Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 114: Today I Come To Take Away My Love!

Chapter 114: Today I Come To Take Away My Love!

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“Senior Brother Zhu Qin, thank you for contacting the Mansion of Light for me, it’s just that, with this many people, it seems too…”

Being surrounded by a crowd, Yue Xinyao was somewhat uneasy.

Despite the fact that she was born of a noble Immortal Cultivator Family, which was not inferior to children of noble mortals, the atmosphere still made her feel very uncomfortable.

However, crown prince Zhu Qin was very much at ease. “No need to be polite, Junior Sister, this is our fault in the first place… After receiving Junior Sister’s formal letter, they failed to reply in ten days; it’s the efficiency of the Mansion of Light that should be straightened out.”

Such remarks made the faces of the bureaucrats that surrounded them to be suddenly filled with varying degree of worry. Naturally, those who worried the most were officials from the Mansion of Light, but there were some who looked hopeful; those were the officials that were expected to replace them.

However, Yue Xinyao slightly frowned. “Senior Brother Zhu Qin, although I may not be qualified to say these words, since we are already cultivators, then the status in the mortal world…”

Zhu Qin smiled. “Junior Sister wanted to teach me that I’m not the Crown Prince of the Great Ming Country, but an ordinary cultivator of the Spirit Sword Mountain, right? But you see, this time I came home, I don’t even have the time to visit my parents. The first thing I do is to accompany Junior Sister to register together with you at the Mansion of Light.”

Yue Xinyao also smiled and nodded. “To Senior Brother, this is indeed somewhat absurd, but… the mortal path is different than that of an Immortal Cultivator.”

During their talk, the surrounding bureaucrats were once again in a state of joy and sorrow. If the Crown Prince really wanted to give up his power and focus on practicing cultivation, then it would be an earth-shaking event for the Great Ming Country.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Junior Sister, what is your purpose in coming to the Great Ming Country? Who do you want to deal with?”

“It’s a new sect that seems to offend a lot of people. However, I’m not too clear about the specific situation, so I need the coordination from the Mansion of Light to investigate it. This Sect is really strange, their development momentum is swift and fierce, and the way it developed is also extremely special. It is said that in just a few months, its followers have reached over one million people. So far, no one knows exactly who the leader of this sect really is.”

“Oh? Is it that special? And just in the Great Ming Country? Tsk, what are people of the Mansion of Light doing? They shouldn’t let you, someone from outside, to handle this matter… Oh, by the way, Junior Sister, what is that sect called?”

“It’s a very strange name—Wisdom Sect.”


Yue Xinyao and Zhu Qin talked as they entered the Mansion of Light. The rest of the officials lingered at the entrance for a moment before they gradually dispersed, buzzing about the disorder that would be the consequences of the arrival of the Crown Prince Zhu Qin and all sorts of follow up changes that could happen.

Then, not too far away, the trio of Wisdom Sect people who watched this scene fell into a long silence.

“Elder Wen, what should we do next?”

“Looks like someone wants to collude with the Great Ming Country to deal with us. Ha! Sect Leader said it right, amidst the tide of the new world, the old forces who were unwilling to die will certainly initiate a crazy counter attack; however, under the vast ocean of followers, any resistance is futile!”

“Elder Wen… Elder Wen, did you hear me?”

Oh, the poor Elder Wen, his awareness was still stuck at that moment a few minutes ago, when Zhu Qin and Yue Xinyao walked together to the Mansion of Light—that scene where Zhu Qin put his hand on Yue Xinyao’s shoulder!


“Elder Wen, are we… going to go back?”

At the inn’s dinner table, Guo Hong cautiously asked. At the same time, Yang Xiao also cast a similarly doubtful look.

Regarding this boss of theirs, the two assistants have had many interactions with him, so they understood that he had a trusting and simple temperament. However, he had a slow reaction to things, and could not make a decision himself. Just now, they encountered an unexpected turn of event, so the two assistants didn’t have much confidence in Wen Bao’s ability to deal with it.

