Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 131: I Want to Practice Brilliant Sword Heart

Chapter 131: I Want to Practice Brilliant Sword Heart

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The older the ginger, the spicier it is; after Feng Yin got his hands on the report and read it first, he already had a plan. And at this point, even the expected Academic credits and points have already been calculated by him, he had already prepared it all. However, in the face of such a skilled Senior Brother Sect Leader, the Fifth Elder just sent out a sneer.

“Senior Brother, are you going to blatantly plagiarize Wang Lu’s academic achievement?”

Feng Yin was startled and then, with a red face, he said, “Junior Sister, what nonsense are you talking about? How could someone rob another’s academic achievement?”

“Don’t bullsh*t me, you, this gang of cultivators who boast themselves as literati, are the most shameless. Let alone plagiarism, even going wh*ring is not something that is beneath you, am I right? That one from the Shengjing Sect who has the reputation as a fan of the white-haired Daoist, wasn’t he previously arrested after he went wh*ring but didn’t pay at the Cloud Region? I don’t think you’re not that different than him.”

Feng Yin was nearly grief stricken. “Junior Sister, you know me, I have been cultivating for years; though I don’t claim to be a sage, I’ve never done that kind of thing, let alone not paying for it; regarding the matter between man and woman, I am absolutely pure!”

Fifth Junior Sister condescendingly cast a despise look at him. “Oh, so little Ling’Er can testify to it, right?”

Feng Yin immediately changed the topic. “... Junior Sister, the value of this report from Wang Lu is so big that it couldn’t be held down by him, a Qi Cultivating Stage Spirit Sword Sect disciple. If he were to submit this report to the Academic Committee in his own name, it would quickly be taken away by a gang of rats and cleanly gobbled up. At that time, this painstaking report would be called as whimsical and evaluated as absurd. By those Academic Committee members’ mercy, at most, he would only get ten academic credit and a hundred academic points. However, a few months later, after they’ve completely digested that report, they would publish the article with their name, they won’t even cite the source of that report, and it would completely become their own; don’t tell me you find this kind of practice is uncommon?”

Fifth Junior Sister continued to sneer. “Academic Committee member Feng’s self-criticism is quite well put.”

Feng Yin furiously said, “If I am in cahoots with that group of rats, how come each year my publications per annum are always less than them!”

As soon as he finished, the old man’s face immediately looked stunned as Wang Wu’s smile before him gradually turned sly. “Oh, so recently, Senior Brother is worrying about the amount of your publications for the Academic Committee, no wonder you even want to rob the achievement of a disciple.”

Feng Yin lashed out in shame. “What bullsh*t rob are you talking about!? It’s not as if you lazy ghost care about this matter, so I have to do it myself; do you think writing is easy! Besides, I put our sect’s name on this article, I do not plan to seek personal gain!”

“What a load of crap, you’re the Sect’s Sect Leader! Isn’t Spirit Sword Sect’s gain your gain too!? You brought a bunch of junk articles from the Academic Committee every year, yet except for you, no one else looked at them!”

“Rubbish, no one indeed saw that pile of trash, but after I had finished collating them, weren’t they popular in the Sect? I’ve worked so hard to give you guys the best, yet that’s still not enough!?”

“Gee, blatantly plagiarizing without any shame at all, Senior Brother, you really deserve to be a leader.”

Feng Yin had tried to defend himself for a long time, but after all, the one he debated with was the brazen-faced and shameless Fifth Junior Sister. After hesitating for a quite a while, he suddenly smiled. “All right, I’m too lazy to trash talk with you, this lazy person. You just want to give advantage to little Wang Lu, am I right? Initially, I didn’t mean to depend on him… take his cultivation for example, by now, he should almost ready to practice the Non-Phase Sword Qi, right?”

Wang Wu hesitated a bit. “He needs at least a year more. Right now, the level of his Non-Phase Sword Bone and Non-Phase Sword Art are actually better what I expected. Not to mention the Non-Phase Heart Sutra and the Primordial Spirit, his year-long experiential learning result greatly surpassed my expectation. Now, the only thing that he lacks is magical power and cultivation stage, so for now, still can’t.”

