How to Live as the Enemy Prince Chapter 47 - It’s Very Nice to Meet You (1)

Chapter 47: It’s Very Nice to Meet You (1)

Arsen Hertz. He thought about him sometimes.

He knew that he will need to prepare himself to inevitable meet him one day. However, he didn’t have any personal revenge that he kept for him. As the person that Arsen killed was not Bern but the enemy state’s knight, he does not know that he was the one who killed him. Calian even remembered that when Arsen did kill Bern back then, he was quite courteous to him.

He knew all this.

But he couldn’t stop feelings of resentment coming up from inside him.

“It’s nice to meet you.”

Calian replied with a strong smile on his face.

“Yes. It’s very nice to meet you.”

His smile was eeriely familiar with Franz’s. As Allan was the only one to notice it, he looked back and forth between Arsen and Calian, then clicked his tongue. Along with realizing that he hired the wrong person for the job, he also knew that the road of this mage’s future won’t be quite smooth.

“He said he is a talented, capable man who will be included in the mage division in the future, so learn from him as much as you can and also be friends if possible.”

As Rumein didn’t need to worry about Calian’s previous life or anything, he spoke those words to Calian.

The finger laid on top of Calian’s lap moved silently as it made a long curve. Just as if his lips were following it’s curvature as well, Calian’s face made a wide smile as well.

“Yes, your majesty. I shall do so.”

However, Allan was filled with feelings of goosebumps as he saw Calian’s smile, while Rumein laughed heartily and nodded.

Although Calian haven’t remembered yet, it was actually the second time Arsen was seeing Calian. The first time was of course on the day he was at the ceremony sending off his deceased teacher of magic, and was blocking Calian who was trying to go across the bridge. As the first impression he had of Calian back then was very positive, when he received the invitation from Allan, he went straight to the palace without a single hesitation.

Therefore Arsen didn’t notice that the smile he saw from Calian and the smile he was seeing on his face right now had very different meanings, and simply stared at Calian with anticipation filled in his heart.

“Right then. Are you prepared for the Roselita?”

Rumein quickly moved onto the subject on hand to Calian. As hearing him speak with such delicate tone was unfamiliar to Calian, he answered with a slightly awkward expression.

“Yes. I’ve completed all preparations.”

“But what I’ve heard is that you will not take the carriage. Won’t it be uncomfortable then?”

The carraige was applied with dozens of different magic, as well as several defence magic applied by the greatest mage Allan Manasil, plus the sublime Sispanian was applied in creating this luxurious carriage filled with bedroom, shower room as well as a toilet, making it the best, the biggest and most spacious carriage in all of the continent. Yet hearing as how Rumein heard that Calian was going to take a horse instead, he thought it would be uncomfortable for him. Calian answered carefully.

“There’s no need, I am fine without it.”

This was all because of Raven.

When Calian steps inside the carriage, Raven wouldn’t follow along it’s side. Even the Kyrie siblings who were very good at managing animals because of their elven blood was not able to handle Raven properly.

Therefore Calian had to ponder seriously for a long time whether to leave Raven behind or to leave the carriage behind, he then heard loving advice from Allan saying it would be good for him to exercise all the way to Roselita. In the end, he decided to take Raven.

“As the horse is very astute, we won’t have problems getting there.”

Whether it was to calm Rumein’s worry or to make fun of Calian, Allan said it anyways. Hearing Allan, Rumein nodded his head and supported Calian’s decision.

“That’s right. You won’t have a chance to look around the nooks and crannies of Kailis since you are on top of the horse anyways. I will believe in your wisdom. There also won’t be another chance for you to freely go outside of the palace with your title as the prince so easily anyways.”

Calian made a bitter smile.

“Thank you for the permission.”

As Rumein finished talking with Calian, his head now turned towards Allan. But the topic was still about Calian.

“How is the prince’s magic ability these days?”

Even though Arsen was also sitting at the table, Rumein knew that he would eventually find out about Calian’s magic ability when teaching him, so Rumein asked Allan without any worry. Allan also answered without any worry as if by the same reason.

“It’s enough to make Sispanian weep with tears.”

Hearing that, Rumein stared at Allan with a bit of a surprised face. His face looked like it was asking if Calian truly did have such amazing amount of powers within him. Allan smiled smoothly and continued his words.

“Because of how much waste her blessing was.”


Arsen suddenly gasped loudly and stood up in surprise from his chair after hearing what Allan said in front of the king. He was thankfully able to hold onto the knife he was holding as it nearly fell. He then cautiously lifted his head and reassess the situation as he was surrounded by people of high titles.

Calian’s knife was lesuirely making sounds of cutting his meals, and Calian didn’t seem to be bothered at all by what Allan said. Rumein was still staring at Allan with a vacant look. Allan then gulped down some water.

Rumein spoke with a low tone at Allan as he finished drinking.

“You never change, do you.”

“Of course.”

In the end, Rumein’s deep blue eyes headed towards Calian again.

“It’s actually been a very long time since a mage was born in the royal family. Although Sir Manasil behaves quite terribly, his skill is still outstanding. So try to learn as much as you can from Sir Manasil after you come back from Roselita and try your best.”

Hearing Rumein describe Allan’s behaviour as terrible, he could only imagine how he treats Rumein usually from outside his view. Calian let down his fork and knife, and calmly answered while slightly bowing his head.

“Yes, your majesty. I will try harder.”

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