Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 136: Innate Non-Phase Sword Qi

Chapter 136: Innate Non-Phase Sword Qi

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Within the black tide, there was neither sound nor light, however, the ten hill-tall giant creatures’ presence was so strong as if there was a hurricane heading at them. Wang Lu, who could perceive in the dark, was able to print the other side’s ferocious looks into his mind.

It was a look with a deep hatred of life. Even among the dead spirits, only an extreme few would have such a strong and vicious hatred. In fact, not all dead spirits were unable to coexist with the living. Right now, basically, it could be said there was tentative peace within the Nine Regions. Among the sects, the line between the evil and righteous was not that clear cut. For several hundred years in the Immortal Cultivation World, some cultivators even wrote many unfulfilled-love-between-ghost-and-people stories; in some places, there was even a new trend of taking a female zombie as a girlfriend—the premise, of course, was that the other party should be beautiful enough.

However, the dead spirits in the black tide were very different than the common zombies and dead spirits in the Nine Regions. The nature of their existence was more distorted and malicious. Although they obviously have a certain wisdom, there was completely no desire to exist in harmony with the living. Every time they arrived, they only came to wipe out the living, no room for mediation.

If it were not so, in this past year, Wang Lu would’ve turned these dead spirits into Wisdom Sect’s followers, working together to achieve the world’s ascension.

"Dumb dog, you f*cking tricked me."

He had been led by the stupid dog to rush towards this ring of ten giant dead spirits. He didn’t know what let this dumb dog look for them, but there was probably something unusual in the center of that ring, which was why it was heavily guarded… Fortunately, none of those giants were in the Savage Corpse King level of dead spirit. With Wang Lu’s current strength, facing three or four of those giants alone would give him no pressure at all. It was just that, if all ten of them came at him at once, it would carry some risk to him. Not to mention around those ten giant dead spirits, zombies, will-o’-the-wisps and other creatures have already gathered like mountain and tide.

However, as a professional adventurer, he knew that he must not be terrified in this situation. Thereupon, Wang Lu pointed his sword forward. "Dumb dog, charge."


Without hesitation, the dumb dog dashed straight towards those ten giant dead spirits. That wonderful dish was so close that it could clearly smell it, which was, of course, in the middle of that ring of ten giant dead spirits. Out of its animal instinct, it obviously knew that it was hazardous to charge into them because it could not possibly contend against any one of those giants. By hunting together with Wang Lu, they could definitely kill some of them, however, facing ten of them at once would still lead to a dead end.

But in the end, it still chose to dash. Moreover, it suddenly charged with astonishing speed, which left Wang Lu behind. At the same time, the ten giant dead spirits silently roared and reached out to grasp it.


Several dazzling flames burst in the darkness. They were difficult-to-see-lights in the dark tide, and though they were faint and seemed swayed under the limitless darkness, ultimately, the flames were strong enough to burn.

These flames seemed to be the dividing lines between Yin and Yang, light and dark, and black from white. With these dividing lines, this piece of deathly silent and hidden land was suddenly reflected in colors. The ten giant dead spirits and their stretched out hideous giant hands became clearly visible and were reflected alternatingly by the light and shadow from the firelights. The roaring sound of the surrounding dead spirits at the moment when the fires burst suddenly flooded the ears. Countless angry curse and innumerable hatred-filled voices were stirred into one continuous screeching wail.

This was the Bright Jade Fire, the only available light source in the black tide. At the same time as the stupid dog charged forward, Wang Lu fished out his collection of bright jades from his mustard seed bag and scattered them around.

The flames dispersed the black tide, as well as those frightened giant dead spirits, who jerked their hands back in a hurry and staggered backward as they hastily retreated. Of course, these Savage dead spirits have an instinctive fear of the Bright Jade Fire. However, when these giant creatures retreated, the object that they firmly guarded was left exposed. Wang Lu’s Bright Jade Fires were very exquisite, they actually isolated out the thing that those giant creatures surrounded.

However, when that dead spirit that was left behind revealed itself, Wang Lu couldn’t help but exclaim "shit!" as he stopped on his track, unable to initiate his lofty assault.

Within his line of sight, surrounded by several Bright Jade Fires, there was a dark humanoid dead spirit with glistening skin. It was covering its head with its hands, hissing out fear from those flames.

That dead spirit was only about one man tall. Its shape was very close to human, and because the whole body was naked, one could clearly see the pack of muscles and the smooth, shiny skin. Although he couldn’t see its head, which it covered with its hands, he clearly saw the large and long thing that hung between its legs...

"I’ll be damned, I knew there must be this kind of abnormality within the dead spirit. You f*cking dead dog, your so-called strong and powerful is actually this kind of strong and powerful!"

As a professional adventurer, Wang Lu already has an outstanding mindset of unflinching-in-the-face-of-collapsing-mountain. After stepping on the path of Immortal Cultivation, with the help of Non-Phase Heart Sutra, his Primordial Spirit became nimble, and his wisdom tough. Although he could still be amazed, in reality, it was extremely difficult to affect his action.

But at this time, this dark-skinned dead spirit really caused Wang Lu to hesitate for a moment, and it even stopped Wang Lu’s charge.

However, that dead dog was unperturbed as it continued its assault. While the opposite party was still shaken by the Bright Jade Fire, it was caught off guard by this charge. The dead dog bit the arm of the opposite party, trying to rip it off to expose the throat covered by the hands.

Since it was a humanoid dead spirit, it would bite its throat or break its skull… Theoretically, the dead spirit and the living had a completely different structure, however, recently during their hunt of the dead spirit, they’ve had actually killed many dead spirits in this humanoid form. Being bitten by the stupid dog, the hissing sound intensity of that dark-skinned dead spirit doubled, clearly showing that it suffered a great deal of pain. In just a few short moment, the bulk of the muscles on that arm was torn and dissolved in half.

