Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 93 - Little Tang Tang’s Heart and Words Never Match
Chapter 93: Little Tang Tang’s Heart and Words Never Match

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Not long after that, Chu Yu returned to the field for training. Ever since then, she had never spoken about that incident but she would look at Jian Qi in a rather unpleasant way.

Tang Jinyu returned the next day and training went on as usual. Everything returned to normal.

After the incident, everything became extremely peaceful as if nothing had happened.

A week later, the incident regarding her being expelled was no longer in the winds.

Jian Qi knew that Tang Jinyu had stopped everything from happening.

And Chu Yu seemed to have become more docile.

However, Jian Qi did not think that Chu Yu would be that kind of person who was docile.

After all she had beaten her up so badly, a normal person would have kept it in their hearts and merely tolerate it if they could not fight back.

However, with Chu Yu’s background, it was different. She clearly had a complicated background. She got that understanding from what happened in the office, and she believed that Chu Yu’s family was probably quite influential in A Country.

A person like her would not simply let her off the hook even if she could not win her in a fight.

Jian Qi could not be bothered by it. She believed that if anyone were after her, she would just take them down. She was not scared at all.

Three months later, it was time for their freshmen assessment.

The assessment would determine their class arrangement in descending order.

Everyone who could have stayed until this day would surely pray to be able to get into the first class, but it was limited to twenty-five students only!

“Today is the last day of your three-month training. Tomorrow will be your assessment day. I hope that all of you will successfully pass and get good grades!”

Feng Yi looked at all the students, clearly everyone was excited for the next day. He could feel their anxiousness.

Feng Yi calmly glanced at everyone. “Since everybody is so excited, let’s have a celebration tonight…”

Everyone was shocked. They thought that Feng Yi was going to tell them which category would be part of the assessment tomorrow. But he continued on, “Weight-bearing marathon twenty kilometres, everyone get ready!”

Everyone, “…”

As usual, Jian Qi was ahead of everybody and she was quickly able to pull the distance from the crowd.

Tang Jinyu was already at the last checkpoint waiting.

Jian Qi ran over to him, looked at him and smiled. “After tomorrow we probably have to part ways, why don’t you say some nice and comforting words to me, Instructor Tang?”

Tang Jinyu emotionlessly looked at her. “Be more attentive tomorrow, don’t die too early!”

Jian Qi raised her eyebrows. ” Are you trying to curse me?”

Tang Jinyu looked at the cheeky girl in front of him, he then said, “I won’t be here for tomorrow’s assessment, the school will take over. Be more cautious during assessment, treat it as a battlefield and everyone will be your enemy tomorrow. You can only trust yourself to walk till the end!”

Jian Qi laughed and looked at him. “Are you trying to tell me something?”

“I’m telling you not to die too early!”

“Little Tang Tang’s heart and words never match!” Jian Qi cheekily teased him.

Tang Jinyu glanced at her dangerously. “You need an additional portion for dinner tonight?”

Jian Qi immediately stood at attention and became serious.

Two seconds later, she continued, “Little Tang Tang, thanks.”

Tang Jinyu turned and glanced at her with a twinkle of undecipherable light in his eyes. “Do you still remember what Feng Yi told you?”

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