How to Live as the Enemy Prince Chapter 44 - The Rose Will Soon Bloom

Chapter 44: The Rose Will Soon Bloom

“Have you met the Kyrie siblings, teacher?”


Calian asked him, while the eleventh banana slipped into Calian’s mouth. One more banana peel was produced to be put next to the bed.

Allan was surprised after hearing that Silike visited Calian suddenly without any notice and went to visit him as soon as he can, but now he was watching his student lesuirely eating banana when he was in an unconcious state for a week.

Watching him relaxed like that, his worried mind soon went away and it was replaced with anger because of how much physical and emotional turmoil he went through worrying about Calian.

And because of that, Allan wondered for a moment if it would be okay if he were to hit his own student just once. He soon gave up on that and answered Calian with a sour expression.


Calian nodded after hearing his response, and took another banana into his hand. Seeing him lesuirely act that way, it didn’t seem to Allan that Calian was willing to explain about who the two unique siblings are at all. Unable to keep his curiosity in check, Allan put away his anger for a moment and manifested ‘silent’ before asking a question to Calian.

“Did you have any relation with those two in your past life?”

Calian was about to nod his head, but shook it to the side and spoke.

“Only Kyrie. Hina wasn’t there back then.”

Allan was quick to figure things out as usual. He then simply nodded without needing to ask anymore. However, he opened his mouth again thinking just in case his hunch was correct.

“Did you perhaps, not know that the child called Hina was a healer?”

Calian nodded his head up and down with his mouth completely filled with banana.

Allan lifted his eyebrow. It meant that Calian just believed in the power of blessing and released the poison inside his body only believing in that power.

After swalloweing what was in his mouth, Calian spoke with a very satisfied face.

“That banana was delicious.”

Of course it would be.

There’s no way you wouldn’t be finding things delicious when you’re alive again after being dead.

Allan let out a big sigh while clenching his fist in anger. Hold it in. Even if he’s your student, he’s still the prince after all.

“I was very surprised when I heard it as well, hearing that she was a healer.”

“Thankfully. All you need to know now is that you were able to wake up ealier thanks to her.”

As Allan coldly answered him, Calian replied with a happy tone.

“Thanks to her, I feel refreshed.”

Hearing him say that with a bright smile on his face, Allan’s sense of reasoning that he was barely holding onto snapped.

“Refreshed…? Don’t say such nonsense. You were unconcious for a week by believing that eating raw poison will be able to make you immune to the poison inserted into a tea, even though there was no proof or basis that it would work.”

Who in the world would be able to say such brave words to the prince of Kailisys?

As Calian listened to Allan with a blank face, he couldn’t help but laugh for a while before answering.

“Since Silike was going to stage the incident, I had to make sure that I was sufficiently hurt enough to make sure that she wasn’t able to argue that I was still alive.”

Staging the incident. There was no way that anyone could have predicted that she would do that.

Just thinking back on what happened made him wince.

Since the plan was properly set out before the incident, Allan thought that Calian was just feining illness even though he did cough up some blood.

However, Calian didn’t open his eyes for a week. He had his insides in a complete mess after eating poison for over two months, and in that state a deadly poison was released inside him.

If Hina wasn’t a healer that used the power of nature, and if she didn’t coincidently came by Tuesday, he surely wouldn’t have opened his eyes ever again.

And that was not all. Once he realized that Calian was quietly keeping quiet as his insides were melting the whole time waiting for that particular day, Allan had goosebumps all over him.

And this incessant prince was downing the 15th banana before Allan realized it. It seemed he was filling up a whole week worth of hunger with bananas.

“But at least I did my share right after I woke up.”

Calian talked about how he negotiated with Silike with his face still pale from his anemic body, and laughed again. In the end Allan gave a sigh as if he gave up. He then frowned slightly unconciously. It was because the end of his lips was stinging with pain. Seeing him make that face, Calian asked.

“But what is with your face, teacher? Did you get into a fight?”

As Calian pointed at Allan’s lips, Allan’s expression became extremely sour.

“Something like that. Don’t worry about it.”

He didn’t realize how strong their punch would be, especially as he thought they were just a bookworm.

Allan didn’t want to reveal the personal reason why he had a cut lip to this student of all people, so Allan quickly pulled out something from his pocket to make sure that Calian’s gaze was put to another thing. It was the knife that Calian entrusted on him, as well as two pages of parchment that was rolled up.

Calian put the knife under the pillow, then asked as he unrolled the two parchments.

“What is this?”

“I heard that you needed papers guaranteeing the identity of the two children.”

Calian rejoiced as he heard those words, and checked the contents. He was so focused on making sure that the plan went well that he forgot to ask Allan a favour for the Kyrie siblings. It seems that Yan asked Allan for him.

After confirming the documents, Calian gasped in surprise.

“This was more than I expected.”

“You won’t need to worry about the two children’s identity from now on.”

It wasn’t a guarantee of the two children’s identity, but actual certificate of the identification of the two. The Kyrie siblings were now peasents that lived in the Whitlin territory that Calian owned. Allan made them to become completely Calian’s citizen from the beginning.

And, one more thing.

As Calian looked over the certificates, a sorrowful smile came over his face.

“And I never really thought about this before.”

It was because of the names written for the two children in the certificate.

– Kyrie Bern, Hina Bern.

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