Wen Bao himself was also confused; the current problems were too many and too complex, far beyond his capabilities. Why would Junior Sister Yue come to the Great Ming Country? Why would she want to deal with the Wisdom Sect? A few months ago when he left the sect, he had secretly paid attention to Yue Xinyao’s whereabouts; if he was not mistaken, at that time, she went east to participate in the exploration of an ancient tomb, which was expected to last for nearly a year… could it be that it ended early?

As for Zhu Qin, his appearance here was not a surprise. He was, after all, the Crown Prince of the Great Ming Country, so it was normal if he took advantage of this experiential learning to go home to visit his family. However, how could he end up together with Yue Xinyao? The two of them were just normal martial brother and sister in the sect. Besides working together as a team in the experiential learning at the Small Clear Sky Peak, they had no more contact, what could...

Of course, right now, the most important thing to consider was these two people’s relationship. As the Wisdom Sect’s Elder, one of the heads of Intelligence Revenue Service’s Departments, when dealing with matters regarding sect...

“I want to go in and take a look at the situation.”

“What!?” Guo Hong and Yang Xiao were surprised. “Going in!?”

“Yes, know yourself and know your enemy, and you would emerge victorious in every battle. I can’t let Zhu Qin and Junior Sister Yue… Oh, wrong, I can’t let them collude with the Mansion of Light to plot an unfavorable scheme towards our sect. I want you two to go back and report this to the Sect Leader, while I will stay here and deal with it.”

“Elder, this... “ Guo Hong’s eyes went wide, incredulously looking at this determined Elder.

Yang Xiao was also hesitant, thinking, “Elder Wen, although you are indeed an honest, sincere, industrious and hardworking Elder, there are things that do not suit you at all!”

“Rest assured, no matter what, I’m still Spirit Sword… Wisdom Sect’s Elder.” Wen Bao gritted his teeth. “Although I’m not very good at this sort of thing, as long as I still harbor the great ideal of World’s Ascension, I would be successful in every endeavor! This is our Wisdom Sect’s mental bomb!”

Guo Hong’s eyes widened even further. “Elder, that mental bomb argument has already been criticized, it seems to be wrong. I think…”

“Never mind, I’m left handed.”


“No, I mean… I have an ace given by the Sect Leader in my sleeve!”

With that, Wen Bao jerked the last bun on the plate into his mouth, stood up straight and marched towards the Mansion of Light with murderous intent.


The ace in his sleeve was not a myth.

While walking, Wen Bao took out a brocade sac from his mustard seed bag. After disassembling it, he found a note from Wang Lu. This was a note that Wang Lu claimed would be able to stimulate the limit of his potential so that he could achieve incredible miracles.

Wen Bao never suspected Wang Lu’s ability to create miracles. Thus, even though this mission was filled with the aura of cheat-ness, Wen Bao still regarded it as his important card.

However, Wang Lu also warned that, unless it was an emergency, he mustn’t disassemble the bag. Currently, the situation should be called an emergency, right?

Senior Brother, please help me!

Then, with a reverent and slightly trembling hand, Wen Bao slowly opened the note.

There was only one line written on it: You are the awakening type Wen Bao.

Wen Bao sighed and flicked his index finger to create a wisp of flame to burn the note.

“Dammit! I always know that guy is the grandmaster of cheaters! Awakening type Wen Bao!? Awakening your ass! Why don’t you give me a piece of pork and let me morph into the Great Ancestor De Sheng!”

However, no matter how angry he was, he still has no choice. Also, when he thought about it, compared to the simple and trusting Wen Bao, perhaps the awakening type Wen Bao was more capable of accomplishing...

“... Very well, I’m the awakening type Wen Bao, I’m the awakening type Wen Bao, I’m the awakening type Wen Bao!”

Along the way, Wen Bao continued to chant. Gradually, his simple and honest look that seemed like a lukewarm water was replaced with a hard to mask excitement.

Hahaha, Junior Sister Yue, I’m coming for you!


Standing in front of the Mansion of Light, facing the guards’ vigilance and puzzled eyes, Wen Bao still put on his simple and honest smile.

Inwardly, however, he was half nervous, half excited… Even he, himself, couldn’t tell what the personality of this awakening type Wen Bao was, but under extreme pressure, astonishing innate qualities indeed often came out.

The outcome of this depended a lot on how much he could bring out his astonishing innate qualities.

