Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 110: Kneel Before the Immortal

Chapter 110: Kneel Before the Immortal

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“Oh, you’re awake? Sure enough, you’re the best among your group.”

When the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader regained consciousness, that annoying teenage voice rang in his ear, followed by the sound of a terrifying girl.

“Nonsense, he’s the sect leader, so of course his cultivation is the highest amongst them.”

When he opened his eyes, there were the two people who plotted against him. He thought about when he was about to claim his victory, this girl sneak-attacked him from the back, making him inexplicably lose. Moreover, now all of his magical power had been dispersed, and he was completely bound by a transparent thread. With the the humiliation of being treated as a prisoner, he could only gnash his teeth.

However, the first thing that came out of his mouth was, “What happened to my men?”

Wang Lu lightly waved. “Relax, everyone’s alive. All of them are in similar condition as you.”

Half believing, half doubting, the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader nevertheless felt at ease a bit. But then, he immediately became indignant.

“Is this your fair and square duel?”

Wang Lu gave him a funny look. “Indeed not, but so what? If you have the ability, come sue me~”


The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader never thought that the other side would be so righteous in being despicable and shameless!

Wang Lu laughed. “What, feeling wronged? I’d like to ask you, a dignified Xudan Stage master who wants to cry injustice for losing against me, a low-level Qi Cultivating Stage that has cultivated less than three years. Do you think you have the right?”

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader suddenly froze: Low-level Qi Cultivating Stage cultivator that has cultivated for less than three years!? This has got to be wrong! In his view, although the opponent was still young and has shallow cultivation, at least the opponent should be a high-level Qi Cultivating Stage cultivator that has cultivated for more than ten years. Never had he imagined that the opponent would be so young!

While the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader was still feeling astonished, Wang Lu continued, “Actually, if I want to beat you, there are more than one way. Even if it’s a one on one duel, it’s easy to defeat you. I just choose the simplest and cheapest way, so it’s not an injustice when you lost, and you don’t need to feel wronged.”

Seeing the look of disbelief in the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader, Wang Lu shook his head, took out something from his mustard seed bag, and threw it in front of him. “You should know this thing, right?”

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader scrutinized that thing carefully. “Thunderbolt Talisman? A ninth rank spirit object… Hehe, if against those Qi Cultivating Stage cultivators, this would be a good secret weapon, but against me…”

“True, this is not enough to deal with a Xudan Stage cultivator, that’s why I will depend on quantity.”

While speaking, he opened his mustard seed bag widely and from there came out clattering of hundreds of thunderbolts. All the color immediately drained from the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader’s face. If hundreds of pieces of thunderbolts were detonated at once, even a Xudan Stage cultivator would not feel good.

“The Thunderbolt is just an appetizer. I also have Lightning Shock and Diamond Talisman. Now that you know of my origin, so you should know that, even though my cultivation is still low, to deal with you, I have enough material resource to do that.”

Then, a certain Holy Maiden very much disrespectfully laughed.

In silence, he inwardly conceded. Immortal Cultivation World was indeed unfair. A Qi Cultivating Stage cultivator, with limited cultivation, even holding an immortal treasure, would not be able to fully display its ability because of the lack of energy, however… if they were little things like Thunderbolt Talisman, Lightning Shock Talisman, Diamond Talisman and others, a Qi Cultivating Stage cultivator could freely use those. Although those talismans’ power was only a fraction of the normal in their hands, but if they used hundreds and hundreds of them at once, even a Xudan Stage cultivator like him would be flattened; it would be like hundreds of thousands of ants against an elephant. However, if those things were used against a Jindan Stage cultivator, it would be akin to burning spirit stones. Hundreds of pieces of Thunderbolt Talismans was worth over ten thousand spirit stones. Lighting Shock Talismans and Diamond Talismans were even more expensive. The Sect Leader calculated that if one must use those things to overwhelm him, several hundreds of thousand spirit stones would just be a conservative estimate. Yet, from the opposite party’s tone, it didn’t seem a big deal at all.

Ha! Indeed a disciple of a prestigious sect… each and every one of them was filthy rich!

Wang Lu chuckled. “Of course, if I really have to spend hundreds of thousand of spirit stones to deal with you, I would also feel bad. Thus, the more simple method is to spend tens of thousand of spirit stones to hire someone to deal with you. This price tag can even attract a Jindan Stage cultivator. What do you think?”

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader was aghast, and a moment later, he sighed. “But in the Dog Ear Mountain, you must have spent quite a lot to arrange those arrays and whatnot.”

“On the contrary, they only cost me very little. It’s also because I don’t want to spend money that the arrangements were so troublesome,” Wang Lu explained, “the Moon Well, Spirit Well, those things were a rush one day and one night job by my sect’s followers. They consumed quite a lot of materials, but I’ve built an altar in Wang Family Village, so most of those things were basically free. In order to deal with you, the total cost is… seven thousand and two hundred spirit stones. Given that most of the facilities can continue to be used post-fight, the real cost is more or less one thousand spirit stones. What do you think? Feeling very cheap?”

Not just cheap, it was simply inconceivable! The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader also managed the sect’s operation, so he was very clear about the cost of those wells and so on. If it were his sect who built them, just the cost of the construction of spirit well and other things alone would be several hundred thousand spirit stones, as for the Moon Well… he didn’t even have its blueprint!

For a time, there was too much confusion in the Sect Leader’s mind, adding that he was also worried about the other Elders’ safety, his thoughts were basically in a whirl.

