Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 99 - When Did She Arrive?
Chapter 99: When Did She Arrive?

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Director Liang further inquired about the system and they claimed that it had been fully recovered.

If Jian Qi’s location were not being shown, it meant that the system in her wristband had self-destructed.

Jian Qi’s speed became faster when her location was hidden. She did not need three days to reach the finishing point.

Time passed by gradually. By evening time the next day, she had reached the finishing point and was waiting there.

The twenty-five flags were still there. Jian Qi did not go forward and take the flags. Instead, she chose the best hiding spot she could find and held a sniper gun in her hand, waiting for an ambush.

The people from the Liang family wanted to kill her. Moreover, Jian Qi was a person who would always avenge herself. As such, she decided to get rid of Chu Yu.

That day, Chu Yu lied in front of everyone and wronged Jian Qi for something she did not do. Chu Yu claimed that Jian Qi was the one who started everything. As such, she wanted to show them what it meant to really start something.

Did they think that she was a weak person so they could bully her just like that?

Time went by. On the third morning, some people had already reached the finishing point. They gained their flags.

There were now fewer flags left. Mu Zi appeared when there were only three flags left.

Jian Qi was rather surprised. Mu Zi was a quiet girl. She always kept to herself during their training sessions. It seemed like she was invisible. She neither showed off nor became a burden to anybody…

Jian Qi did not think that Mu Zi would reach the finishing point so soon.

It seemed like everyone would always hide their true capabilities.

Mu Zi got her flag and there were only two flags left now.

After a while, Chu Yu, Zhang Xiao and another guy appeared.

They saw that there were only two flags left. The guy was walking in front of them. He immediately ran toward the flags. Chu Yu grabbed hold of Zhang Xiao when Zhang Xiao wanted to go and take the flag.

“Chu Yu, you!”

“Xiaoxiao, that flag is mine!” Chu Yu said coldly.

“But, didn’t we promise each other earlier on…”

“Yes, we did. But, there’s only one flag left now. There’s no other way!” Chu Yu looked at her coldly. “Do you want to fight with me?”

“I…” Zhang Xiao frowned.

They could go to the best class if they passed the assessment. If they did not get it now, another chance like this would only come after a long time.

Zhang Xiao shoved Chu Yu away and ran toward the flag.

Bang! A gun was fired. There was blue smoke rising from Zhang Xiao’s back.

“Chu Yu, you!” Zhang Xiao frowned. She never thought that Chu Yu would shoot her from the back.

“You’ve been eliminated!” Chu Yu stared at her coldly. She treated the whole thing coldly and she did not intend to say anything else.

Then, she put away her gun and walked toward the flag.

At that moment, someone shouted in the CCTV room. “When did this person arrive there?”

On the location where Jian Qi was, a signal that revealed her location started blinking on the screen, appearing out of nowhere.

“Who is that?” Someone asked.

Then, the employee started typing on the keyboard. After a while, he said, “It’s Jian Qi!”

Director Liang was about to leave the CCTV room when he saw Chu Yu reaching the finishing point. His sole purpose was to witness Chu Yu’s performance.

However, he did not think that Jian Qi would appear all of a sudden when he thought that she was dead.

“Why is she not moving?” One of them frowned.

There was a CCTV at the finishing point. They could see Chu Yu arriving at the finishing point and she was about to take the final flag.

Director Liang did not care about Jian Qi. She was just lucky this time around. However, she would only be able to get into a normal class. There would be multiple ways to kick her out of the academy.

Luckily, Chu Yu managed to reach the finishing point at the last minute.

Chu Yu grasped the flag and she was about to pull it out.


A gunshot was heard and the bullet hit Chu Yu’s hand.

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