How to Live as the Enemy Prince Chapter 52 - It’s Very Nice To Meet You
Chapter 52: It’s Very Nice To Meet You

Calian nodded, feeling that he no longer needed to dodge and dance around the truth. This time, he asked the question he meant to ask. “I was wondering whether to set up a magic school in Kailis? Should we?”

The amount it would cost to build a school for the gifted was nothing compared to the money Calian had in his coffers. The people who’d do the teaching, there were plenty whom he could use were plenty in numbers… Allan and the mages from the Union were one. However, school management would pose a hefty problem. Mages were notoriously known for their relaxed and carefree disposition. The uncertainty of running and managing a school properly certainly posed a risk to Calian.

He remembered the talented merchant from his memory and how Melfir owed his life to him. It was the reason Calian came to see Melfir.

After realizing Calian’s request that he manages the proposed magic school, Melfir lowered his head and dwelled over his own thoughts. It was not simply managing the magic school… once he became the head of the school, he, Baron Melfir Pollun, would be publicly allied with the third prince. Anything concerning the third prince would lead back to him.

Calian knew Melfir had much to think about. He waited calmly without a trace of impatience.

Melfi lifted his head and rolled his lips together. He had made his decision. However, instead of answering Calian’s suggestion, he brought forth another topic.

“Is this payment for saving my life?” Melfir asked.

He wished to know if this was his payment. Therefore, he needed to know the limits of what Calian wanted him to do and the extent he was willing to go through.

A smile formed on Calian’s lips.

“I’ve already received your payment.”


Calian answered and emptied the last tea on the cup and set it on the table.

Melfir’s gazed locked on the empty teacup for a moment. Soon after, a refreshing and hearty laugh reverberated in the reception room. He was relieved. All the worries drowning all corners of his mind vanished after festering for three months.

“I will do it,” Melfir said.

Melifir bowed.


Two days later.

In the early morning inside the restaurant of Chermil Palace was a baked bread red with color, a pie overflowing with cherries, and various red-colored fruits and veggies being prepared.

The passage surrounding Chermil Palace had been decorated fully with red threads. Around the artificial pond, numbers of red Rafflenia flowers were planted meticulously. The petals danced around the pond had been carried by the gentle, breezy wind.

The people of Kailis did not separate the celebration of man’s birth and man’s death. Just as they poured red flowers in the graves of those passing away, red flowers were thrown to those celebrating their birth.

To them, red symbolized mortality and creation.

The giving of red to both the dead and the living… Calian thought it a lackluster tradition.

No matter. He’d not be able to change the tradition of the kingdom simply because he did not quite like it. Therefore, Calian awoke in the morning and immediately downed a pomegranate juice and took fifteen Rafflenia flowers that Marilyn handed him.

He smiled and thanked her.

Today was Calian’s birthday.

Today, Calian the Third Prince had become an adult.

“Congratulations, Your Highness.”

He heard the same phrases too many times to count since the early morning. Receiving gifts and greetings from the aristocrats gathered at the Ceignes Pavilion had taken over two hours of his time.

Afterwards, he walked together with a group that would have lunch with Roselita. They had a short celebration of greetings and a toast. It had taken a while to finish the meal and tea.

Without breaks in between, Calian quickly changed to a formal suit suited for the dinner banquet and journeyed to the Siegfried building.

Calian’s black cape adorned with red threads accentuated his charm. He was sure Marilyn had chosen the color on purpose. The black jacket and bottoms had no fancy trimmings, but the black cape was eye-catching enough to overlook the plainness of his outfit.

The only issue he took with his body was his haggard thinness, but it wasn’t too much of a problem. He had gained a little weight since then. Calian thought it amusing that the nobles took a double-take, verifying his legitimacy as the third prince. Before he knew it, he became the main focus of the show.

“It’s a pleasure meeting you,” Calian greeted.

The nobles furrowed their brows in a set of deep confusion. Calian welcomed them warmly despite it being their first meeting with the prince. It was odd… but they soon realized it was his habit of greeting.

While receiving praises and admiration from the nobility, Calian walked towards the seat elegantly, his aura befitting his stature and title.

Step… step… step…

Then, for a fraction of a second, he stopped in his tracks.

Franz, who had not shown his face the past three months, was in the banquet hall.

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