Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 141: You Are The Most Beautiful Cloud In The Sky

Chapter 141: You Are The Most Beautiful Cloud In The Sky

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Under the bright red sunset glow on the Non-Phase Peak at the Spirit Sword Mountain, a conspiracy was brewing inside a hut.

"As the saying goes, know yourself and know your enemy, and you will win every battle. Master, please explain the situation of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect."

In front of the table, grasping the pen with his mouth, Wang Lu seemed to be pondering about something. His Master, who sat on the other side of the table, replied, "Don’t you know it? They’re a bunch of damn geeks who think themselves a cut above the others."

"What about explaining it in details?"

His Master snorted. "No time."

"Are you busy masturbating?"

At this time, sitting in between the two people, a tall Elder shook his head helplessly. "Junior Sister, Wang Lu, stop it you two."

Once this Elder spoke, although Master and disciple, two people were obviously unwilling, nevertheless, they actually no longer said a word.

After all, in the entire Spirit Sword Mountain, those who could ignore the Seventh Elder Ao Guanhai were only a few. Not to mention that, at this time, the Master and disciple, in their own initiative, have sought the Seventh Elder to help them prepare for the activity. Under the two people’s instruction, this superior labor force never mentioned a complaint. Therefore, once he spoke, his words would always carry some weight.

Seeing the two people no longer trade barbs at each other, Ao Guanhai then smiled to Wang Lu. "I actually know some things about Ten Thousand Arts Sect. From its name Ten Thousand Arts Sect alone, one can already discern some of its characteristics. It’s basically the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals Museum of Methods. No matter how rare the method is, you can always find it at the Ten Thousand Arts Sect. However, when you think about it, where do all those methods come from? They are not the same as the Kunlun Immortal Sect since they have way less history and no decent inheritance."

Wang Lu thought for a moment. "Hm, if it wasn’t by inheritance, it most certainly not by robbing. Even the most overbearing one, the Royal Soldier Sect, couldn’t rob their way to be the Immortal Cultivation World Museum of Methods, much less the Ten Thousand Arts Sect. It should also not by buying either, because based on wealth, Shengjing Sect is the wealthiest, and they can’t buy this title of Immortal Cultivation World Museum of Methods—could it be they independently developed all those methods?"

Ao Guanhao said, "You could say that. Although Ten Thousand Arts Sect acquired the majority of their methods from transactions, it was the Ten Thousand Arts Sect independent research and development capabilities that facilitated all those transactions. Previously, it wasn’t that no sect wanted to trade their method, but there was once a sect that has attachment to their own method even if that method was just average. No matter how the people from the Ten Thousand Arts Sect persuaded, they would always be met with a wall of refusal. In anger, the Ten Thousand Arts Sect directly mustered several Yuanying Stage Elders to block the other side from leaving their mountain. Within a day and a night, they managed to ‘reverse engineer’ the other side’s method. At that time, the Sect Leader of that sect was so enraged that he vomited blood on the spot. Since then, every time the Ten Thousand Sect wanted to trade, as long as it wasn’t too unreasonable or it involved something that was too secret, generally, under the promise of confidentiality by the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, other sects would accept the transaction. Moreover, they often managed to get themselves the best deal. As a result, Ten Thousand Arts Sect’s collection became more and more abundant, and eventually, they got the title of The Immortal Cultivation World Museum of Methods. However, ultimately, they owed this title to the terrifying capability of their independent research and development."

This was new information to Wang Lu. At this time, he nodded and said, "The Ten Thousand Arts Sect, this group of conceited fellows, actually has a justification to their arrogance."

Ao Guanhai said, "Of course they have. Ten Thousand Arts Sect has the most perfect, most advance research and development of method mechanism. They have the largest research team as well as the craziest research investment. The most important point that they require of their members is to have a high perception; even if your cultivation is somewhat lacking, as long as it’s passable, you can enter the sect and later be a researcher. So long as you have sufficient research capability, then there would be no difference in their treatment of you compared to that of a talented genius. They firmly believe that only this kind of unremitting research could further advance the progress of the Immortal Cultivation World… However, it is also because of this kind of insistence and belief that they have contempt for the other sects."

"Even for the Five Unique in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals?"

Wang Wu decided to interrupt this time, "They think Shengjing Sect is a nouveau riche, Kunlun Immortal Sect is a relic, and Royal Soldier Sect is a barbarian orangutan. As for Spirit Sword Sect, I think you should understand without me saying it."

"Then what is their reputation in the Immortal Cultivation World?"

Ao Guanhai wryly smiled. "If we only consider their ability to improve the methods in the Immortal Cultivation World, they naturally should be respected. On this point, I also very much admire them. However, their haughty attitude and tactlessness in their interaction with others really brought them a lot of enemies."

At this time came the laughter from the woman in white. "You could just say they’re a bunch of unwelcome, likes to pick a fight, damn otaku nerds. Heh, just read the show plan that I designed on the day of the welcome ceremony."

Wang Lu then reached out for his Master’s plan to review it. While reading it, he repeatedly ‘tsk-tsk’ and then commented, "Hm, since you understand what kind of group are those people from the Ten Thousand Arts Sect is, your plan is actually very on point, but it’s better if you enrich some of the details a bit."

