Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 134: The Most Delicious in the World

Chapter 134: The Most Delicious in the World

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

After surviving more than three hundred days in the Savage Land, Wang Lu’s life has gradually become easier. He even planned to go further west after this round of black tide was over where the black tide was even more intense; he wanted to test his limit and push it as far as he could.

The thing that affected him the most was the harsh living condition in this place, which left him with no food and clothing. In this desolate-from-living-beings Western Mountain, except for stones and rocks, occasionally, he would find some strange flowers and trees. However, considering that these things had been soaked for years and years with the black tide, Wang Lu thought that it wasn’t worth it to use them to test his poison resistance. Therefore, for nearly a year, he basically lived in a state of perpetual fasting; from time to time, he would let himself eat on some provisions from his mustard seed bag, which he considered to be a rare feast… It was really because his Master had duped him into the Savage Land that he came unprepared, otherwise, he would’ve brought at least dozens of sets of sumptuous meals and immortal wine.

After experiencing this more than three hundred days of survival mode, Wang Lu thought that he could even eat Aya’s Look Up At The Starry Sky to his heart’s content; his hunger and thirst really had no limit anymore. And at this time, just when he felt hungry the most, a little-mottled mutt rushed before him.

This was clearly godsent. Although according to the custom first black, second yellow, third mottled, and fourth white, the mottled dog only came third, who would care so much about custom at this time?

After Wang Lu pulled out the tableware, he gushingly called out, which scared this little mutt. It sized up the pot and the bowl in Wang Lu’s hand with his pair of round eyes for a long time. It especially saw that shining eyes of Wang Lu. Based on the dread that was born out of its animal instinct, it immediately retreated a few steps.

However, the space inside the cave wasn’t too big. If it continued to retreat, it would immediately reach the mouth of the cave, and it just so happened that the black tide was at its most intense. Despite the black tide had been deadly silent for most of the day, anyone who survived this place knew that it was the most intense just before dawn.

That little mutt had been forced to flee by the powerful dead spirit within the black tide, so now it was in a dilemma whether it should go back to the black tide that clearly wanted its life.

Holding the bowl, Wang Lu’s eyes shone with a strange light which scared the sh*t out of the puppy. Upon seeing that, Wang Lu inwardly cursed, Stupid dog, don’t want to jump into the bowl, aren’t you? After pondering for a moment, he fished out a meat bun from his mustard seed bag and threw it at it.

That meat bun had lain quietly for more than a year in his mustard seed bag; he got it by shoplifting from the Ru Family Inn a long time ago. The lady boss’s authentic craft was very good, but when he came to the Savage Land, there was just a few good food that he brought with him; for almost a year, he was never willing to eat it, but at this time, he actually took it out to give it to the dog.

Yet, that little mutt was unresponsive. Seeing Wang Lu took out that meat bun, the fragrant smell was like a petrify spell which made it motionless. As a result, the meat bun directly hit the dog’s face and then fell to the ground near its feet.

The little mutt gawked, and then it shifted its attention back to Wang Lu. The later was still holding the bowl.

The puppy drew back the corner of its mouth as if sneering and then haughtily swallowed the meat bun in a few mouthfuls, without caring whether the steam bun had been poisoned by the other party or not, as if flaunting its own digestive power. This little mutt was famished too, and after eating that meat bun, it made a pleasant groan. Yet, when it opened its eyes, another meat bun lied not far away from it.

The puppy didn’t think too much as it strode forward and finished it in a few bites, its boundless sense of hunger had been satiated a little bit… Raising its head, it saw another meat bun lying in front of it.

All along, Wang Lu had fished out five meat buns from his mustard seed bag to be eaten by the puppy. However, this was not a loss investment because, in time, the puppy had been closer and closer to the pot on top of the bright jade fire—Wang Lu threw the last meat bun on the pot; without any thoughts, that little mutt jumped into it to follow the meat bun.

As soon as it was inside, Wang Lu mercilessly covered the pot with the lid.

"Woof, woof!"

The little mutt immediately struggled to come out. Obviously, this little thing was unwilling to be turned into a fragrant meat inside this pot. However, the Spirit-Sword-Sect-produced little pot was also extraordinary—it wasn’t easy to come out of it.

