How to Live as the Enemy Prince Chapter 41 - The Rose Will Soon Bloom

Chapter 41: The Rose Will Soon Bloom

Radall’s light green eyes quietly moved as if it was studying a painting.

‘The rose will soon bloom, he said.’

It didn’t take long for him to figure out why Calian said those words to him. The moment he saw Calian’s eyes, he knew what he was planning.

He also figured out the reason he had prepared this situation for. Though to be more precise, it would be better to say that he figured out what Silike was doing to Calian this whole time.

Now that he understood the situation of passing away, Randall was now trying to figure out what action to take now. Whether to lift Calian’s hand. Or perhaps like always, keep one step away from him and not interfere.

Randall’s gaze met Calian’s. Then, it slowly distanced away from him.

Instead, started to take a step. Just like Calian wanted, he decided to speak for Calian first.

As he was wondering how that rose will bloom after all.

However, Franz who was the only one still sitting on his chair, stood up. He then caused a massive ripple across the whole banquet hall, then afterwards tipped the whole glass of wine that was poured for Randall into his mouth and then left the hall.

For Randall, he was honestly more surprised that Franz was able to speak exactly what he was talking about to her rather than the fact that Franz himself pushed Silike to the edge. Which was why he couldn’t help but stare at Franz for a while as he stormed out with no one blocking his way.

In anycase, the action he needed to take was done by Franz already, he couldn’t do anything but simply keep his foot back down.

After Franz left, Silike’s expression looked like she was massively insulted as she left the banquet hall. As Rumein didn’t give any orders, the knights of Kaela didn’t stop the queen and the princes from leaving the hall.


Rumein urged on the healer.

As the necklace made of holy materials of Serenity started to shine a little, it suddenly became blindingly bright as huge white glow enveloped it. Then, the healer stretched his hand out to Calian’s body.

At the same time, a semi-transparent shield with a tinge of red color around it wrapped itself around Calian as if to protect him. Because of that, the holy powers that healer was trying to put into Calian at that moment was blocked by the shield and collided.

– Crackle!

It was not a simple shield. Everyone was able to see the red glow that enveloped the shield consume the white light and therefore didn’t allow any of Serenity’s holy power to reach Calian, and simply disappated in the end.

The shield that blocked the holy power from the necklace was the Great Shield by the 6th Circle.

“Just let him die, why don’t you.”

Then, a mage appeared.

Rumein’s eyes glared at him with anger.

As Allan knew what Rumein was about to say all too well, he quickly sent a shield to protect Calian’s body to protect him first. As he walked inside the banquet hall after doing so, he spoke first to the king.

“His heart is already inside the circle. If the healing power were to enter him in that state, the situation would just get worse.”

The healer quickly retracted his hands in surprise. He was in so much hurry to heal him that he didn’t inspect Calian’s body properly.

Instead of berating the healer for his negligence, he once again put his mana towards Calian. This time, his spell wasn’t an instant cast one. After a few short incantation, the name of the spell came out of Allan’s mouth.


It was a spell that makes one not feel any more pain, which he had used only once before. Soon, he saw Calian’s face becoming more relaxed and calm. Seeing this, Alan clicked his tongue and spoke to Rumein.

“As this was my fault in ways as well, I shall receive one punishment afterwards.”

This was Allan’s way of saying sorry, as he reprimanto Rumein in the past, yet also let Calian go ahead with this kind of plan

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