How to Live as the Enemy Prince Chapter 42 - The Rose Will Soon Bloom

Chapter 42: The Rose Will Soon Bloom

The time was around dinner, when in the Astrisha Street where many blabbering aristocrats were walking around in pairs saw white paper flow down like rain from the sky.

On the paper were clear information about all the people that the Brisson family have presumed to have killed.

Then soon afterwards, like a lightening out of the sky, an even more shocking news spread.

The news was that someone had tried to poison the 3rd prince, and that the king pointed his finger at Silike for the perpetrator.

All the aristocrats stared at the paper in their hands in shock.

‘As the queen is willing to stretch her evil hand over even the prince himself, the previous ones that died before is most definitely done by the queen as well.’

‘Since she is willing to kill so many, it’s no doubt that the prince who was not her biological son threatning to take the king’s place was her target as well.’

The white paper linked the evil acts that the Brisson commited with the murder attempt on Calian, and showed that they were evidence to each other.

Which meant that Kailisys had to brace for a devastating storm of unrest.

There was a massive amount of commotion which Calian couldn’t predict that it would be this level, the unrest which couldn’t even be compared to what happened after when it was just Freya who died in the past.

There was commotion from people asking to gather the people related with the victims and make them confirm whether or not what the paper said was true or not.

People declined to trade with the Brisson merchants, and the students that were attending Brisson knights training school retired from school one after another. The line aristocrats that lined up to greet the Marquis of the Brisson house every morning was reduced to less than half overnight.

As it was obvious that even just a single piece of evidence proving this was found, the Hatsua square would be stained red with blood, so none of the aristocrats wanted the possibility of being labled as related with the Brisson family and distanced with them as much as they can.

In the end, after finding many papers were put up secretly in places requesting expulsion of Silike, the Brisson family had to close their main gate for a while.

On top of that, many present boxes were piled up in Calian’s room again. The aristocrats all sent it wishing for Calian’s speedy recovery.

Of course, that was their justification for it.

“Looks like they were in a hurry.”

Calian spoke as he looked at the piled presents and unwelcome guests beyond the window from the inside with a blank look at his face. Although his voice was quite low, it wasn’t like he lost any composure.

As Silike came over to see him, Calian closed the curtain surrounding his bed. The reason he gave for not visiting her personally was that he was in sickbed and it was difficult for him to greet any guests.

Not long after, the smell of Ranieri spread throughout the room completely, and Calian spoke to Yan who was standing next to him.

“Open the windows please. My head hurts.”

To think our beautiful, flower-like prince’s head hurt!

Yan hurriedly opened the windows of every room and terrace. The Ranieri smell soon escaped through the windows. Silike bit her lower lip hard.


After all the windows were opened, Calian’s voice was heard.

“For what business did you visit for today?”

Although Calian left the wrapping up of this incident to Allan and Rumein, Rumein left the decision of exchanging favours this time completely to Calian. As Calian had risked his life in this situation, Rumein meant that Calian should ask in return as much from Silike as he thinks that he deserves.

Silike stood there not speaking for a while, then lesuirely went and sat at Calian’s sofa. Calian narrowed his brow at her arrogant behaviour, but he didn’t go as far to tell her to get back up.

Soon, Silike opened her mouth.

“It looks like the mage union had been quite busy for a while.”

Calian laughed without a sound. His laugh wasn’t because it was funny, but more because the absurdity of her words.

He heard about everything that happened after he fainted from Yan. Therefore, he knew exactly that she was in an extreme disadvantage right now.

Of course, he didn’t expect her to kneel down in front of him and grovel as soon as she entered, but he didn’t think she would come out this confidently to him.

Calian wiped the smile off his face as he answered.

“You say such weird things.”

Hearing him, Silike’s eyebrows turned sharply. It was because exactly one week ago, it was what Silike said to Calian.

Silike had no words to speak for a while. Calian kept waiting for her to speak, then eventually gave a short sigh. He had been unconcious for a week, and after waking up he was reported about everything that happened until now, and not even 30 minutes later he was talking with an unwelcome guest.

Therefore he was not in the perfect state he wished he was in to talk with the guest. Calian spoke again with quite tired voice.

“Thanks to your consideration, I was able to rest for quite a while.”

As if she remembered what happened to Calian that day, Silike lowered her gaze down to the skirt of her dress for a bit.

“But I almost ended up resting until I was in hell. So I think it will be hard for me to talk to you face to face for too long today.”

“……. One at a time.”

Finally, Silike opened her mouth. She never thought even in her dreams that she would be saying this to anyone much less to Calian of all people, so her voice was feintly shaky as she spoke

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