Wang Lu firmly held down the lid with his one hand while reaching out his feet for the seasoning bottles. At the same time, he blew out his true qi to stimulate the bright jade to burn even more bright.

"Woof, woof!"

The dog’s barf became even fiercer. At the same time, the small pot trembled as if it was about to explode. Wang Lu suddenly felt a needle-like pain on his hand that was holding the lid down.

Unexpectedly, the dog was actually this powerful. Even the fifth rank magical tool that was the little pot couldn’t help but be tossed from side to side… However, Wang Lu was determined to cook it into a fragrant meat; he didn’t want to give it any chance to escape. Therefore, he exerted his magical power to clamp down the puppy’s struggle.

The little mutt was certainly not an ordinary dog. Fiercely struggling inside the pot, it exerted powerful strength. Each impact carried a tear biting force, which like a pin prick that could disintegrate a small part of the structure of the small pot. Meanwhile, right before that, Wang Lu would promptly send out his magical power to block the other party’s attack to protect the pot from being destroyed.

Although he was a Spirit Sword Sect’s top student, he wasn’t omniscient nor omnipotent. Thus, he didn’t have much comprehension on the subject of refining, so he had no way to patch this level five magical tool and could only strive to ensure that it was not damaged.

This was a novel experience for Wang Lu. On the previous experiential learning down the mountain, he had experienced countless of battles, and in surviving in the Savage Land for almost a year, he had also seen the mountains of corpse and seas of blood that set out to kill him. However, each time, he had countered them with his sword, never directly contending with magical power. His biggest capitals were his Non-Phase Sword Art and Non-Phase Sword Bone, while his magical power was his weak point. However, at this time, his strong swordsmanship was of no use because it was impossible to use his sword to grill meat. Thus, he had to use his own magical power to contend with the dog.

For most cultivators, it wasn’t difficult to exert magical power out. However, the Non-Phase-Method Wang Lu was incompetent with this. His golden liquid of magical power that was refined from the surrounding spiritual energy through his sword bone could display a miraculous effect when complemented with his Non-Phase Sword Bone, but when it was rushed out of the body, it would rapidly disperse like routed troops. Using it in the form of true qi to catalyze the fire was still possible, but to release it effectively in the form of strength was nevertheless difficult. Right now, he directly used his magical power on the small pot, which strictly speaking, wasn’t exactly releasing his magical power out, yet, it was still difficult for him to resist the puppy’s offensive. Every time his magical power covered the inner wall of the pot, the other side would easily disperse it, sending the rest of its power back at the pot’s inner wall.

This was because his magical power output wasn’t condensed enough… However, in his current stage of Non-Phase Method, he was still powerless to condense it. This turtling Method was best in self-defense, but when the magical power was sent out of the body, it was free from its constraint and could not be controlled. Unless his Primordial Spirit was powerful enough to produce a form later on in the future, then he could use his Primordial Spirit power to condense his magical power outside his body, however, he didn’t know what year and what month would that be.

Thus, after a while, the puppy’s struggle had become even more intense. When it entered the cave, it was in an extremely difficult situation and exhausted. However, after eating those five meat buns, it was as if it got all its physical strength back, which it used as its capital to toss inside the pot from side to side. However, in this confrontation, Wang Lu also rapidly adapted on the technique to use his magical power, which was to first condense his magical power in his Inner Mansion right before he sent it out. By force of inertia, in a short time, the magical power would still be in the condensed form outside his body, and thus, as long as he correctly predicted the moment and point of attack, he could withstand it.

Of course, how to condense it on the inside, how to muster it out, and how to predict the attack required a complex set of knowledge. Luckily, Wang Lu’s perception was oddly high, and he quickly found a working defense model so that the puppy couldn’t escape no matter how it struggled.

After a while, the bright jade fire gradually subsided. Wang Lu extended his foot and moved a piece over, turning the fire fierce again.

The little mutt inside the pot suddenly became even more difficult to handle. The movement and the resulting intensified fire had caused its struggle to reach a new height. However, Wang Lu also got himself a new trick. He moved the magical power inside his body according to the method of Non-Phase Sword Art before suddenly sending it out. Although the area of defense was only a little, its defensive force doubled. Thus, during this confrontation, it was either because of Wang Lu’s luck or the puppy’s bad luck, the several times it struggled were always successfully blocked.

