told her, “Have you heard about the Tang Group?

Jian Qi nodded.

“The Tang Group has monopolized half of the world’s economy. Hence, the Tang Group is one of the biggest business empires which is envied by most people. However, the Tang Group is also a military family. The Tang family has two children in this generation, a boy and a girl. The girl has inherited the business empire and the boy has decided to walk the military path. The Tang family is powerful and complicated!”

“Instructor Tang is the boy?” Jian Qi asked.

Feng Yi nodded. “That is why no one in the Defense Academy can touch our Boss. Since he has decided to carry this burden of yours then he will help you to settle it!”

“You seem to trust him a lot!” Jian Qi was surprised.

She can feel that the trust Feng Yi had for Tang Jinyu was not because of his power and connections. It was a different kind of trust.

“Do you have faith, Jian Qi?” Feng Yi smiled and asked seriously.

Jian Qi was stunned for a while. “No faith, just passion!”

Feng Yi chuckled. “Instructor Tang is a better person than you think he is. He would die for a brother, has empathy and is trustworthy. Hence, whatever he said he will do, he will surely not turn back on his words!”

“Trust him!”

Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. She was surprised to see how much Tang Jinyu meant to his subordinate.

The kind of faith he had from the bottom of his heart… about three months ago, she did feel like that toward that person too…

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