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Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 31.3 (END)
Chapter 31 part3

After a hundred marriage proposals, Lou Yaoyao finally married him. To be honest, a hundred times was a bit tiring, but as long as she was happy, even if it was a hundred times or a thousand times, why not? After all, marriage was only once in a lifetime.

As a newly-married couple and new parents, the baby’s arrival left them a little overwhelmed and caused a lot of jokes. In those days, the couple lived like stepping on a wire, in a state of fear.

Some people say that young couples were the most unstable couples, because their love was established by passion, and when passion was worn away by marriage, then their relationship could only walk towards destruction.

Qin Zhi would wonder sometimes, will Lou Yaoyao be tired of the dull marriage life?

When he was thinking of this thought, Lou Yaoyao was holding Qin Yi and spanking his bottom. This rascal went to play with mud in the garden again. Not only that, he also plastered a layer of mud onto the neighbouring child’s face, and lied to the other party to eat several mouthfuls. This child was really getting worse and worse!

Time can really change everything. The naive and wilful little girl from that time now looked more and more like a vulgar aunt. She was obviously only a young woman in her early twenties, but her temper was getting more and more irritable, and she was getting fonder of fussing over small things and roaring over a small matter. She was disciplining the child all day, and sometimes complained that the neighbour ’s dog was too noisy, or sometimes complained that the salt in the house ran out. All day long, talking about matters of the house, which made one tired of listening to it.

Looking at Lou Yaoyao’s disciplining the child with no image at all, Qin Zhi held a tea cup and couldn’t help but chuckle.

As a result, Lou Yaoyao heard it and glared: “What are you looking at, go and cook!”

“Yes, I’ll do it right away.” Qin Zhi immediately conceded and looked at his Honourable wife pleasingly.

Lou Yaoyao lifted her chin with satisfaction and lifted up the muddy fat boy to take a bath. As she walked, she chided the little fatty.

However, although she was full of vicious words, she had a smile on her face.

This was their fifth year of marriage.

At night, she curled up in his arms and after being exhausted for a day, she soon fell asleep.

In his arms, she had a sweet and happy smile, just like many years ago and it had never changed over the years.

Was she tired of it? Obviously not. Although, on the surface, she seemed fed up but, in fact, she found pleasure in it.

Was he tired of it? Of course not, he was holding the whole world in his arms, so how could he get tired.

The door of the room was pushed open, and a small one sneakily came in. Qin Zhi smiled and waved him over.

The little fatty immediately opened the door and ran in. He climbed into the bed, squeezed between the two to lay down, and soon started snoring.

Clasping the mother and son pair under his arm, Qin Zhi closed his eyes with satisfaction.

He still wore that simple bracelet on his left hand. Actually, there was a secret in this bracelet. From the first day that he put it on, he had found it.

Turning off the lights, you could see the luminous words in the beads: Lou Yaoyao LOVES Qin Zhi forever.

The beads were not big, and the font was a bit vague, so one could only guess what they were. Over the years, the beads also lost their luminous effect.

He didn’t tell Lou Yaoyao that he knew the secret, but he kept wearing it and didn’t take it off. She also didn’t say it, but they had a tacit understanding.

In fact, true love was to be willing to look at each other from twenty to eighty years old and not feel fed up and real happiness was that a woman was willing to follow you, from being a wife (Lao po) to an old woman (Lao po po).

Being satisfied in the ordinary was never an easy matter.

Qin Zhi felt that he was very fortunate for he had met a woman who was willing to accompany him and grow old together, and found pleasure in it.

He still had a lot of mysteries in his heart, but he believed that one day, she will tell him. When she had become a grandma, she surely won’t be able to hold back prattling, will she? Therefore, he was not in a hurry. He had a whole lifetime to slowly unravel the mysteries.

Lou Yaoyao, I’ll only give up on you unless I could no longer love you.

His persistence finally had her turning back in return.

Thank you for being willing to turn back.

The author has something to say: Feeling slightly melancholic. In fact, wasn’t Lou Yaoyao very fortunate as well, to have met a man who was willing to accompany her to grow old, and a man whom felt happiness from this.

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AND ITS OVER! Really liked this short and sweet novel, the yao yao x qin zhi pair. And their cute little rascal.

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