How to Live as the Enemy Prince Chapter 54 - It’s Very Nice To Meet You

Chapter 54: It’s Very Nice To Meet You

The next day.

Calian was unable to sleep through the night. His mind was a bundle of mess due to what had occurred at the banquet hall.

Allan visited him first thing in the morning. Soon as he saw Calian, he spoke gruffly, voice smooth, “Have you sorted out your mind?”

Calian looked at Allan with a look of surprise, mouth parted. The wise mage knew his troubled mind though he had yet to speak of it.

Allan chuckled. “If you haven’t sorted everything yet, then simply let it pass like the fleeting wind.”

Hearing Allan’s words, Calian couldn’t help but let out a laugh. Allan oftentimes spoke of words out of the blue, things that were unnecessary. Nevertheless, it helped out Calian.

He soon stopped his soft laughter and relayed to Allan what happened with Franz and him at the banquet. After learning Franz had almost confirmed Calian had changed, Allan nodded.

“If it’s Franz, it’s understandable that he’d know by now. Though he’s quite the roughneck, it’s not like he’s completely dull in the mind,” Allan praised.

Calian frowned and rolled his lips together. He neither had positive nor negative thoughts about Franz.

“At first, I pretended that I knew nothing, but he wouldn’t believe that.”

Allan laughed loudly. He looked at Calian and asked, “What basis would he believe in anyway?”

As Calian opened his lips to answer, he suddenly closed it.

Seeing his hesitation, Allan said, “You still retain the memories of the life Calian led in the past, do you not? Just like you said, even if he realizes what happened, you need not reveal everything to him. Don’t worry about it too much.”

Allan made a pondering noise of ‘hmm’ for a moment.

Putting aside that should Calian’s identity be revealed, Allan knew that Calian was no longer willing to the life of Bern. He was thinking of recommending that he live like Calian of the past to fool Franz and dissuade Franz from suspecting him any further. However, it was not something Allan had the right to say, so he kept his mouth shut.

Instead, he pulled out an item from his pocket after staring for a little while.

“Take it,” Allan said.

It was a small box made out of a tin. Inside was a silver-colored ring. Feeling the thick ring that had no symbol nor a carved design, Calian asked, “What is this?”

“Try it on,” Allan smiled, “I’m sure you’ll like it.”

Calian wondered what finger he should put it on. It was big, after all. He made do with his index finger. Then, amazingly, the ring automatically reduced its size to perfectly fit Calian’s index finger.

He knew the ring had a magical ability, but still, he was unable to hold back a surprised sound. Calian looked at Allan curiously.

“Whenever you’re curious about what this old man thinks, then all you need to do is call out to him.”

“I see…”

The ring had communication magic cast onto it, surprising Calian very much. It was actually what he was most worried about. Allan was the only one who knew most about his precarious situation. If he wasn’t there, there’d be no one for Calian to speak open-mindedly with.

“The inside of the palace is covered in Sispanian’s power, so it has no use. It’d be difficult for me to communicate with you when inside the palace. But if you call out to me whenever you’re outside, I’ll be able to answer you immediately.”

Calian’s face relaxed. Though he knew Allan spent most of his time inside the palace grounds, he felt relieved knowing he’d be able to rely on Allan from time to time.

“Thank you. That makes me relieved.” Calian smiled.

Allan watched Calian smile. He smiled in return, a little too deviously. Calian didn’t know that Euria was tearing up, saying that the academy’s treasure vault had been emptied out once again.

Allan nodded, playing the part of a wise mage like usual.

He suddenly remembered the other reason he came here for. He cleared his throat, straightened his posture, and said, “Ah, a contact came from the palace that my carriage went to last time.”

He was talking about Melfir Pollun.

Calian nodded. “Have you met him?”

“Yes. He visited me personally yesterday. I had to greet him. Look like you’ve found another talented person. He had quite the head for numbers.”

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