How to Live as the Enemy Prince Chapter 43 - The Rose Will Soon Bloom

Chapter 43: The Rose Will Soon Bloom

“How about we exchange favours one at a time.”

It would have been better for both of them if only she said that one week ago.

Calian slowly shook his head. Of course, Silike wouldn’t have been able to see him shaking beyond the curtain, so he added words to explain to her.

“I wonder. It seems that you are in much more unfavourable position than I thought you would be. So I think it will be a little different.”

Calian thought for a moment, then continued speaking after laying his back onto the backboard of the bed.

A more laid back voice than usual flowed out of his mouth.

“Let me just hear what you’ve prepared to exchange first.”

Silike made an expression that looked like she was swallowing something bitter. She then tried her best to hide the fact that she was forcing herself to speak as she told Calian what she had wanted.

“The data, if you say that it is false, then I will not go against what the majesty is currently planning.”

Silike heard a small laugh from beyond the curtain. Calian spoke with a smile still on his face, poking directly at Silike’s weakness.

“I’ve heard that the list of possible candidates for the majesty’s concubine had been sent to him. But whether it was really for only concubines, or perhaps, a new queen, I still do not know. Did you know of this?”

Silike bit hard on her lips.

The storm that hit the city of Kailisis was bigger than she thought.

Silike was in much deeper jail than Calian predicted that she would be in.

It was more difficult to get her out of this situation, even if she is the one who creates the foundation of the magic division.

Therefore, Calian’s mind changed as well.

“And in the first place, he does not need the queen’s permission to create armies. Please ask for a different exchange of favours instead.”

Silike didn’t answer. It was because she didn’t bring anything else than the magic division. On top of that, his answer is probably already set in stone already, so Silike spoke through gritted teeth.

“Then tell me what is it that you want.”

Calian didn’t need to delay his wish any further, and spoke as he nodded his head.

“In this land ruled by the descendents of the Sispanians, it wouldn’t be right to hear the sounds of swords clashing so close by.”

She couldn’t even imagine what he was going to say next. Slike gazed with an uncomfortable expression at Calian’s bed. Inside, his still calm and relaxed voice continued to speak.

“Please disband the Pavel knights.”


Silike kicked up onto her feet in shock.

Originally, the royal guard knights for the Kailisys royal family was only Raon and Karen.

The Pavel knights were given by the Brisson Marquis to Silike as a gift with the purpose of keeping the royal guard knights Kaela, also called the ‘King’s sword’, in check.

So what Calian meant was for Silike to hand over her sword to Calian. “As I had betted my life for it, wouldn’t it be fair for me to take the opponent’s sword?” was what he thought.

As he didn’t care to know for how surprised Silike was, Calian spoke once again to make sure she heard it correctly. It was a very firm voice that gave no space for her to retaliate.

“Breakup of the Pavel knights. Establisment of the magic division.”

He heard the sound of a folded fan breaking under strain. Calian added with a more light hearted voice.

“And take back your maid that you assigned to me as well.”

Silike’s face became pale white. Calian sat back and gave Silike a long time to think about it. Then after a long test of patience, Silike slowly sat back down as she answered.

“……. I will do so.”

A long crescent formed on Calian’s lips.

Instead of Calian checking again if Silike was serious in what she said, he looked right to Yan and spoke.

“Bring it to her.”

“Yes, your highness.”

As if he had been waiting for the command the whole time, Yan quickly took the object that was on top of the bedside table and left the bedroom. He then brought the object to Silike and handed it to her.

It was a contract that had the seal of vow.

The contents of what was promised would be engraved on each other’s hearts, and if one where to break the contract binding, the magic would constrict their heart. That was the magic that was put on the contract.

Yan could see Silike scowl as she saw the contract paper. Whether it’s surprise from seeing how prepared Calian was, or whether it was because how much she hated the contents of the contract, or whether it was the combination of the two was unclear. Whichever it was, Calian wouldn’t care anyways.

Calian spoke as if this was a natural procedure.

“As the trust between you and I are not quite strong after all.”

Silike closed her eyes and gave a long sigh, then signed on the contract. As she did so, all of the letters that was about what she had to keep promise of started to shine and float into the air. The letters than formed a long singular line and traveled up Silike’s arms and dissappeared. It was going towards her heart. Of course, the same constraint was put on Calian as well.

Finally finishing the business she came here for, Silike stood up looking completely emaciated compared to a week before. Seeing her like that, Calian opened his mouth.

“Ah. I’m going to say this because I think you’re misunderstanding that the relationship between us brothers were better than you thought.”

Silike stopped at her feet. However, she did not turn her head towards his bed.

“Franz didn’t say what he said to help me.”

The root of the reason why Silike was pushed into this situation, the words that were spoken in the banquet hall.

Remembering the feeling of betrayal she got from her own son, Slike’s eyes glowed coldly. Calian was able to feel that even from beyond the curtain, and he clicked his tongue.

“If only you said just one more thing at that point.”

Rumein would have lost even more sense of reasoning then she would have thought.

How much that wrath would have brought to her.

“The king’s sword would have beheaded you right then and there, your highness.”

Silike, who was standing without saying a single word, walked out with a step at a time.

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