Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 132: I Want To Practice Non-Phase Sword Qi

Chapter 132: I Want To Practice Non-Phase Sword Qi

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“Practicing Brilliant Sword Heart will reduce IQ?”

Although he mostly felt that Wang Wu wasn’t purely blurting that thing out, this matter was indeed a bit unbelievable.

“Then… What would Senior Sister Liu Li do if she fiercely fights with other people if she has insufficient IQ? Wouldn’t she put her head on a silver platter then?


“Moreover, Fourth Uncle seems to have a good IQ; no runny nose and no drooling either, is his attainment in Brilliant Sword Heart not good enough?”

Towards these questions, Wang Wu’s explanation was that, it wasn’t that practicing Brilliant Sword Heart was really detrimental to the mind, but its special cultivation of Primordial Spirit could affect a person’s way of thinking. Liu Li wasn’t born stupid, in fact, to her, calculating arithmetic with astronomical numbers would be as fast as the blinking of an eye. However, cultivating the Brilliant Sword Heart had caused her thoughts to be completely pure and clean, just like an observing purdah Big Miss who didn’t know the affairs of life. Moreover, she would forever be trapped in that state. This past year, all of the Spirit Sword Sect’s disciples have matured a lot, only Liu Li was still happily laughing and joking, just like a child in a mature body.

In fact, it was probably mostly because this was Liu Li’s own nature, and in cultivating the Brilliant Sword Heart, it could be said that she was without parallel in history, far more than her Master Zhou Ming. Although Fourth Elder also cultivated the Brilliant Sword Heart, that bitter experience in his early years had made his mind forever unable to become completely clear and pure. This undoubtedly barred him from ever achieving the highest state of Brilliant Sword Heart, but at least, considering that his brain was still fully functioning, this could also be called as a blessing in disguise.

“As for you, in any second, you always have hundreds of thoughts going on in your mind, so you’re not a good material to cultivate this Brilliant Sword Heart. However, if you insist, I can still teach you. Maybe in time, you can have both amazing offense and defense, but it might also be possible that you would end up with mental illness, so, what is your decision?”

Wang Lu thought for a moment. Inwardly, he certainly had a yearning for a certain kind of mental state; if he could turn into a kind of arrogant, powerful and cool tyrant, that would be nice; however, if he ended up like Liu Li who turned her experiential learning report into a food diary… it wasn’t worth it.

Since ancient times, there was this old saying: Only a miser that could be rich.

And Wang Lu was undoubtedly an extremely parsimonious person—in IQ-related issues. Although this guy’s brain was already extraordinary in many people’s eyes, thus wasting it a little wouldn’t make much of a different, but Wang Lu actually refused to make a concession even for a step.

“Very well then, since you don’t want Brilliant Sword Heart, what do you want to learn?”

Wang Lu already knew the answer to that. “The improved version of Brilliant Sword Heart, the one that doesn’t reduce the IQ.”

Wang Wu deeply cast a glance at her disciple. “My disciple, since you’re so clever, it would be better if you graduate now.”

“Graduate while still learning?”


After finishing this chat, the Master and disciple quickly arrived at the crux of the matter.

“Do you have any thoughts about cultivation from your last year’s experiential learning?

Wang Lu thought for a moment. “Non-Phase Method is indeed amazing.”

Over the past year while he managed the Wisdom Sect, in its most critical early stage, the Non-Phase Method always played a pivotal role. Especially on the few battles in incorporating the Seven Stars Sect, Wang Lu’s Non-Phase Method was used to the extreme and created miraculous victories.

“But it’s too inconvenient.”

Hearing the complaint from Wang Lu, his Master instead smiled. “Tell me, what part of it that is inconvenient?”

“Let alone being passively beaten, even if only from the defense point of view, being left out in a fight as a commanding officer is really humiliating.”

This was Wang Lu’s conclusion after several hundreds of fight, big and small, as the number one member of the Wisdom Sect.