“Well, I have also heard about the cultivation stage from Second Junior Brother. Once your Non-Phase Method pierced through his Void Spirit Root wall, he would progress by leaps and bounds. However, this past year, he had almost used up his earlier accumulation of magical power. Thus, you should carefully train him another year, lay a good foundation; when he reach the level five Qi Cultivating Stage, I will open the Gate of Savage Land to him.”

Wang Wu’s interest was suddenly piqued. “Gate of Savage Land? Are you really willing to open the Gate of Savage Land?”

“It’s not the issue of willing or not, but rather I’m not assured yet. Therefore, I don’t rashly open the gate to let the disciples do the experiential learning there. However, where do you think Yao’Er went during this year’s experiential learning?”

This time, even Wang Wu was quite shocked. “Hey, you’re not that cruel, aren’t you?”

“With Yao’Er’s qualification, as long as she doesn’t go to the west of the western mountain, she wouldn’t encounter any danger. Three months ago, she was seriously injured and was forced to return, but she had already reached the sword nucleus… In any case, I’ve done this cruel thing once, now I just want to see if Junior Sister is unwilling to give up or not.”

Wang Wu grunted. “Rubbish, what’s there not to give up?”


On the other side, during the week after he returned to the mountain, Wang Lu felt very much at ease that his entire bones seemed to feel lighter.

During this past week, the Heavenly Sword Hall Elders were busy reviewing the reports. His Master was in the Stellar Peak doing god knows what with the Sect Leader; he never saw her shadow for days. The other Junior Brothers and Sisters were similarly recuperating and relieving their stress. Thus, the sect was filled with leisurely atmosphere. Even cultivating was just the same old energy cultivating, except for the daily breathing of spiritual energy to further promote the magical power, there was nothing new to them.

It was worth mentioning that there was few visits from Junior Brothers and Sister such as Wen Bao, which was needless to say. Yue Xinyao also came once. She didn’t say too many words except that Wang Lu had helped her open her eyes at the Great Ming Country.

At that time when she was in the Great Ming Country, she followed Wisdom Sect’s Vice Sect Leader and several Elders for a few days, signed a lot of documents, and transcribed a lot of articles. She later learned that they were some kind of key materials used by the Wisdom Sect to apply to join the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals; as the disciple of one of the Five Unique, her signature as the third party in the application process of the Wisdom Sect carried a considerable weight. Therefore, it was reasonable to say that she helped the Wisdom Sect. However, she instead thanked Wang Lu for letting her participate in such an eye-popping feast of miracles.

“Even if there wasn’t me, Senior Brother could always find someone else… However, I must thank Senior Brother for letting me leave behind my signatures there.”

Being so well behaved like that, Wang Lu couldn’t help but wonder whether this child was hinting him to take her as a mistress? However, after saying those few words, Yue Xinyao said her goodbye and left, and never visited him again.

In addition, there was also a noteworthy visitor, and that was Wang Zhong. One year ago, he went north along with Zhu Qin before separating a half year later. After having a lot of experience, this year’s experiential learning had calmed his temperament a lot. When he met with Wang Lu again, it seemed like there were countless of words that he wanted to say, but in the end, only the single word sorry came out of his mouth when he delivered a precious Blood Flower Vine.

Wang Lu accepted that Blood Flower Vine. However, he was inwardly curious. This Blood Flower Vine’s grade wasn’t too high, just a level one spirit grass. Yet, even though it’s grade wasn’t too high, it didn’t mean that it wasn’t of high value. The Blood Flower Vine itself didn’t contain too much of spiritual energy, however, it was a necessary best quality material needed to refine spirit pill or spirit object; its real value was comparable to immortal grass. However, the environment best for its growth was too strange; it couldn’t even grow at the Clear Sky Peak, thus, Wang Lu didn’t know where did Wang Zhong find this thing.

Wang Zhong’s visit probably meant a lot to Wang Zhong himself, however, after receiving that Blood Flower Vine, Wang Lu quickly threw this matter to the back of his mind. After all, in those years, Wang Zhong was merely his errand boy, not his catamite; their relationship wasn’t too deep to begin with. Wang Lu never took Wang Zhong’s betrayal to heart, thus, even if the other party came to his senses, it has little effect to him.

