How to Live as the Enemy Prince Chapter 49 - It’s Very Nice to Meet You (3)

Chapter 49: It’s Very Nice to Meet You (3)

Hearing him, Allan immediately shook his head without any hesitation. If it’s Calian that’s looking for him, Allan was willing to push aside any scheduled meetings anyways.

“I do not have anything scheduled.”

Calian nodded his head. However, what Calian was looking for this time wasn’t Allan. Calian smiled towards Allan as he smiled with anticipation and spoke.

“Please let me borrow the carriage.”

To suddenly ask for the carriage…! Allan was caught off guard by the unexpected question, and asked with a curious stare.

“Is there something you need not from me but from my carriage?”

As it was such a strange sentence, Calian laughed for a bit before answering.

“It’s just that I need to make use of your name for a bit, teacher. It doesn’t matter if you come along, but you may not have much fun if you do today.”

No matter how you saw it, it meant that he was going to get on the extragavant carriage that was clear to everyone that it belonged to Allan Manasil, and go around spreading his name.

As he was not a fool that would follow whenever someone asks them to unless he was going in the first place, Allan shook his head and answered.

“I do not enjoy places I cannot have fun in. In anycase, it would be strange if I was dawdling outside of the palace while you are using my carriage, so I will just be talking to Rumein in the meantime. Have a safe trip.”

Calian nodded, and brought Yan and Kyrie along with him to Allan’s carriage. They all got in, and went outside of the palace grounds.

After hearing from the chamberlain that Calian was leaving the palace grounds on Allan’s carriage, Rumein told him not to give reports about him anymore if he is going out together with Allan. This was a sign of his trust on Allan.

However, right as he finished speaking, Allan suddenly appeared behind the chamberlain. Seeing him come in, Rumein’s expression soured greatly.

This damn mage had sent his son alone.

* * *

Melfir Pollun, the head merchant of the Pollun Merchantary, was giving fish food in the small pond at the back of the residence. Meaning he was having a very peaceful and lesuirely time.

He was enjoying his rare holiday when he saw a servant run towards him, who said that there is a black colored carriage with a mother-of-pearl decorated on it arriving into the residence.

The round eyes of Melfir widened like a goldfish.

“Sir Allan Manasil is visiting here?”

The servant who ran all the way to the back garden after seeing the carriage answered while heaving his breath.

“Yes, Baron. We just confirmed that Sir Allan’s carriage was coming in.”

“Hmm……. Why in the world would he be coming here for.”

Melfir gave the bowl filled with fish food to the servant, then dusted off his clothes. As he was hurriedly walking towards inside, another person ran towards Melfir.

The one who ran towards him was not a servant, but a butler wearing a black suit.

Melfir raised one of his eyebrows.

If the old butler is to run towards him in a hurry like this, then something important was definitely happening. Soon, the butler came next to Melfir and whispered into his ear. Melfir’s eyes widened slightly more than before.

‘There was another person inside of Sir Manasil’s carriage.’

After hearing all he had to say, Melfir was barely able to stop himself from falling over into the pond from the shock. His face was completely pale now. The voice he heard that allowed him to stop an incident from happening on the celebration of the king’s birthday rang around his head.

‘I feel slightly uneasy about what’s above. Go take a look.’

That short sentence saved his life, and his savior Calian was now in his house.

Calian must have come to claim his life debt that Melfir had been delaying in paying back for 3 months now.

On top of that, he personally came here to take it!

Melfir hoped that today’s Melfir is the smartest he’s ever been his entire life, and quickly hurried towards where Calian was.

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