Non-Phase Method has an unquestionable defense, therefore, generally in a battlefield, even if he was the target of everyone, he had no worry about his safety. However, later on, his enemies learned from their mistakes and would often leave Wang Lu out and instead attack his subordinates. No matter how formidable Wang Lu’s Non-Phase Method was, he couldn’t save other people’s lives. Thus, in the war of expansion, he lost many brave and able men.

“Ohoho, so you’re feeling quite amorous, aren’t you?”

Wang Lu nearly sprayed out blood. “You this woman really has deep cleavage but a shallow brain that its content spilled on the road! Where did you see me being amorous?”

His Master was taken aback. “You’re already fifteen years old, and it’s quite normal for teenagers in your age to feel amorous. Could it be that in the previous year, you’ve taken drugs with heavy metal content and thus you lost your ability to perform?”

Wang Lu pounded the table. “Why don’t you try it if I’m able to perform or not!”

“Hoho, you won’t even spare your Master, yet still won’t admit that you’re feeling amorous.”

“.. .Fine, I’m feeling amorous, what are you going to do about that?”

However, he actually saw his Master’s face turned somewhat serious. “Then that’s good, it shows that you still have emotions and desires, still have concerns for other people, and not stubbornly cultivating to become like a piece of rotten waste wood. Nowadays, there’re always some silly individuals who think that the long road of cultivation must be passed alone, and they cultivated until they’re devoid of humanity, yet pride themselves as Grand Daoists unruffled by sentiments; they really are insufferable bastards. Compared to them, I think your theory of millions of ascenders is more interesting.”

Wang Lu said with a smile, “Master, are you interested in joining?”

His Master ignored his remark but continued to explain, “Non-Phase Method is the world’s number one method of saving lives. Not only to ensure one’s own life, it could also guarantee other people’s lives. This is, of course, natural, otherwise, if you pretend to be a turtle to take a beating, your wife and daughter would be taken away instead; when you face humiliation like that, what is the meaning of your life then?”

Wang Lu laughed. “Living with green hat on top of your head is worse than death… Then what is Master going to teach?”

Wang Wu pointed at the teacup on the table beside them. “Smash it.”

Like lightning, Wang Lu swung his Sword of Mount Kun on that teacup. However, the moment before the sword touched the teacup, it was actually stopped by an invisible force. That invisible force was so earth shaking that Wang Lu’s right arm emitted a horrifying crack sound; his arm bones were unexpectedly broken!

While his Master, from the beginning to the end, didn’t move an inch from her seat, which was at least three to four meters away from the teacup.

“What is this?”

Wang Lu took his Sword of Mount Kun with his left hand and curiously looked at that teacup while ignoring his broken right arm.

“Innate Non-Phase Sword Qi… Yeah, I know this is not a cool name, but if you want to name it, you might as well improve it. As you can see, there’s nothing particularly mysterious about this. Essentially. it’s just the Non-Phase Sword Qi extended outward, which extend the defense outside the body. It’s somewhat similar to the Non-Phase Three Feet Sword Defense, but it has a farther range.”

Wang Lu frowned for a moment and then asked, “Master, can you cover this entire room?”

His Master nodded and motioned Wang Lu that he was free to try it. Instead of using his Sword of Mount Kun, Wang Lu took the Thunderbolt talisman and scattered it which then detonated in the middle of the room, blasting out flame and shock wave that could not be released by Non-Phase Sword Qi. A moment later, it extinguished. From the beginning, his Master was still crossing her legs on her seat, neither making a seal nor taking out her usual emerald green bamboo sword. However, in her sitting position, she could expand her sword Qi to cover the entire room, forming a seemingly omnipotent force field.

“This is really interesting. Okay, I want to learn it!”

Wang Lu was very satisfied with this result, but then he saw his Master changed her legs and lightly said, “You want to learn? Unfortunately, you can’t.”