"Hehe, go on, fight your way out. The more you struggle, the happier I, your uncle, am. I like the little thing under my body wailing and moaning."

Seeing that he would soon be able to turn it into a fragrant meat, Wang Lu couldn’t help toot his own horn.

However, the next moment...

"You sicko, let me out!"

"What the hell!?"

Suddenly, a voice sounded in his ears, which made him jump in fright. This, in turn, caused the condensed magical power that he used to press the lid inadvertently loosen a bit. The puppy was quite alerted and promptly took this opportunity to jump out of the pot. The steaming soup emitted a burst of enticing fragrant.

That little pot was extraordinary. It could automatically self-clean the food put inside and add appropriate seasonings. The blood on the mutt’s fur had already been washed clean, but the soy sauce, aniseed, and other ingredients turned it into a mess.

In Wang Lu’s horrified eyes, the puppy vigorously shook its fur, which splashed the soup water all over the place, raised its head and furiously yelled.

"You sick bastard actually want to eat me?"

Wang Lu was startled beyond belief. "You this dog actually can speak?"

Upon listening to this, the little mutt gawked in disbelief, but momentarily, it forgot its anger; it immediately boasted, "What’s so great about being able to speak? I can even sing."

"Wow, I’ve never heard a dog sing before, why don’t you sing for me, let me hear it."

The little mutt became even more proud of itself. "Woof, woo, woof, waa, woo, woof."

"Not bad, not bad, you can sing indeed. You really are a rare dog."

"Humph, humph." The little mutt raised its head and straightened its chest, very proud of itself, completely forgetting that just a moment ago, it was thrown into the pot to be boiled into a fragrant meat.

"For such a wonderful dog, your meat must certainly have a unique flavor." While speaking, Wang Lu picked up the small pot and approached the little mutt, ready to grab its head.

The puppy was so scared that all its fur stood straight up. "You still want to eat me?"

"Nonsense, I’ve already thrown away my five meat buns, why shouldn’t I take my capital back? You’ve already eaten my five meat buns, how should you repay me?"

The little mutt suddenly froze in shock.

Seeing its reaction, Wang Lu inwardly came up with a plan and said, "Looks like you’re quite a foodie, do you know what is the most delicious thing in the world?

The little mutt decisively answered, "Of course it’s meat."

"What kind of meat?"

"Em…" The little mutt tilted his head and began to recall all kinds of meat that he had ever eaten. In fact, there weren’t that many. After pondering for half a day, he hesitantly said, "Beef?"

"Stupid." Wang Lu dismissively ignored his answer. "Looks like you, this freeloader, has quite limited experience. You don’t know the taste of genuinely tasty meat. Let me tell you, the texture of a genuinely tasty meat would be tender, and its flesh tight and plump. After a meticulous process, its color and luster would be bright, its smell would be fragrant and its taste, extremely delicious. When it entered the mouth, it’s tough but not sticking out, soft but not greasy."

Hearing Wang Lu’s description, the puppy’s saliva had involuntarily flowed out. "Then, then what kind of meat that’s so delicious?"

"Dog meat."


Wang Lu pointed at the puppy. "It’s the meat on your body."


Wang Lu’s devilish smile was abnormally sinister. "What about it? You’ve tried so many kinds of meat, yet you haven’t eaten dog meat?"


"Before eating dog meat, you’ve been living your life in vain. As long as you taste this succulent meat, even a bite of it, you would feel any other meat to be flavorless. Compared to the best food that you’ve previously eaten, dog meat is a million times more delicious. You can’t fully describe its taste with just words, so if you haven’t personally tasted it, you really can’t understand its taste."


"Luckily I have a small pot, a bowl and seasonings with me here, and I also think my cooking skill is fairly decent. So… do you want to taste some really good meat?"

"..." The little mutt froze for a long time. From his countenance, it appeared as if he had an internal struggle, like there was a big battle in his mind.

A moment later, after a fierce struggle, the little mutt gently lifted one of its hind legs and put it into its mouth...

Pfft, Wang Lu couldn’t hold back his laughter anymore.

This puppy’s mind was so funny.

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