Seeing the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader’s confused look, Wang Lu said, “Would you like to take a look at my sect?”

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader looked up. “Do you want me to join your Wisdom Sect, becoming your lackey? I advise to not waste your time.”

Wang Lu said, “At least give me a chance to show you first, why would you refuse so fast? You don’t even know anything about Wisdom Sect.”

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader sneered. “I indeed do not know much about your Wisdom Sect, but after inquiring the several sects around here, I knew that there’s nothing different between your sect and the Thousand Spirit Sect in the White Moon Country! Ha! Your Union of Ten Thousand Immortals may seem dignified, but they’re essentially even inferior to my sect who is basically at the bottom of the rung, at least we’re just after the money, not people’s lives!”

Wang Lu indifferently shrugged, and then winked at the one behind the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader. “Wen Bao, take this guy and let’s tour the village.”


Then the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader felt his body picked up by a stout, strong hand, like a piece of streaky pork carried mid-air.

Feeling ashamed and angry at the same time, the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader tried to struggle. He thought that as a Xudan Stage cultivator, even if his magical power had already been dispersed, and his body bound by streams of threads, if he struggled, his strength would still be similar to that of a cow. However, the palm on his neck just squeezed a bit, and an abundant amount of power immediately suppressed his struggle.

Twisting his head, the Sect Leader saw that, the man behind him, though tall and strong, actually has a childish face; a youth with with a simple and honest face.

Being carried by Wen Bao, the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader went out of the narrow warehouse along with Wang Lu.

Outside the building was the Wisdom Sect’s Headquarter, the Wang Family Village. However, the scene before him far exceeded his expectation.

As a conscientious Sect Leader, he had passed through the Dog Ear Mountain, which was within the Seven Stars Sect’s sphere of influence, around ten years ago and determined that the place was not exceptional. He just lamented on the abundant surrounding spiritual energy on this place, yet the village itself wasn’t special, nothing different than the other remote villages. To be precise, it was slightly wealthier; because the village wasn’t that far from the Marquis County, there were several well-off families.

However, at this time, the Wang Family Village had undergone earth-shaking change. At the center of the village, a one man tall gray sphere suspended in mid-air, slowly and rhythmically inhaling and exhaling the surrounding spiritual energy; it was the spiritual energy tide that the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader yearned for days and nights! Underneath the sphere was the cohesive spirit base that condensed the spiritual energy and accelerated the cycle. The grade of the base was not high, but the design was exquisite, and the effect excellent. The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader had always wanted one for himself, but he couldn’t find the blueprint.

Besides the base underneath the sphere at the center, the villagers had also placed various things in several plots, such as facilities similar to the cohesive spirit base; their grades were not high, but the quantity was huge, moreover, their arrangement was ingenious, and with reasonable designs. As such, through the spiritual energy tide that was caused by the sphere, the whole Wang Family Village was shrouded with an exceptionally thick spiritual energy.

Cultivating in that kind of environment, wouldn’t the efficiency be more than doubled? Before, the Wang Family Village itself only possessed a relatively abundant spiritual energy, but after this arrangement, within the scope of the result of the array, it was better than that of those locations of the sect from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortal.

In addition, the villagers also built an elixir field and an alchemy room. In the eastern part of the villager, there was also a huge moon well, which every night would converge a large amount of moonlight essence.

Everything in the village was already not that different than the low-rank sects within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Naturally, these facilities were not high grade and thus could not be compared to the average sects in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, but for a small place to be so fully equipped like this, it wasn’t so very easy.

“It’s nice to look at, don’t you think?”

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader suppressed his amazement and sneered. “For a disciple from a prestigious sect like you, these are all but a small change of spirit stones.”

Wang Lu interrupted, “The materials came out from the altar, and the rest are from the Wang Family Village. The villagers contributed with their labor in construction; I was only responsible for the lay out of the design.”

“Just based on those fools?”

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader incredulously asked. Although the cultivation facilities that were built in this village were obviously not high grade, they were after all things of the Immortal Cultivation World. In their construction process, they need a considerable high degree of control of the surrounding spiritual energy, which in any case could not be achieved by mere mortals.

Wang lu smiled. “Although most of them are ignorant fools, after practicing for several months, at least, they could draw qi into their body, and some clever one amongst them even almost broke through the eighth level Qi Cultivating Stage, so doing menial works is within their ability.”


The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader was once again shocked. Reaching Qi Cultivating Stage in just a few months… this was even comparable to the cultivation speed of those cultivators who possessed natural spirit root, especially those few who could break through the eighth level Qi Cultivating Stage… Could he even have this kind of speed!?

However, after a moment, the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader sneered. “Is it Heaven Burning Blood Technique?”

Wang Lu didn’t deny. While leading their tour within the village, Wang Lu said, “Yes, it’s Heaven Burning Blood Technique. Without this thing, giving Six Harmonies pills to these wastes, even after practicing for three to five years, they wouldn’t necessarily reach the Qi Cultivating Stage… However, can you use your brain first before you speak? Can a group of scrap wood be able to make such progress by relying on the Heaven Burning Blood alone? If the Heaven Burning Blood Technique is that good, then the Thousand Spirit Sect would’ve already dominated the entire Blue River Region.”

At the last part of his remark, Wang Lu turned around and, with a mocking smile hung on his face, said, “If I’m not mistaken, you ought to have also practiced this Heaven Burning Blood Technique, don’t you know about its effect?”

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