Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 97 - Congratulations, You’ve Been Eliminated!
Chapter 97: Congratulations, You’ve Been Eliminated!

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Jian Qi took out the map from her backpack. Then, she used the tablet in her hand to find the nearest way to the finishing point. She marked it clearly on her map.

She was ready to start moving on after putting the tablet back into her backpack and taking a look at the map.

She had not gone far when she heard a faint voice. She soon stopped walking. “Is anybody there? Help me!”

She held the gun in her hand and walked toward the voice.

A man who was wearing camouflage clothing was sitting inside a large hole. His legs were bandaged and blood was still oozing out of his wounds. It seemed like he was badly injured.

Jian Qi looked at his clothes and judging from his equipment, it was clear that he was a new student just like her. His face was painted. His eyes brightened when he saw her.

“Please, help me.” The man said anxiously.

Jian Qi raised her eyebrows. After that, she held up her gun and aimed it at the man before her. She had a playful smile on her face. “Which class are you from?”

“The third class…” The man replied.

Jian Qi raised an eyebrow slightly. She saw another helicopter flying over the area when she landed here just now.

A student from the third class?

“What’s your name?” Jian Qi put away her gun and squatted down on the ground.

“You can call me Yu!”

“Oh…” Jian Qi replied calmly.

Bang! A gunshot was heard the second Jian Qi spoke. The bullet was shot directly at the spot beside him.

Yu trembled slightly as he frowned. “What are you doing?”

Jian Qi smiled playfully. “I’ll have one less competitor if I kill you!”

“How could I be a threat to you given the condition I am in now?” Yu frowned.

“I can’t help it. It’s better to kill you instead of letting you survive for fear that you’ll be a threat to me.” Jian Qi said placidly. Then, she aimed her gun at him again.

“Let me go. I can’t be kicked out.”

“It’s none of my business.” Jian Qi smiled and said. “Give me your backpack.”

Yu glanced at his backpack. Finally, he threw it to her reluctantly.

Jian Qi grabbed it and opened the bag. Then, she took out his food and started eating it slowly in front of him.

“Hey! What are you doing? That’s mine.”

“You’ll die soon. Why do you still need to eat?” Jian Qi swiftly finished up the food and drank up the water in the water bottle. Then, she threw the empty water bottle at him.

Yu glanced at the empty water bottle and smirked. She really did not have a single trace of compassion.

“What should I do so that you’ll save me?” Yu asked her.

“Instructor Tang advised me last night that everyone else will be my enemy today. I need to rely on myself in order to get to the finishing point. I can’t trust anybody, so…”

Jian Qi smiled wickedly. Then, she aimed the gun at his chest. She was about to pull the trigger.

“Wait!” Yu said.

“I’ll give you thirty seconds to tell me your last words!” Jian Qi smiled and said.

“I’ll give you my wristband. Save me!” Yu said.


Yu was speechless.

Then, he frowned. “Then, what should I do so that you’ll save me?”

“I never said that I’ll save you!” Jian Qi was amused. “I told you, didn’t I? Killing you will help me to eliminate one competitor. On the other hand, saving you is clearly a burden to me. Why should I?”

Jian Qi glanced at the time and said, “Time’s up. Now, you’re going to be eliminated!”

She did not even give him time to think. She pulled the trigger without any hesitation.

Looking at the blue smoke rising from his body, Jian Qi smiled and said, “Congratulations, you’ve been eliminated!”

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