How to Live as the Enemy Prince Chapter 51 - It’s Very Nice To Meet You
Chapter 51: It’s Very Nice To Meet You

Calian put down his teacup and answered with a smile on his face.

“It has been a while.”

As their first meeting was nothing but a single passing whisper to his ear, Melfir bowed lower after hearing Calian’s proper voice. As Calian knew why Melfir was giving such a courteous bow towards him, he couldn’t help but silently laugh.

The Pollun Merchantry coincidentally just started to properly trade diamonds with Tensil. It made Melfir doubly worried about what Calian would ask of him to pay back his life debt that he owed to him.

“I apologize for coming in without calling in ahead. It’s because it would be troublesome for me to show my face around.”

It didn’t actually matter whether Calian came and met Melfir first or called for him to come to the palace. Who would get in the way of a prince meeting up with a baron?

The reason Calian came to meet Melfir privately, out of the eyes of the public, was all for Melfir. Calian never extended his hand out to any other nobles or houses other than the Magic Union. Therefore, if it was known that Calian was personally meeting Melfir, the public would make a big deal about it.

Melfir knew this reason as well, therefore he respectfully answered.

“Your presence is a great compliment to me.”

Nodding his head in response, Calian pointed at the chair on the other side of the table and spoke.

“Please sit. I have some matters to discuss with you.”

Melfir’s expression became slightly tenser as he carefully walked to the seat and sat quietly, to which Calian opened his mouth after seeing.

“I’m sure you must have had a lot of thoughts this whole time.”

When Melfir gifted Raven’s necklace to Calian to ascertain the prince’s personality, Calian sent back to Melfir the cost of the necklace as if he knew exactly what was happening. There was no other contact from the prince following the event, so Melfir was unsure whether Calian was angry or wished for something more valuable. He felt uneasy for a long time.

Hearing Calian, Melfir didn’t particularly deny that he had and answered him.

“Yes, your highness. As a merchant it is in my nature that when I make trades, it doesn’t simply end with getting payment. Which was why I have been worrying for a long time.”

Calian liked that he gave an honest answer very much.

He smiled, gave his tea a sip, and then watched Melfir for a bit. Just as Melfir was about to swallow back his anxiety while gazing back at Calian, Calian started to speak.

“What does Pollun trade in?”

Melfir’s shoulders became stiff for a moment.

As soon as Melfir replies with ‘Horse and Diamonds’, he is sure that the young prince will immediately stand up and go back to the palace. Seeing his personality as well, he would even pay for the tea he drank before leaving, too. That way the prince wouldn’t need to associate with Melfir at all in the future.

Melfir’s head spun quickly trying to find the right answer.

Calian once again enjoyed the scent of the tea. Just as he took another sip, Melfir answered with a careful tone.

“I’m actually not trading anything still, your highness.”

Calian laughed lightly.

It meant that while the Pollun merchantry was trading in horses and diamonds, Melfir Pollun himself was not actually cooperating with anyone else in particular.

It was the answer that Calian was waiting for, and the expression that Calian hoped he would make.

“Not yet, you say.”


Calian set down the teacup and gazed at Melfir.

“Would I be able to speak with Baron Pollun?”

He meant he wanted to speak not to the talented merchant Melfir Pollun, but the capable Baron Melfir Pollun instead.

The reason Calian came to Melfir was not to acquire goods or commodities. As Bern was just a knight, he did not know much about merchandising anyways. He also did not want to make money by foreseeing frivolous events that will happen in the future. Therefore, he didn’t need to speak with the merchant Melfir.

Melfir once again swallowed back his anxiety.


Melfir wasn’t able to stop his habit of sighing deeply and stared at Calian without answering. Calian tilted his head slightly and sipped his tea again.


The teacup made the small sound once again and Melfir’s mouth opened.

“I’ve been here since the beginning, your highness.”

A satisfied expression came over Calian’s face.

While thinking that it was good that he saved Melfir’s life, Calian slowly spoke.

“It’s good that I didn’t need to wait for him.”

Melfir adjusted his sitting position. Calian continued to speak. However, the content wasn’t definite, but a more vague question instead.

“I was wondering if you, the Baron, can manage something other than a merchantry?”

With Allan, Calian wouldn’t hide his intentions when asking for something from him, as Allan was always willing to cooperate with Calian, but since his relationship with Melfir wasn’t up to that point, Calian first wanted to see how Melfir would react to his request.

Melfir thought for a moment then replied.

“If there are people as well as money, then nothing is too difficult.”

“There are people and money as well.”

After saying the words Calian stopped himself for a bit, then continued speaking.

“But the problem is that Brissen will also be there.”

Just as Allan predicted, Calian was currently thinking of creating a magic school. Of course, creating the magic school isn’t as dangerous a venture as making the magic division like Allan is currently doing. However, making the magic school may mean the Brissens may be involved and things may get messy.

Hearing about Brissen, Melfir shut his mouth firm for a moment then decided to speak.

“Doesn’t that mean that you are also involved as well, your highness?”

Calian answered with a small laugh.

“It seems I asked a foolish question. That’s right. I will be involved as well.”

“If there are people, money, and yourself in front of the Brissens, then it will certainly not be difficult for me to manage.”

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