Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 94 - Someone Changed the Backpack
Chapter 94: Someone Changed the Backpack

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Jian Qi was not surprised. She knew that whatever Feng Yi told her, he would tell Tang Jinyu. So when he asked her this question, she calmly nodded and said, “I remember, why?”

“Nothing. Good luck tomorrow, girl!” Tang Jinyu replied.

Jian Qi looked at him slightly confused.


Tang Jinyu smirked as if he had something in mind but did not say it out loud.

Jian Qi blinked. She felt as if he was planning something.

‘Whatever, I’m not scared!’

When Chu Yu reached the final checkpoint, she saw the both of them talking and laughing. She immediately felt the strong trace of jealousy in her growing stronger.

She clenched her fists tightly.

‘Jian Qi, your good days are coming to an end.’


Everyone had gathered around and they were all well prepared. After the Principal ended his speech, the remaining two hundred and thirty two students were getting ready to be sent to the training battlefield.

Everyone was quite excited.

Chu Yu glanced over at Jian Qi with a smirk on her face.

Soon, everyone arrived at the battlefield in a helicopter.

Wilderness survival assessment, everyone would have a day’s worth of food in their bags but they were required to survive in the wild for three days. They were also required to go on a three hundred kilometre expedition to reach the forest and acquire one of the twenty five flags.

“Everyone from the fifth class, ready your parachutes, jump!” a guy wearing an army uniform said.

The helicopter flew over to, and hovered above, a thick forest.

Everyone stood up and walked in front of the man. They took the parachutes and supply bags from him.

It was Jian Qi’s turn. She walked in front of the man, he glanced at her and reached out to the parachute and supply bag, and passed them to her.

Jian Qi took the bag and she immediately felt the hefty weight of the bag.

The man continued, “Move faster!”

The people in front of her had all jumped off the helicopter so Jian Qi could only continue on with the bag given to her.

In the process of getting ready she saw the man taking a deep breath as if he was finally relieved.

Why was he so anxious?

Jian Qi was pushed to the side of the door by the students from behind before she could even think.

Jian Qi could only walk toward the door and jump off the helicopter.

Everyone went their separate ways after they all landed.

Jian Qi found a spot to hide. She opened the bag to check what supplies had been given to them.

She did not think that all she would find were a few stones in her bag and nothing else.

Jian Qi thought about the man that passed her the supply bag before she jumped. His movement and gaze were weird.

It seemed like her bag had been changed!

There was supposed to be a gun and food supply in the bag but there was nothing at all. Even though not eating or drinking for three days would not cost her her life. However, they were in the forest with plenty of traps around, and what if she were to meet an enemy? Did they expect her to fight in close combat with the other party?

Clearly, the person who did this was not simply going to leave her like that.

She heard footsteps approaching her. Someone had decided to pick on her!

“I saw a parachute land here just now, why is there nobody here? How did they run so fast?”

One of the men was irritated.

“The parachute is still here, she couldn’t have run too far!” another man said.

“Let’s look around. We must get to her quickly!”

When the sounds of the footsteps were gone, Jian Qi stood up from the bushes and swept away the grass that was on her.

These people had guns with them. Clearly they were here to sabotage her, and they were not students.

Jian Qi recalled what Tang Jinyu told her yesterday.

Now that she thought about it, she must admit that this man was truly a scary one.

He knew what was going to happen!

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