How to Live as the Enemy Prince Chapter 48 - It’s Very Nice to Meet You (2)

Chapter 48: It’s Very Nice to Meet You (2)

However, Rumein did not know that Calian mastered the 3rd circle magic at just age 14, which was a year faster than when Allan Manasil achieved. Rumein simply nodded with Calian’s answer.

And so Calian was berated even though he was quite powerful in his way just because the master had too much high hopes about him, but Calian simply focused on eating his meal with a calm face as it didn’t get on his mind. Of course, Allan was also eating lesuirely, same as always. Only Arsen was the one shocked by the behaviours by all three people, and had hard time swallowing down his meal.

That was how luncheon ended, with a few more talks here and there.

As Rumein was busy, he left first, as well as Arsen has he had too much mixed emotions in his mind. Calian and Allan was left, and both left the hall as if they promised to do so. Yan and Kyrie followed the two, a few paces behind.

Calian and Allan walked down a long pathway side by side adorned with green trees by it’s sides. It was a lovely walk path that surrounded the Ceignes Pavillion as if it was it’s wall. As the August’s hot sun shined light between the leaves, it made lovely reflections on the smooth gravel path on the ground.

Allan manifested ‘Silent’ as if it was the next natural thing to do. Seeing him do so, Calian laughed lightly. It was because the only magic that this great mage of the land used most often was ‘Silent’. Of course, Allan didn’t mind that he was laughing at him, and turned his head towards Calian and asked him a question.

“Should I send him away, prince?”

He was talking about Arsen. As the thought of Arsen brought up in Calian’s mind, he couldn’t help but put his feelings to the side about him. Allan saw him do so, and decided to not ask what relationship Bern and Arsen had in the past.

Hearing the grasshoppers cries for a moment, Calian finally asked back.

“How old is he?”

“He is now 28. We were trying to find young mages that were also quite skillful, and ended up selecting him.”

It meant that he was a commander of an army at age 28 back when he attacked Bern. If he were able to lead a mage division at that age, it meant he was quite talented. As it was only his personal resentment that he was habouring towards him, Calian knew that he shouldn’t pass by such a talented individual just because of that. Calian laughed and shook his head.

“Just leave it be. I’ll take care of it myself.”

Whenever Yan hears ‘I’ll take care of it myself’ from Calian, he shook with fear from what he was about to do. However, Allan didn’t know how fearsome those words from Calian could be. Therefore he simply nodded.

“But wait, you are already recruiting mages? Is that not too early?”

It has been only three months since the mage division was created. Seeing as how Allan didn’t even have a building for the new mages to live and train at and yet still gather up new recruits, it worried Calian. However, Allan smiled and answered without any worry in his voice.

“That’s not so. I’ve brought him in early only to be your bodyguard, so you won’t need to worry about that. And since there aren’t that many mages that are talented in Kailiys, it will take quite a while to gather up enough numbers.”

He knows what he is doing anyways. That’s what Calian thought and nodded his head in agreement. Seeing him nod like that, Allan smiled slightly as he spoke again.

“The mage division’s name had been decided.”

Calian’s face turned back to Allan.

As it was Rumein who created the army, even if Calian is the one who is going to use it first, he wished Rumein would be the one who decides on the name. Therefore Calian made sure not to blurt out the name of the mage division he already knew it was going to be.

“What is it going to be?”

Allan then stared at Calian with playfulness in his eyes. He was hoping Calian would guess correctly. Calian laughed, and opened his mouth.


Allan smiled, seeing as his hunch that Calian already knew was right.

“That’s right. Indeed, Rumein decided that the name is going to be Valkan.”

“That’s great. So it’s really happening then, now that there’s even a name.”

Allan nodded and continued.

“I am thinking of bringing over my daughter-in-law and my granddaughter that’s living in Liebern soon. You may actually get to see them once you come back from Roselita, actually.”

Calian’s foot stopped moving for a moment, then continued forward. A very awkward expression came over to Calian’s face.

“So you had…… A granddaughter, huh.”

Allan, who looked younger than Arsen did, gave a warm grandfather-like smile.

“She really is a beautiful little girl. However, I’m bringing her over here not because of the granddaughter but my daughter-in-law. She is teaching magic in Liebern right now, she would be more helpful if she came over and trained the mages of Valkan instead.”

Calian didn’t have much knowledge about Liebern. He just knew that they treated mages well, and that the people there were very free and open minded. Therefore, Calian asked Allan as he didn’t know very well about the magic teachings of Liebern.

“I’m curious about the magic school facility in Liebern actually. Can you really learn enough just from that school to carry out the duties of a mage?”

He was not sure just how effective learning magic is if the class is set in a way that a single teacher teaches many students at the same time. Allan nodded and answered.

“It is similar to the knights training school of Brissen, actually. As to how effective the teaching is depends on the individual’s talent and effort, there’s no real difference otherwise.”

Allan didn’t hear any replies from Calian of what he said. Noticing that Calian was deep in thought, Allan simply walked besides Calian without saying anything.

Calian’s mouth only after going around nearly the entireity of the Ceignes Pavillion once.

“Teacher, do you actually have any other plans this afternoon?”

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