Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 140: Dumb Dog’s Struggle

Chapter 140: Dumb Dog’s Struggle

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Frankly speaking, Wang Wu was completely unaware of what exactly this so-called terrifying monstrous wolf really was.

However, that didn’t stop her from revealing a very surprised expression because she at least knew that the Western Continent girl before her wasn’t some kind of country girl who hadn’t seen the world. On the contrary, she must have seen quite a few big scenes in her life. Perhaps even more so than the vast majority of the so-called powerful people in the Nine Regions. Therefore, for her to be amazed at something terrifying, legendary and so on, that could only mean that that dumb dog’s true power must be over the sky.

"Sister, can you tell me more about that Fenrir?"

Aya nodded. "Okay. In the northern part of the Western Continent, there are many legends about Fenrir. I can tell you several of them… Unfortunately, I haven’t personally seen it myself. Even more so during the war, I only came across Fenrir’s skeleton that has been refined into a magical tool. That’s why I can distinguish its peculiar smell."

"Hey, since it’s the legendary terrifying monstrous wolf, can you still tell the difference since you haven’t seen it yourself?"

Aya didn’t try to explain and just revealed an indifferent smile. Yet, her petite body exuded a powerful and imposing momentum that was more powerful than any explanation words.

"Forget it, I’ll just take your word for it… Then, according to your experience, how much value is this demon wolf Fenrir?"

Aya revealed a puzzled look. "Value? What value?"

Wang Wu explained, "Its value in spirit stones. I mean how much spirit stones can you get from selling an adult Fenrir?"

Aya was suddenly taken aback. After gawking for a long time, she incredulously asked back rhetorically, "Spirit stones? You want to use spirit stones to measure the value of Fenrir? Are you kidding me? How could a mythical creature that could destroy cities and wipe nations out be bought with spirit stones?"

Wang Wu’s excitement immediately went through the roof. "So, it’s basically a priceless treasure?"

"Although I have never seen a fully grown Fenrir, it might be even comparable than the so-called mythical beasts in the Nine Regions. It’s just that, from what I know, it takes a long time for a young Fenrir to fully mature. However, it has a lot of talents and abilities. Moreover, generally speaking, it doesn’t have a natural predator, therefore…"

Wang Wu excitedly interrupted her, "No need to continue. In short, it’s comparable to the mythical beasts, right?"

While speaking, Wang Wu trotted around the kitchen, with light and quick footsteps as if she was a bird in heat.

"That kid Wang Lu is really worthy to be the Chosen One. Going to the Western Mountain for a trip, he actually picked up a mythical beast. This kind of luck, I’m afraid, is only reserved for the likes of Immortal Qin and Great Ancestor De Sheng... this goddamn gang of possessors of Void Spirit Root." As she said that, her pair of large apricot eyes flashed out the fire of hatred that belong to the "poverty stricken masses towards the Mr. Perfect."

"But no matter what, since even I don’t know about this Fenrir, Wang Lu has even more reason not to know about it. Since that’s the case…"

Aya curiously asked, "Since that’s the case what?"

Wang Wu righteously exclaimed, "I really can’t stand those pearl thrown into a pig kind of things. Aya, you can continue to pick the menu, don’t spend too many thoughts on them, there’s no need for them to be too fancy. I still have some matters that I need to handle back at the Non-Phase Peak."

Aya nodded while inwardly thinking that this Fifth Elder seemed to be planning something nefarious.


Waking up from a lethargic sleep, Wang Lu felt terrible.

Previously under the black tide at the Savage Land, Wang Lu had fought and killed the Black Poison Corpse General. At the time, he never thought that his physical injury would be quite severe. Burning his innate lifespan had shocked his Inner Mansion, moreover, after running around under the black tide for a long time, it inevitably subjected his internal organs to corrosion. Fortunately, his Non-Phase Method gave him an extremely tough flesh and bones, which enabled him to persist.

However, back at the Non-Phase Peak, away from the tension of the situation, the injuries gradually surged. Although they were not fatal, unavoidably in one or two days, he would be miserable.

When he entered the hut, Wang Lu slept for around two or three hours before he woke up. Outside the hut, the sun was about to set. The scarlet light from the setting sun was reflected on his face, making him keenly aware of the smell of dry blood on his mouth, which was caused by his internal injury. Feeling his throat and mouth dry, Wang Lu reluctantly got up, wanting to pour himself a cup of tea. However, when he got up, he saw a cup of warm tea in front of him as well as a gentle and soft voice in his ears.

"Oh, you’re awake. Have a cup of tea?"

Wang Lu frowned, feeling there was something wrong with this. He then looked at the cup of tea and the gently chuckling white-clad woman beside him...

He took the cup, drank it, and then returned the cup to the woman’s hand. And while the other side was unprepared, he directly reached out for the other side’s full chest.

Reaching the target felt really good.

Wang Lu retracted his hand, but when he saw there was no reaction from the other side, he finally took a long breath. "Phew, looks like it’s true. Tell me, what do you want to curry me a favor for?"

The woman in white, still with the same expression, withdrew the cup and then grinningly said, "Stemming from the concern that a Master has for her disciple, I brew a cup of tea for you while at the same wanted to know about your situation."

Wang Lu said, "It was bad, but it’s better now. But I currently don’t need Master to spend your energy to look after me."

"No, no, no, this is a must. You are my Non-Phase Peak’s Successor Disciple, You and I are as close as a mother and her child, I…"

"Wait a minute, stop right there. I never acknowledge you as my mother."

