How to Live as the Enemy Prince Chapter 19.2 - This Is Way Too Explicit

Episode 5: This Is Way Too Explicit – Chapter 19.2

The showground was an oval-shaped field surrounded by eight floors of seats that were occupied by the audience. The middle area was reserved for the royal family, and the basket was hanging from far above.

So that’s what’s gonna be causing the accident. There’s no way that the knights wouldn’t check on it beforehand, though.

The royal family had been accompanied by their knights all the way to the venue. The Knights of Kaela, the King’s personal order of knights, only guarded Rumein closely, while the Royal Knights of Pavel were in charge of guarding the rest of the royal family and examining the people and various structures in the area. Therefore, knights from Pavel must have examined the rope that held the basket.

If there was an accident even after examining the rope, then Pavel must either have decided to knowingly ignore it or not check it in the first place.

Pavel, of course, was an order of knights under Brissen.

Calian grumbled internally. You really can’t trust anyone.

When the royal family stepped onto the platform where the reserved seats were, the audience all stood up and showered them with a welcoming applause. Rumein waved his hand in response, and Melfir gestured towards the seats.

“Please come this way.”

Rumein and Silica each sat in their seats and Randall and Franz followed. As usual, Calian was the last to be seated.

When Calian was passing Melfir, he slowed his pace and whispered as he brushed past the round man: “I feel slightly uneasy about what’s above. Go take a look.”

For a split second, Melfir’s gaze lingered on Calian..

However, Calian looked down and sat down in his seat as if he hadn’t said anything. Melfir also straightened his back without saying anything else.

I can’t give him any further explanation since I’m not in a position to openly help him. I expect him, however, to catch on quickly as an owner of a merchantry.

If Melfir didn’t understand him and the accident were to happen, Calian planned to pull Randall close so that he wouldn’t be injured. As long as it isn’t found that Randall was the target, Melfir would be able to escape death.

Melfir glanced at his own seat that was next to Rumein’s. He could sit and talk to Rumein for the whole duration of the show without being interjected by other noblemen. Needless to say, it was not easy for a Baron to sit next to Rumein for such a long time.

He didn’t have to think for long. Melfir glanced again at Calian, who seemed as nonchalant as ever.

Melfir pursed his lips and turned to face Rumein.

“Your Majesty, I must now head downstairs to direct the show. Please excuse my absence and rudeness.”

“Of course.”

Calian smiled subtly. A smart man, he is..

He threw away the chance to converse with Rumein after hearing Calian’s brief warning. He was cautious enough to prioritise a preventing possible accident over gaining an immediate benefit.

Having been excused by Rumein, Melfir left the audience’s seat. Not long after, the host of the show walked into the middle of the field.

— “It is my greatest pleasure to host for our very special guests.”

The host took one hand and placed it on his stomach and bowed towards the reserved seats before bowing once again towards the rest of the audience.

— “And welcome to all of you who have gathered here today!”

The audience responded with a loud applause. When the host gathered the audience’s attention, he put on a serious face and livened up the atmosphere.

— “The Astricia Pollun Showground that you are in today is built on a very historical land. Where I stand is none other than that special place where King Hatsua stoppped Queen Sispanian, who was about to return to her land after the Battle of the Gods!”

The audience burst into laughter, knowing that all horseback riding showgrounds in Kailis claimed the same about their own showground..

— “Then, without further ado, let us begin!”

The show began as the host retreated inside after his opening speech. A team of jockeys came into the showground on their horses and proceeded to perform many tricks, such as doing a handstand on their horses and running under the horses as the horses galloped along.

Calian watched them, slightly bored. He himself used to do most of these tricks with ease. Of course, the majority of the audience who did not have that skillset oohed and ahhed as they watched the performance.

Silica was still holding her fan. Every time the jockeys performed dangerous tricks, she covered her face with her fan as if to announce that she was too fragile-hearted to watch it happen. Since Silica was sitting diagonally in front of Calian, which was the direction of the field, Calian had to watch every act put on by Silica.

That’s the same Silica who blatantly spoke of killing me right in front of my face. Calian turned his head to avoid having to look at her aggravating act. This time, his eyes met with Franz’s, who was fiercely glaring at Calian.

Calian’s animosity toward Franz had enlivened on his way to the venue as Calian was once again reminded of Kyrie’s death. Thus, Callian glared back at Franz with no intention to hide his resentment.

Just then, a jockey who was riding on a galloping horse jumped up and landed perfectly on the saddle of another horse that was running from behind. The audience clapped and cheered loudly, and Franz took this opportunity to open his mouth.

A chillingly ominous and sinister voice oozed out of Franz’s lips, just loud enough for Calian to hear.

“How nasty, wicked, and cunning…”

He was speaking to Calian. Calian didn’t know what irked him this time, but that’s how Franz started off his sentence.

“You don’t even know your place.”

Calian scowled at this absurd string of events. Silica was trying to poison him, and now her son was cursing him out.

Is this fucking idiot for real?

Calian had almost flung himself at Franz when he remembered that there were watching eyes. He persuaded himself that there was no need for him to deal with Franz right now.

Calian closed his eyes.

When he opened them once again, his sharp glare and scowl had disappeared. He reverted back to his expressionless face that he always put on when facing Franz. Franz’s mouth twitched.

“It’s disgusting. It makes me want to puke…”

That wasn’t the case for Franz. He didn’t know how to hold back his anger in concern for his surroundings.

“…the vulgar, filthy blood that runs in your veins.”

Randall flung open his eyes and turned to Franz.

So did the knights and the attendants who were standing behind them. Everyone was staring at Franz.

Even Rumein.

His sunken eyes also turned towards Franz.

The first act had ended and the audience had fallen silent when Franz’s voice echoed like a church bell. Everyone who was in the reserved seats area had heard Franz.

Franz… Silica’s face crumpled miserably.

Silence persisted as everyone held their breath.

Calian took his hands and covered his face, unable to hide his expression any longer.

Under his pale hands, Calian’s lips drew a long upward curve.

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