“Your foundation is too poor, although you could at least send out your sword qi, but based on your level six Qi Cultivating Stage, it’s far from sufficient, you still can’t cultivate this Non-Phase Sword Qi technique yet. Thus, in this following year, you have to earnestly cultivate. At least, you need to improve your magical power, not much, but you need to reach the fifth level Qi Cultivating Stage first, then we can talk again.”

“Fifth level Qi Cultivating Stage? Deal.”


Spring turned into Autumn. One year later, on Wang Lu’s fourth year on the mountain, he finally reached the level five Qi Cultivating Stage, opening the door to the next stage of his cultivation training.

Level five Qi Cultivating Stage was in the middle of the total of nine levels. In itself, it did not amount to anything, no special significance. It was just that this Spirit Sword Sect which specifically required its disciples to have a solid foundation; many other sects would choose speed over quality and let their disciples quickly pass these nine levels to concentrate on reaching the Foundation Establishment as fast as possible.

However, Wang Lu, who cultivated the Non-Phase Method, knew that reaching the fifth level Qi Cultivating Stage meant that he had succeeded in finishing the framework of Non-Phase Method, and thus, could be fully rolled out.

Non-Phase Method was different than the other methods… This was the obvious feeling that he got when he descended the mountain for a year of experiential learning. Because in that year, he had encountered too many methods, saw too many Qi Cultivating Stage cultivators, and through their situation, Wang Lu observed the differences and concluded as such. The Non-Phase Method that his Master imparted him was very special. The first five levels of the Qi Cultivating Stage were laying out the foundation, and the purpose of that was very clear. If building a house was used to describe it, then, for the common cultivators, the nine levels of Qi Cultivating Stage was nothing more than to dig the foundation, prepare the wood, finally build the house, and eventually turn it into a huge mansion, which was the cultivator’s Jade Mansion, the key for the future Foundation Establishment. As for the cultivators’ spell, Heart Sutra, and the others, it was like building small rooms within the mansion. The mansion was the Core Method of the cultivators. Within this framework, cultivators have a certain autonomy. They could build a certain room larger or smaller, and they could also shift the location of the partition wall and decorate the interior differently.

However, Non-Phase Method absolutely didn’t have that much degree of freedom. From the outset, the mansion’s internal structure was already fixed… Thus, his Master’s previous claim of being able to train Wang Lu with the Brilliant Sword Heart was pure b*llshit. Non-Phase Method’s framework was simply incompatible with the other Methods; it was like a closed prison. Unfortunately, at present, Wang Lu’s Immortal attainments was still far from sufficient from being able to escape from that prison.

Meanwhile, after reaching the fifth level Qi Cultivating Stage, through Internal Inspection method, Wang Lu was able to see the basic framework of the Non-Phase Method.

Non-Phase Sword Bones, Non-Phase Immortal Heart, and Non-Phase Sword Art, these several contents of Non-Phase Method occupied the largest space. In addition, the framework also left a few large gaps, but the contents were still unknown. As for the Non-Phase Sword Qi, it only occupied a very small space.

That being the case, Wang Lu surmised that he probably only needed one or two months to successfully practice this Non-Phase Sword Qi. However, when he was still pondering about it, he received a summon from his Master to come to the pink house.

Wang Lu felt extremely flattered. But then he thought he just succeeded in reaching the fifth level Qi Cultivating Stage, and it wasn’t an earth-shaking achievement, nor it was a world record either, so why would his Master want to entertain him by seeing a lap dance at the pink house?

When he arrived at the front of the pink house at the Spirit Pool Peak, he saw his Master mysteriously smiling at him at the doorway.

“Come over here, little Lu.”

Little Lu!? Wang Lu suddenly felt cold all over his body, and he immediately retreated two steps. He then drew out his Sword of Mount Kun. “Who are you, evildoer, who impersonated Fifth Elder?”

Instead of retreating, his Master took a step forward, and her smile became even more brilliant.

“Silly kid, I know you want to run away.”

The next moment, he felt something happened to him as if he had fallen into a long tunnel, and at the entrance of that tunnel was the smiling face of that b*tch.

“I wish you a pleasant and savage journey~”

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