Suddenly, the dead spirit arm was loosened, revealing the connection between the head and the body—the throat.

The dumb dog was ecstatic. Its hind legs pushed it forward towards the front of that dead spirit, and its two rows of teeth were opened wide in anticipation to bite the other side’s throat. As long as it could latch its jaws on the dead spirit’s throat, the victory would be assured. It might not be obvious, but this dead dog’s digestive system was truly against-the-heaven strong; once a thing entered its mouth, it would be gone forever… even if it was of far higher rank than it.

This dark-skinned dead spirit was undoubtedly strong; although it was protected by the ten giant dead spirits, its strength was more than those big guys. If they were still under the black tide, even if the dog and Wang Lu joined hands together, their odds to win was barely half… However, this time, the black uncle was preoccupied with its fear of Bright Jade Fire, and thus, too late to resist.

However, when the dog’s jaws were about to latch on their target, it suddenly heard Wang Lu’s command.

"Dumb dog, come here."

The stupid dog froze. It wasn’t thinking about why would Wang Lu told it to withdraw at this time, nor it was thinking to keep the spoil for itself and whatnot… Actually, it didn’t know how to respond to that call.

The stupid dog has a limited IQ. When all its brainpower was used for the fight, the processing of the language would be very slow. On their previous hunts, because they were less strenuous, the stupid dog didn’t put too much effort and thus, had the brainpower to process Wang Lu’s command. However, at this time, before this peerless cuisine, its excessive impulse caused it to temporarily lost its ability to listen to commands.

But behind it, Wang Lu’s heart sank.

Because after his initial consternation, he had recognized the dark-skinned dead spirit; he was very grateful that he was stopped in his track by the enormous appendage of the other side.

Because this was the Savage Corpse General. Furthermore, from its dark skin color, he knew that it was one of the famous Black Poison Corpse General, which was nearly similar in power to the low-level Xudan Xiao Ming. To say that it was particularly powerful, it actually wasn’t. However… it was especially cunning.

This General’s fear of the Bright Jade Fire should be real, however, to fear so much that it covered its head and unable to resist was too much of an act. Tearing half of its arm seemed like the stupid dog had gained the upper hand, however, the hidden danger had almost surfaced.

In addition to its incredibly powerful digestive system, the stupid dog didn’t have any other plus point; it absolutely could not withstand the Black Poison Corpse General’s counter attack. And if this stupid dog died, Wang Lu couldn’t possibly defeat a low-level Xudan Xiao Ming alone, making this time’s hunt fall short...

Fortunately… he still has cards under his sleeve.


A barking sound resounded at this critical moment, which startled the stupid dog and caused it to subconsciously loosen its jaws and rush back.

Despite his success in saving the stupid dog’s life, Wang Lu had a gloomy expression instead, not the proud countenance of a young foreign language expert. That barking sound actually came from his mouth, which he would forever remember as his lifetime shame. When they got back later, he would surely claim that stupid dog’s leg as repayment.

At the same time, the skin of that Black Poison Corpse General melted; it flew down as an extremely poisonous black ooze. Although this highly poisonous liquid could be digested if it entered the stupid dog’s digestive system, if it fell on its body, it would definitely die. This was the Black Poison Corpse General's specially worn skin to trick and kill its enemy.

Feeling extremely thrilled from being nearly killed by that trick, the stupid dog, shaken to its bones, turned to look at Wang Lu and asked, "You can actually speak dog’s language?"

However, just as it turned its head, Wang Lu’s roar came to its ears. "Idiot, look ahead."

Wang Lu didn’t expect this stupid dog to really be this stupid in this situation. In the presence of the Black Poisonous Corpse General, it turned out that it dared to brazenly turn its head. Did it really want to die so quickly?

At the same time, how could that Black Poisonous Corpse General let this opportunity to slip away? From under that melted skin, a pale bone whip fiercely flung.

Too late...

The moment the bone whip appeared, Wang Lu had already calculated the result. The momentarily-distracted stupid dog was doomed to be hit by this bone whip. Its reaction speed and sprint were not a match to the Black Poison Corpse General, moreover, the other side had caught it off guard, leaving it with no chance to escape.

In their last hunt in the dark tide, their success happened because the stupid dog was protected by his Non-Phase Sword Art. However, this time, due to an unfortunate incident, the two were separated, which exposed the great flaw in their cooperation. What a pity, although his thinking speed was very fast, his body could not keep up. His Non-Phase Method wasn’t known for its speed; even if he tried to dash right away, there were still a few meters distance between them.

This was the chink in the armor of his swordsmanship. Often in the battle, a few meter distance was the difference between life and death. However, it was precisely at this instant that his hidden unripe card had its use.

Wang Lu stepped forward and brandished his sword. Under the glittering cold light of the Sword of Mount Kun, the bone whip a few meters away from it stopped in mid-air, unable to move even an inch as if it had met an invisible wall. The stupidly foolish dog still didn’t realize that just now, it was in an extremely dangerous situation as the sharp tip of the bone whip was aiming at it.

A moment later, fine cracks began to bloom on the surface of that bone whip. Because its heavy strike was blocked, the bone whip naturally suffered badly. Screaming in pain, the Black Poison Corpse General retracted its whip. Its fierce eyes locked on Wang Lu, which was met with a sincere smile from him.

Obviously there were several meters distance between Wang Lu and the stupid dog, but his single move could actually block the fierce attack from the dead spirit the level of the Corpse General. This was Wang Lu’s first use of this card, yet he immediately achieved success. This Innate Non-Phase Sword Qi was indeed powerful...

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