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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Chapter 632 - Life Is Tough

Chapter 632: Life Is Tough

“Who knew whether what the mysterious person said was real or fake?”

“Right, I really don’t dare to eat a thing in the body of such a disgusting monster.”

“If I turn into such a monster after eating, that’ll be a problem.”

A few sect leaders shook their heads in a row and were a little afraid of the blood pearl. It was really difficult for them to live until now and if there was really something wrong with this thing, what would happen?

It was better if they just waited.

It was time to see who was brave and couldn’t help but eat it.

Anyway, to them the blood pearl wasn’t unique and it was just hard to find. They weren’t in a rush anyway.

Old Monster Heaven Slaying said slowly, “That mysterious person still hadn’t appeared, but for some reason, I feel really restless. It is like someone has been spying on us.”

“Maybe that mysterious person is hiding somewhere.”

Regarding what Old Monster Heaven Slaying said, they all didn’t ignore it and were actually really worried about it.

Old Monster Heaven Slaying was Monster God Mountain’s weirdo; he cultivated special techniques and was really sensitive to the surrounding environment.

Everyone looked around like they were searching for the person who was hiding in the darkness.

But after searching, they didn’t notice anything.

Maybe it was an illusion.

But one had to pay attention to it.

Su Ye said, “It is not important whether he follows. The key is whether or not this item works or would we turn into the evil god that we killed after we eat this item?”

“Sect leader Su makes sense. There is no point in worrying about all that, but who will eat it? After all, we are all the sect leaders of the top sects and it was tough to cultivate to this level. If something really happens, then we will only end up dying for nothing.” Another sect leader said.

The sect leaders sucked in a deep breath.

All of them hesitated.

What should they do?

They were really helpless.

The mysterious person said that Xu Yuanming and Guyuan had already consumed this item. But the key was that they hadn’t met those two and didn’t know what the exact situation was.

What if he was lying?

Things would be much better if Xu Yuanming and Guyuan appeared. They could also ask questions about it.

Su Ye walked slowly to the corpse and grabbed the pearl. He looked towards everyone, “Waiting isn’t a solution. Everyone wants to eat it but no one dares to. Since that is the case, then I will do it. If it is useful, then I will definitely follow all of you to kill more evil gods.”

“But if it is useless and something happens then please don’t hold back and kill me right away.”

Everyone looked towards Su Ye in shock.

Everyone was a sect leader and they all had working brains. They knew what the situation was but they were just shocked by how badly Su Ye wanted to reach stage eight.

He actually dared to take such a risk.

“Sect leader Su, think about it carefully.” A sect leader said.

“Right, actually we can test it on someone, so there is no need to take the risk,” Old Monster Heaven Slaying said slowly.

He knew that Su Ye wanted to consume it.

But he didn’t recommend him to be so rash.

They had a noble goal which was to raise their strength and fight Lin Fan to the death. They also wanted to restore glory to their sects, apart from that they hadn’t had any other thoughts.

Although some of them moved their sects away and some disciples left and found new ways to survive, after all, the new places they relocated their sects were completely desolate. Even basic supplies were a problem.

Even if some disciples loved their sects, when one spent long in such a boring place, their minds would explode. They obviously couldn’t bear with that.

So, during this half a year many sects died and the previous grandeur no longer existed.

So, the sect leaders just wanted to raise their cultivation to have the strength to fight against Lin Fan. As for other matters, they just wanted to place it aside. Compared to what they were thinking, it was not worth mentioning at all.

“It will always be true if one tests it yourself.” The moment Su Ye said this, he swallowed the blood pearl and his expression became solemn.

He panicked a little.

He himself was afraid.

But he knew that some things were possible.

Suddenly, Su Ye felt lightning flashing in his head, blowing past the fog and letting him see a gate.

Joy appeared on his face.

“I see it.”

“I see it.”

Su Ye was delighted and his blood boiled. A never before felt feeling swept his heart and he saw the path that he wasn’t able to see before.

Old Monster Heaven Slaying and the others looked at one another.

It really worked.

Very quickly, Su Ye looked at everyone, “It is useful, I really did see the path ahead. That is something that never happened before.”

“How is it? What do you feel?” Everyone asked.

They were really curious. After all, they were stuck at stage seven for a long time and the path ahead was broken. They couldn’t see any tracks at all.