After a long silence, a guard finally opened his mouth and asked, “Excuse me, are you…”

The fatty before them looked ordinary, but out of the one million people in the capital, in addition to madmen and idiots, not many people were willing to stand before the entrance of the Mansion of Light. In ordinary people’s eyes, in the Mansion of Light, there were some crazy and dangerous magic stick or witch doctor… Thus, the rewards for the guards here were higher than the other places.

So, if this fat man wasn’t crazy or stupid...

“Um, I’m looking for people.” The fatty smiled foolishly.

“Looking for people? Do you have relatives or friends who are officials?”

Wen Bao smiled; he didn’t want to waste his time talking to these guards anymore. He created a plume of flame on his fingertips, which he sent straight to the sky. After the flame burst, its unique magical power spread out like a wave in a small scale.

After a moment, the front door of the Mansion of Light was opened from the inside, and Yue Xinyao, with a curious face, walked out. Upon seeing Wen Bao, she was greatly surprised.

“Senior Brother Wen Bao!?”

When he saw this simple and beautiful face of a young girl, Wen Bao was also startled. He felt that half of his mind went blank, while the other half became highly excited, which urged him to greet her, despite his originally timid personality.

“Ha-ha, good morning, Junior Sister Yue.”

“Good morning, Senior Brother,” the young girl responded earnestly, and then asked, “Is Senior Brother is looking for me?”

“Yes, I want to ask you a favor.”

“Please speak up, Senior Brother.”

Wen Bao smiled and pointed at the door behind Yue Xinyao. “Help me pass through the door…”

Yue Xinyao burst out laughing. “The Mansion of Light’s door is indeed bad.” Then she turned her head and looked at the entrance guard with a questioning gaze. The two guards suddenly felt both of their legs went soft; although they have yet to consult the opinion of their superior, who dared to say no this time?


“Senior Brother Wen Bao, did you come because of the matter regarding the Wisdom Sect?”

While they walked on the path inside the Mansion of Light, Yue Xinyao could not help but curiously ask.

Wen Bao suddenly gawked as he inwardly panicked. He knew that if he didn’t cover it well, this secret would be exposed!

Seeing the dazed look in Wen Bao’s face, Yue Xinyao thought that he had yet to hear about the Wisdom Sect, thus, she patiently explained, “This is a recently established sect in the Great Ming Country; their development speed is very fast, and they also caused a lot of trouble. Therefore, I originally thought Senior Brother came because of this.” Then she shook her head and changed the topic. “We haven’t seen each other for the last few months, and you’ve already changed a lot, Senior Brother; your cultivation has forged quite ahead.”

Realizing the change in the topic, Wen Bao loosened a lot. “Not bad, right now, I’m not that far from level sixth Qi Cultivating Stage.”

Yue Xinyao was greatly amazed. “Senior Brother is going to advance to the middle level? How fierce! I thought that I’ve gained quite a lot harvest at the Blue Tree Ancient Tomb, but it seems like it’s still a lot less than you, Senior Brother—right now, I’m still at the intermediate stage of the level seventh; it’s still far away before I can breakthrough to the next level.”

While the two were talking, suddenly, a burst of laughter came from the front. “Junior Sister Yue is too modest. In order to cultivate your Primordial Spirit, you deliberately suppressed your Qi Cultivating Stage progress. However, your real strength is already not that far off to that of those level six Qi Cultivating Stage cultivators. In our group of disciples, you ought to be considered as one of the best.”

While speaking, the Crown Prince Zhu Qin strode forward. Upon meeting Wen Bao’s gaze, he grinned.

“Junior Brother Wen Bao, I never thought I could run into you here.”

Wen Bao was silent for a moment, and then he also said with a smile, “Good morning, Junior Brother Zhu Qin.”

Zhu Qin’s expression suddenly stiffened: Junior Brother!?

Previously, this dead fatty has always been respectful to him, calling Senior Brother Zhu Qin this, Senior Brother Zhu Qin that. However, after not meeting him for a few months, besides his commendable increased in cultivation level, his courage has also increased a lot!

Thinking to this, Zhu Qin’s smiled gradually turned cold.

Wen Bao inwardly sneered, thinking, “Retard, meet the awakening type Wen Bao!”

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