In addition to Yue Xinyao and Wang Zhong, the last one worth mentioning was Aya, the Western Gourmet from the Misty Peak.

Aya has lived quite a few years already in the Nine Regions, so she had already met a number of acquaintances and friends, yet meeting them or not was of no different to her. However, over the past year, with Wang Lu away from the mountain, Aya somehow couldn’t adapt to it—the unsellable meal at the Misty Peak cafeteria obviously became even more unsellable! This made her realized how important Wang Lu was to the management of her cafeteria. Therefore, seeing that this old customer of immense importance had come back to the mountain, she deliberately brought a pot of her new dish to pay him a visit. As a result, she was nearly chased away on the spot by Wang Lu.

Besides handling these trivial matters, he spent the rest of the week in leisure. At the end of that week, Wang Wu returned from the Stellar Peak, bringing with her a new chapter of cultivation life for Wang Lu.

Non-Phase Peak’s teaching style has always been unique. Seeing her disciple, the Master sized up her disciple and then sighed. “Tell me, what do you want to learn?”

Wang Lu thought for a moment. “Brilliant Sword Heart.”

Wang Wu was immediately upset. “What kind of ghost thing is that Brilliant Sword Heart? Why do you even want to learn it?”

Wang Lu said with a smile, “I heard Junior Sister Liu Li from the Brilliant Peak is swaggering arrogantly and acting cool relying on this Brilliant Sword Heart, so I want it too.”

A week ago at the mountain, he heard the similar conversation like in the Ru Family Inn, and he began to understand the legend of the Successor Disciple Liu Li, but also have a clearer understanding of the Brilliant Sword Heart. The principle of the so-called Brilliant Sword Heart was the use of unique cultivation for the Primordial Spirit to spur the entire cultivation system, which in turn, caused the cultivator’s Primordial Spirit, magical power, body, and even so far as their magical treasure to reach the brilliant condition.

What exactly did this brilliant meant? It was actually a mystery within a mystery, an indescribable concept, but objectively speaking, it was an acutely sharp, unstoppable sword qi. As soon as the flying sword went out, it was able to pierce right through the other side’s vital point so that the front and the rear were brilliant; this was the meaning of brilliant in the Brilliant Sword Heart.

At the Blood Cloud Gorge, Liu Li slew the twelve demons. At the time she barely reached the Foundation Establishment, yet, by fully using her formidable power, the first sword move, it pierced through three of the other side’s strongest Xudan! Afterward, she fully displayed the fifteen moves from her Fiery Swordsmanship, each move pierced through one Blood Cloud Demon to another. After their vital parts had been pierced through, the wounds were lit from the fire. Finally, the Blood Cloud Gorge turned into a surging inferno, and the famous twelve old demons didn’t even have intact skeletons.

In accordance with Wang Lu’s challenge level algorithm, Liu Li’s actual strength was level eight Xudan, thus defeating each of these twelve demons was not an embarrassment at all. After all, not only those twelve demons didn’t have any added value, but because of their mediocre cultivation method, their actual strength was actually one or two level lower. Yet, to defeat all of them at once without even taking any damage was truly shocking.

The key to this feat lied in the fierceness of Liu Li’s Brilliant Sword Heart. The sword’s sharpness could be rated as invincible that it could destroy everything in its path—once she gained the upper hand by catching them off guard, they quickly crumbled. And by her successive kills, she eventually attained this amazing record of twelve kills in a row. What’s more, Liu Li was just in the first layer of Brilliant Sword Heart.

When he heard this feat at the time, Wang Lu thought that his Non-Phase Sword Art was superb in defense; if coupled with this Brilliant Sword Heart with superb offensive, then it would be a swaggeringly arrogant, cool, double cultivation, which completely matched his main character template. That was why he chose this Brilliant Sword Heart when asked by Wang Wu.

As a result, his Master silently stared at him for a long time before uttering a sentence that completely dispelled all his desire to covet this Brilliant Sword Heart.

“If you practice that thing, it will decrease your IQ.”

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