Su Ye’s body felt cold. This feeling was much better than when he reached stage seven. Facing all their questions, he didn’t hold back and said slowly.

“It is hard to describe but it is like how a bright path appears under your feet when you are in despair. As long as you follow it you can reach the end. It is also really clear like I instantly understood a lot.”

“That mysterious person didn’t lie to us. This blood pearl is the key to helping us break through to dao realm stage eight.”

After hearing Su Ye’s words, everyone was filled with anticipation.

They wanted such a feeling too.

Hope that had slowly died was reignited once more. Moreover, it burned even brighter, shining on their hearts.

Old Monster Heaven Slaying said, “It is good that it is useful. Next would be to search for evil gods but that feels tough. Evil Gods are too good at hiding, so who knows when we will be able to bump into one?”

“Chances always come when one works hard. If we didn’t head to so many places, we definitely wouldn’t meet them.” Su Ye said.

Although he had already gotten the blood pearl, he didn’t leave. It was like he had said. He would follow them to find more.

He was very confused.

Why was the key to breaking through in the bodies of these evil gods?

If he didn’t understand this, he felt really uneasy.


In a certain mountain cave.


There was a tragic scream.

After Monster Emperor swallowed Calamity, his body changed. The first change was shedding, like a snake shedding its skin.

His aura also slowly changed.

As a result, Calamity didn’t find Monster Emperor.

“Ah!” Within the cave, Monster Emperor raised his head and roared. His eyes had a red light and two meat tumors appeared on his back. Something was moving inside like it was about to break out of his body.

But his flesh was too thick and that made it tough.



His thick tail smashed onto the ground and each smash would cause a giant hole to appear.

“My body is about to explode.” The strong powers in his body was flowing. That was the power of Evil God Calamity. He didn’t know why did happened but he definitely couldn’t die like this.


At that moment, Monster Emperor shouted and the two meat tumors exploded.



Fresh blood scattered all over and two bloody hands appeared.

Monster Emperor’s body changed once more.

He actually had four arms, especially these two new ones which were shocking, thick and covered in black scales like his tail.

Monster Emperor wasn’t a human.

If he was, how would he turn into this?

“Hu!” Monster Emperor panted. The power in his body scattered and slowly calmed down. There was no feeling of explosion anymore.

When he noticed his changes, his expression slowly changed.


“Perfect body, my body is advancing towards the perfect body.”

He didn’t panic because of their weird changes and was excited instead.

His final goal was to improve his body to the perfect state.

The presence of evil gods showed him hope.

What kind of amazing body was that?

Compared to the weak humans, they were the truly strong ones.

At that moment, Monster Emperor clenched his four fists and felt like his body was filled with strength. It was much more terrifying than before.

He wouldn’t stop on his path to search for evil gods.

Only by swallowing them would he allow himself to evolve.

With a thud, he left the cave. The cave also exploded, turning into shrapnel which scattered across the land.

In a desolate, black desert, one could see pitch black scorpions crawling swiftly before disappearing in the blink of an eye.

“Damn, this was really hard to find.”

After Lin Fan left City of Hope, he had been searching for traces of evil gods.

But they were just too hard to fine.

Maybe because too many things happened.

Even the evil gods were stunned.

They were evil gods, how were they suddenly massacred by humans?

“Eh! This random place seemed weird so I thought there would be evil gods. But I thought too much, what a waste…” Lin Fan shook his head.

What else could he do?

There was nothing he could do.

Sometimes he could only guess. If it was correct, then he would win, but if not, he could just change a spot.

Lin Fan turned around to look. After confirming there was nothing weird, he stepped into the dimension and ran towards the distance. He continued on the path to search for evil gods without turning back.

Evil God Masaki was satisfied with the current situation.

More and more experts were killing evil gods.

Those corpses were left for him and that let him recover well.

But Monster Emperor’s situation shocked him.

He swallowed and ate evil god flesh and blood.

Those actions were weird.

It was hard to imagine what was the reason behind it. What kind of person was Monster Emperor. He thought that Monster Emperor was a descendant of an evil god but that was impossible.

The ocean eye was sealed for so long.

How could a descendant appear?

But all those things didn’t matter.

He just followed the experts from the four alliances. After they killed the evil gods, he would eat the bodies to nourish his own that lacked nutrients.

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