How to Live as the Enemy Prince Chapter 10.2 - First Meeting

Episode 3: First Meeting – Chapter 10.2

Among the songs composed by Olive Wrench, a famous violinist and composer from the Liebern Kingdom, there was one by far that was considered the most magnificent.

The song, titled “Siegfried’s Summer Night,” was a masterpiece that expressed the emotion Wrench felt when she was invited to Kailis Palace.

Siegfried Pavilion, regarded as the most heavenly building on the grounds, was a large, oval-shaped banquet hall supported by platinum-plated pillars and crystal walls. When lit at night, it was like standing inside of a beautiful gem.

The violin melody captured the solitude of the palace hidden behind it and the joy of facing the glittering Siegfried Pavilion on a summer night. Many who listened to the music shed tears of joy and sorrow.

‘If you play this piece, it must be at the Siegfried Pavilion!’ was the talk among the musicians.

The name of the hall came from the Duke Siegfried, who was one of the two greatest knight families of Kailis, alongside Marquis Brissen. The founder and first patriarch of the family was Duke Quitros Horne Siegfried, one of the eight heroes of the War of Gods.

Coincidentally, Quitros died on a midsummer night, and it was said that Duke Siegfried regarded the song as more special than all the others in the Kailis Kingdom.

The famous song was echoing in its crystal halls now. The people gathered inside the banquet hall for the evening event began to lower their voices and appreciate music. A man who just arrived at the entrance of the Siegfried Pavilion burst into a jovial laugh and said,

“I can’t believe I arrived just when this song is playing! This is why I can’t help but love it!”

Several nobles turned and greeted the man warmly.

“Duke Siegfried, welcome!”

The great man, the sole Duke of Kailis, the current patriarch of the Siegfried family and one of the five sword masters of the continent, hummed the melody and pretended to play the violin. The crowd burst into laughter.

“Now I’m curious about the ball’s violinist now that you play it like that.”

“Come down to take a rest. We’ll be glad to listen to you!”

“Oho! Please look forward to my violin skills,” Duke Siegfried said.

“Of course. Isn’t there a saying that there is no Siegfried who can’t use the sword, and no Siegfried that can’t play the violin?”

“Really? That’s an interesting story! Haha!”

Calian was riding on Raven towards the entrance of the pavilion when he saw and heard the revelry happening there. Calian smiled cheerfully.

“He seems like very pleasant person. What was his name? Slayman…”

Yan, who was staring at the man with disgust, replied to Calian as the prince was sorting through his memories.

“Duke Slayman Horne Siegfried, the master of House Siegfried.”

The Siegfrieds own a very large estate to the south of Kailis, where there were empty nests that used to belong to Sispanian.

The powerful Siegfried family could have taken interest in the throne, but instead they spent more than 500 years dutifully protecting Sispanian’s territory.

He had heard this story when he was still Bern, and was impressed with this honorable duke.

“Yes, indeed.”

He was the type of person that Calian admired.

Of course, one could not forget the duke’s loyalty to the king, but what attracted Calian to him was his ancient, deep-seated devotion.

“That violin, I want to hear it, too.”

Calian looked at the duke with a favorable impression in his mind.

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