Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 14: The Aspiring Youngster Who Endure the Heavy Breasts

Chapter 14: The Aspiring Youngster Who Endure the Heavy Breasts

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The Aspiring Youngster Who Endure the Heavy Breasts

When Hai Yunfan left the rear courtyard distracted, it immediately caused countless speculation from people who noticed it.

His effort of making a breakthrough in the Village Head’s residence was not a secret. Other than him, around twenty or thirty participants had already tried their luck in the Village Head’s residence. Unfortunately, no one had the same luck. However, him succeeding in his first try was not the surprise here, rather, after having a dialogue with Wang Lu, he came out with an obscure expression.

“Could it be that Hai Yunfan had been abused by that mysterious person in the back courtyard?”

Unfortunately for them, Hai Yunfan never worried about any of their thoughts. For him, completing the quest was more important than anything.

He did not choose Wang Lu’s advice nor any of his three original solutions. Instead, he took the most troublesome, but also the most comprehensive solution. And that was to directly talk to the Village Head, Madame He Lu and Aunty Liu separately. He used his amazing persuasion skill supplemented by various means to achieve his goal.

Under his persuasion, the Village Head gave up on his old desire for Aunty Liu and reflected on Madame He Lu’s years of silent devotion to him. Upon realizing this, his tears cannot stop flowing for a long time.

Madame He Lu forgave the Village Head’s past mistake, and after doing some reflection on her own impetuous behavior, she had even completely abandoned her enmity with Aunty Liu.

As for Aunty Liu, she went back to manage her dessert shop and wholeheartedly gave her devotion on her grandson Wen Bao. She too has put the past grudges behind her.

Hai Yunfan successfully completed all these amazing feats. In three days, three people’s decades of enmity evaporated into the air. In three days, the three people were manipulated like marionettes in the twelve years old’s hands.

The other participants who watched this cannot help but sigh in amazement. At least, in this quest, Hai Yunfan’s performance cannot be topped by anyone, unless they used magical treasures or cheating.

With this amazing performance came great reward. For solving the Village Head’s personal problem, the Village Head’s favorability of Hai Yunfan increased dramatically. Now he was the main guest in the Village Head’s residence. His treatment was even somewhat better than Wang Lu, almost to the point of becoming the Village Head’s adoptive grandson. For someone whose A level quest did not fall on one’s lap like Wen Bao, this feat was not an easy thing to do. Not to mention that both Aunty Liu and Madame He Lu also have favorable impressions of him.

Unfortunately, completing this important storyline did not mean that he had reached the finish line in the Peach Blossom Village; Hai Yunfan was still yet to find the way out of the village. Indeed, the difficult problem of the Village Head had been solved, and he even had an extremely high favorability from the Village Head. But then what? No one knew.

Some people found that it was difficult to increase the favorability from the Village Head, so some of them chose to do simple quests instead. Many of them even gained extremely high favorability from said villagers. For example, a certain youth who was fond of older girls has gotten quite close to a certain village girl. If not for the fact that this girl weighed almost 200 kg and was covered with body hair, then they would have certainly been a potential perfect couple.

Even so, because his next step had not yet appeared, two days later, that lad who endured the heavy breast could not endure it anymore. He appeared on the Village Head’s rear courtyard with a miserable look and knocked on Wang Lu’s door.

“Your honor, Wang Lu, please help me!”


Although Wang Lu barely left his room since he came to the village, his reputation spread far and wide along with Hai Yunfan and Wen Bao. Even though the two have yet to find a way out of the village, their progress was amazingly fast; clearly, there was an expert directing them behind their backs. These days, even the errand boy had begun to take action.

So when people were forced into the corner, Wang Lu became their lifesaver.

“Oh, so you’ve been living worse than a dog these past two days and has yet to find the next clue, and now you’ve lost all your hope? Then I suggest you end your life as soon as possible.”


“Do you think this Immortal Path is that simple? Indeed, the Peach Blossom Village largely ruled out acts of violence to protect all the participants. But this increased security and safety was compensated by the increase in difficulty; the Spirit Sword Sect make it so that it’s hard to pass this trial. Do you think you can pass the trial just by being a gigolo for two days? You think so little of this village.”

“Then, what should I do?”

“If two days is not enough, then try ten years. I think ten years of being a gigolo should qualify you to become an immortal.”


“What are you ‘ah-ing’ about? This is a very fair and reasonable term. Ten years of being a gigolo in the Immortal Path is a condition that most gigolos can only dream of.”

“I, I am from the Royal family in the You Region, how can you compare me with common gigolos!?”

“Tch, I don’t like your attitude. As they say, one should love one’s own profession. Since your current profession is a gigolo, why would you look down on your own colleagues? How can you expect people to treat you like a prince here? Moreover, if you want to finish this trial faster, you have to learn from Hai Yunfan who took a challenging quest. Then, you can probably finish the trial in a few months.”

The youth who liked older girls left Wang Lu’s room with a dejected look. Ten years was truly too long. However, he had still brought out something relevant.