The woman in white carelessly said, "Just change it if you want, I don’t care about it. After the welcome ceremony, there would be a high-level meeting; there’s nothing we can display on this part. But at the banquet later, we can arrange many things."

While proceeding to revise his Master’s plan, Wang Lu casually said, "Banquet? Why don’t we arrange some kind of fun program? Didn’t they come here to compete? It’s essential to start the competition from the banquet you know."

Wang Wu sneered. "Okay, but since the other party has just arrived, we should start with simple program first… It’s also to avoid Senior Brother from calling me a bully."

"Hey, since the old man Sect Leader gave us this job, it’s clear that he wants us to bully the other side. It’s already polite for us not to serve them with sh*t and piss at the banquet."

"Oh, that makes sense. Adding sh*t and piss is actually a good idea."

"Hey, are you serious?"

"Hehe, in any case, if there’s an issue, I’ll just say that it’s you who add it to the plan."


Master and disciple continued to thoughtlessly exchange bullsh*t while improving the various sets of procedures of the activities. All kinds of vicious creative ideas burst forth from the collision of the two people’s extraordinary intelligence. Seventh Elder Ao Guanhai, who observed all these, not only felt cold sweat pour on his back, but he also felt gratified.

Because for many years, Fifth Senior Sister has never been this happy. Although one could not see it on her indifferent face, moreover, she often became furious when quarreling with Wang Lu, but… she was actually very happy. For so many years, no one has ever been able to have such a tacit understanding with her.

Even him who has the best relationship with her in the Heavenly Sword Hall could not really understand many of her ideas. His Senior Brother has mixed feelings for her, but generally, towards her many wonderful ideas, he would just tolerate them but never understand them.

Only this Wang Lu… the two seemed to be carved out from the same mold. If he didn’t understand his Fifth Senior Sister enough, Ao Guanhai would even suspect that this kid might have been his Fifth Senior Sister’s illegitimate child.

Perhaps it was really a gift of fate that the two could be together.


Two months passed by in a flash.

During this period, the Spirit Sword Sect put heavy attention to the coming competition. Thus, they organized training activities; all Inner and Outer Court disciples who cultivated less than ten years participated in it. Four Heavenly Sword Hall Elders, as well as many Jindan Stage senior disciples, accompanied them in their capacity as instructors.

The outcome of this training was very significant.

This was also a matter of course. For this competition, Spirit Sword Sect has spent some real capital. Not only the several Elders had sacrificed two months of precious cultivation time, the Sect has also helped the disciples open up their spirit meridians, creating room for exceptionally rich spiritual energy to enter. Seventh Elder Ao Guanhai even personally collected a large number of elixirs from the Clear Sky Peak and refined panaceas for the disciples.

Spirit Sword Sect has always strived for ‘slow but steady’ approach. However, this didn’t mean that Spirit Sword Sect couldn’t do a ‘rushed job’. After two months of intense training, the cultivation of both Inner and Outer Court disciples rose dramatically. At worst, some only rose a level, but most rose three levels up and directly reached the high-level Qi Cultivating Stage.

Of course, such rapid progress in just a short amount of time would inevitably lead to a shaky foundation. However, this kind of foundation instability only happened to common cultivators. For Spirit Sword Sect’s disciples, who has an excellent basic foundation, the only side effect for this rapid progress was their inability to finely control the magical power. However, in the course of their training, the instructors also intensified their ability to adapt to the sudden surge of magical power… In general, this practical and very effective training pushed the comprehensive cultivation of those with less than ten years of cultivation to soar high. As for whether they were able to contend with those visiting Ten Thousand Arts Sect...

At least the Spirit Sword Sect’s disciples were already very proud of their achievement, and most have an attitude of ‘bring it on.’

"Hahaha, I did it, my divine skill is number one in the world!"

"High-level Qi Cultivating Stage! I’ve already reached high-level Qi Cultivating Stage! A mere Ten Thousand Arts Sect is doomed to be crushed under my feet!"

"Hey, even the worst of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect is low-level Foundation Establishment, where did you, this group of high-level Qi Cultivating Stage, get your confidence in defeating them?"

"You don’t understand, this is a mental bomb."

In any case, the Spirit Sword Sect was ready for the competition.

For the Elders, these two months were not easy either. Not only did they need to modify the cultivation progress of the disciples suddenly, but they also have to take into consideration that this sudden progress would not hinder the disciples' future development… It was a big problem for the Elders, particularly for the Seventh Elder Ao Guanhai. On one hand, he had to help the Master and disciple of the Non-Phase Peak, and on the other, he continued to refine panaceas for the disciples to consume; it was truly hard for him. After two months, even the Elders began to look forward to the arrival of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect

If you don’t come, won’t these two hard months that we had to endure in vain?

Of course, this was even more so for the two Master and disciple of the Non-Phase Peak who busily spent the two months planning for the activities. They concocted up to eighteen kinds of plans and just needed for the main protagonist to come forward.

A few days later, the long awaited members of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect finally arrived.

This morning, a blossoming golden cloud came from the east. With the sun as its backdrop, the Cloud Wave Boat of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect proudly released their own dazzling brilliance.

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