"Ai, then it’s as close as siblings, like brother and sister… If that’s not enough, we can even be as close as husband and wife. Who let me be your Master? As your Master, I must play a good variety or roles when needed."

"... Your head is really incurable."

"In short, you just need to understand that I am very concerned about you right now."


"Then, out of concern, I think for now you ought to concentrate on recuperating. After that, you need to use this opportunity to further advance your cultivation as fast as possible. This is a rare opportunity, if you can…"

"Stop. Master, if there’s something you want to say, just say it. Based on our IQ, we don’t need to play circles like this. I prefer a straightforward talk."

"Oh, very well then." The woman in white obviously felt a bit disappointed since she couldn’t play out her painstakingly prepared script; wasn’t a caring teacher popular nowadays?

"I want your dog."

Wang Lu nodded. "No way."

"..." The woman in white froze for a moment and then smiled. "Maybe I didn’t say it clearly. I want your stupid dog that you picked from the Western Mountain. You named it Quan Zouhua. To be honest, I suspect there’s some kind of infringement on that name, but since you like it, then that’s okay."

After such a long and sincere explanation, Wang Lu earnestly replied with the same sincerity and smile. "No way."

"... Hey, it’s just a dog."

"Hehehe, just a dog? Do you take me for a fool? If it’s just an ordinary dog, would you serve me with a cup of tea and let me touch your chest?" Wang Lu sneered, and then roared, "Huahua, come here."

No reaction...

"Stupid dog, come here."

Thereupon, the stupid dog happily rushed in with mouth opened widely in a grin that could only appear on a mentally retarded.

Two or three hours ago, it and Wang Lu were seriously injured. However, at this time, Wang Lu was still recovering from his injury while the stupid dog looked like nothing ever happened to it; in fact, even its broken teeth had already grown back.

"Tell me, what kind of dog are you?"

The stupid dog tilted its head and looked at its master in bewilderment.

"Your breed, species, race… whatever it is that you understand. What exactly are you?"

The stupid dog froze for a moment, and then foolishly laughed while speaking in human language, "Oh, that’s what you want to ask. I am Fenrir."

At the same time, the woman in white suddenly drew a gasp, however, she quickly hid her reaction while inwardly, she felt as if she wanted to cry but have no tears.

Wang Lu curiously glanced at his Master and then continued to interrogate the dumb mutt. "What is Fenrir?"

The stupid dog gawked. "How do I know?"

"Damn, you really are hopeless." Wang Lu inwardly gave his appraisal of this stupid dog. But then, he hesitated, thinking that, should he give such a stupid dog to his Master to change her personality for the better?

However, at this time, the woman in white could no longer bear the humiliation anymore. She shook her head and left while inwardly consoling herself.

This Fenrir’s brain was obviously handicapped, and it was not a light handicapped either. This kind of early age defective quasi-mythical beast would suffer a very discounted value in price because no one could really be certain if this stupid dog was stupid because it was still in young age or because it was truly retarded.

That being the case, she would just let Wang Lu this fool and it have each other. After all, she was a dignified Jindan Stage cultivator, not a companion of the stupid dog.

A few days later, Wang Lu had completely recovered from his injuries. Moreover, his cultivation had a great progress. He directly crossed over the barrier to the high-level Qi Cultivating Stage, even so much that there was still a burst of ‘advancing by leaps and bounds’ in the high-level Qi Cultivating Stage. In Wang Lu’s own estimation, if he could advance several levels more, perhaps he could even reach the peak Qi Cultivating Stage, where he could prepare to break through to the Foundation Establishment.

Unfortunately, however, there was no such cheap thing. In these several days, the sudden burst of his cultivation speed could only happen because of a one-time payment of his previous year’s accumulation and even coupled with the energy from the use of Heaven Burning Blood Technique. If he wanted to continue to progress by leaps and bounds, he needed to take drugs or perhaps refine essences of a few monsters’ or cultivators and so on.

However, his current cultivation level was just right; his five years of reaching high-level Qi Cultivating was about the same as the other top level disciples. Although there were several Inner Court disciples who reached the high-level Qi Cultivating Stage in these recent years, however, using the nine level division, there was still a lot of difference.

Moreover, Wang Lu’s challenge level (in defense) was extraordinarily high. Right now, on the surface, he was just around level two or three Qi Cultivating Stage. However, if he really went all out, using his Innate Non-Phase Sword Qi… Low-level Xudan Stage Xiao Ming simply couldn’t break his defense.

From the over-rank challenge point of view, this was simply shocking. In general, in the Immortal Cultivation World of the Nine Regions, cultivators who could do this over-rank challenge were all talented geniuses. Qiong Hua of the Shengjing Sect and Spirit Sword Sect’s Liu Li, all of them belonged to the peerless rare talent that could only appear once in years

If Wang Lu’s challenge level were to be known by others, perhaps it would outshine Liu Li’s achievement in slaying the twelve Blood Cloud Demons.

However, as it stood now, only Wang Lu knew about this, and he himself has no intention to spread it just for the sake of vanity. There was another thing that mattered more to him.

Participating in the planning of the competition between the Ten Thousand Arts Sect and Spirit Sword Sect.

The main planner for this activity was the Heavenly Sword Hall Fifth Elder. And, as the Fifth Elder’s Successor Disciple and the only person on the Spirit Sword Mountain who has a similar way of thinking as her, he was duty-bound to be her assistant.

For a professional adventurer, personally getting into the stage and fighting was already outdated. Occupying a higher position and manipulating things like a chess player moving the chess pieces was the highest realm of an adventurer.

Friends from the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, I welcome you.

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