A few months! According to Wang Lu, Hai Yunfan needed a few months before he would be able to leave this village; this meant other people would take years… This Peach Blossom Village trial was ridiculously too long. But on the other hand, for Spirit Sword Sect, as one of the five great sects in the Union of the Ten Thousand Immortals, to design such a trial was actually quite reasonable. In the past Immortal Gatherings, the Ten Thousand Arts Sect once made a trial in which hundreds of participants were required to survive at the swamp for two years. And Kunlun Mountain Sect carefully selected their disciples for thirty whole years, breaking the record of the length of the Immortal Gathering.

After knowing the astonishing length of this Peach Blossom Village trial, most of the participants couldn’t help but slow down their actions. After all, there was still a lot of time, so what’s the rush?

However, the action of Hai Yunfan, who still continued to visit the three main characters on his quest, constantly increasing their favorability of him, was particularly striking. There were some things that he did not need advice from Wang Lu; Hai Yunfan understood that the so-called favorability simply had no limit. Currently, in the Village Head and the other two’s mind, Hai Yunfan was nothing more than just their benefactor… He couldn’t even compare to Wen Bao in Aunty Liu’s eyes. Therefore, before he could reach the next step, Hai Yunfan would just keep doing it; success would come sooner or later.

This sort of all out effort obviously consumed a tremendous amount of mental and physical strength, especially for a twelve years old. However, Hai Yunfan gladly endured it. He persevered.


“Tsk, tsk, tsk, second rate talent, first class EQ, and superior willpower. Little Hai, you’re the man.”

“Brother Wang, you flatter me.”

“But because of this, we probably will soon be saying goodbye.”

Hai Yunfan’s eyes lit up, “Do you mean… Didn’t you say I need a few months before I could pass the trial?”

“That is if you want a perfect completion, but I take it you’re not going to go after that, right?”

“... So that’s why recently, I have the feeling that the Village Head wants to talk to me about something, but it doesn’t seem to be the right time yet… That should be the key to the next step.”


Hai Yunfan’s next step came very quickly. Fifteen days since he entered the Peach Blossom Village, the Village Head, who was greatly moved by him, finally said to him.

“Child, there are some things I need to tell you…”

Although Hai Yunfan was a calm and reserved person, he could not help but smile, “I have been waiting for you to say this sentence for a long time.”

Three days after that, Hai Yunfan finally left the Peach Blossom Village. He only spent a total of eighteen days to became the first person who passed this trial, which was far beyond other people’s expectations.

The reason was very simple; before leaving, Hai Yunfan had left behind all his knowledge about his quest with Wang Lu - this was also the agreement that they agreed beforehand.

Just as Wang Lu had expected, if one wanted to perfectly complete the trial, they needed at least a few months to achieve that. But if perfection was not what one was seeking, and one simply wanted to pass the minimum standard, then the time could be significantly reduced.

Of course, such a decision would be accompanied by some downside. This was also what Hai Yunfan and Wang Lu had deduced together.

In simpler terms, the level of completion in the Peach Blossom Village quest would determine the starting point on the next trial, just like the result at the Cloud Wave Map directly determined the villagers’ level of hospitality in the Peach Blossom Village. Hai Yunfan had barely passed the trial of the Peach Blossom Village, so he probably would not have many advantages at the start of the next trial, and in the long term, the advantage would all be used up. According to Wang Lu’s speculation, Hai Yunfan had only completed thirty percent of the quest. If he was not in a hurry, and instead tried to achieve the perfect completion, he would have gained a great advantage at the Netherworld Path, even so much so that he would have easily passed that trial. Hai Yunfan’s impatience had ruined it all.

However, for most of the participants, this downside would undoubtedly be a great blessing to them.

As one of the top sects, the later part of the Spirit Sword Sect’s Immortal Gathering, such as Frozen Wind Valley, Red Ridge Mountain, etc., was outrageously difficult. According to legends, no one was able to pass these trials in the last three hundred years. In the previous Immortal Gathering, only a few people managed to enter the Carefree Peak. As for how the Spirit Sword Sect recruited the Inner Court’s disciples, they used the same method as the other great sects: sending their elders to wander around looking for good seedlings. Like the other sects, it usually took them ten years to one hundred years.

While in this Immortal Gathering, although most of the trials remained the same, but they have added this Peach Blossom Village as one of the trials. Thus, it appeared that the Spirit Sword Sect had reduced the difficulty of this Immortal Path.

Hai Yunfan’s early departure had become a great incentive for others. They did not worry that Hai Yunfan had finished early, because this Immortal Path was not a race. As long as they reached the finish line, they would still be accepted in the Inner Court.

Unfortunately, very few people could replicate Hai Yunfan’s success. A week after Hai Yunfan left the village, not only did everyone else failed to follow in Hai Yunfan’s footsteps, there were two people whose quests went astray because of undue haste; their hard earned favorability went to zero overnight.

Such as...

“Little Fang, Little Fang, please listen to me, I really love you! I don’t hold anything against your thick waist and body hair; you have to believe me. There’s nothing happening between Little Lan and me; I don’t care about any white and creamy skin, Little Fang, please forgive me!”

“Get lost, you unfaithful rat!”

[1] Title: pun from the Chinese idiom “To endure humiliation as part of an important mission.”

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