Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 143: I Am a Lolicon out of the Pureness of My Heart!

Chapter 143: I Am a Lolicon out of the Pureness of My Heart!

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The disturbance at the Four Directions Peak has finally calmed down. The Ten Thousand Arts Sect was just caught off guard at the beginning, but soon, the howling sound of the Elder restored the situation.

In the end, it was just a trivial matter, yet they still suffered a hard time.

For quite a while, the people of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect didn’t recover from their embarrassment. Initially, they planned to display the show of strength on their first meeting with their counterpart, but in the end, their side was brought down from their high horse and fell into the mud. The more hateful thing, however, was that they could only swallow this humiliation for the time being because, quite frankly, what was it that the Spirit Sword Sect had done wrong? Was it wrong to find a group of young, simple-hearted and pure soul female cultivators to warmly welcome them? If it were the other sects they would quite possibly loudly shout ‘please make mistakes on my body’. However, in the course of the event just now, when their side used the Illusion Breaking Wind spell, the Calming Light spell, and Bustling Fall spell… did the other party ever cast a malicious spell to prevent them? Absolutely not.

In the end, it was the Ten Thousand Arts Sect itself that was being improper here… If they had known this beforehand, they would’ve used some kind of immortal method to shield their disciples so that they would turn a blind eye toward these girls. It would’ve been more polite, and they wouldn’t have lost their face. Unfortunately, even the leader of the three Elders didn’t think that things would become so bad. They never thought that a mere few women could overwhelm their talented genius disciples.

When he thought about this, Yuan Chaonian inwardly sighed. As the lead Elder, he would undoubtedly bear the responsibility for this mistake… What happened just now was not without a precedent. The Ten Thousand Arts Sect had a predecessor who experienced a similar trauma… It happened around two hundred years ago when he, Yuan Chaonian had just reached Jindan Stage. One of his Martial Uncle, due to the failed courtship of an Immortal Cultivator maiden from the Kunlun Immortal Sect, suffered a heart demon attack, which almost wasted his cultivation. Afterward, the Elders invited a professional crew from the Yinyang School for that Martial Uncle’s ten days of treatment. Ten days later, his Martial Uncle had completely healed from his heart trauma, living a harmonious, loving life with his Junior Brother.

Perhaps when they returned to the mountain, it was time for Zhan Ziye and the rest to have this treatment? Or, should they just popularize this treatment instead?

In any case, through this spectacular welcome ceremony, the Ten Thousand Arts Sect’s condescending attitude had been reduced by a lot. Afterward, the Elders and disciples formed a line and exchanged greetings and pleasantries one after the other with the Spirit Sword Sect’s Elders and the crowds of disciples. It was orderly and uneventful.

From the Four Directions Peak, the Ten Thousand Arts Sect was accompanied by the Second Elder and Ninth Elder to the Pink House on the Spirit Pool Peak for their temporary residence. After a light rest, accompanied by the two Elders, they toured around several places on the Spirit Sword Mountain. The two Elders acted as gracious host to eliminate the early morning embarrassment.

The day quickly passed, and in the evening, it was finally the time for the main event of the first day, which was the welcome banquet.

The venue of this banquet was located at the Misty Peak cafeteria. After the meticulous arrangement from Aya, the decoration of the cafeteria perfectly blended the artistic style of the two different civilizations—Nine Regions and the Western Continent—which was very refreshing. The Spirit Sword Sect disciples that were assigned to accompany the guests continued to praise it again and again. However, the disciples of Ten Thousand Arts Sect assumed a dismissive attitude.

Of course, regardless of what the decoration looked like, they would still not spare a glance.

The Ten Thousand Arts Sect cultivators soon took their respective seat one by one. The three Elders and the Spirit Sword Sect Heavenly Sword Hall Elders sat in the middle of the main table. Zhan Ziye and the other disciples of his generation were accompanied by Wang Lu and Liu Li as the lead, and three other Spirit Sword Sect disciples to sit on another table. In addition, the Ten Thousand Arts Sect workers that came together with the eight cultivators were seated on the other spots, each was accompanied by a young Spirit Sword Sect disciple. This was a really thoughtful courtesy of the Spirit Sword Sect.

When all of them were seated, Feng Yin and Yuan Chaonian each gave a speech on behalf of their respective sects. Naturally, these were just some superficial polite talk. The two Sects’ Elders inserted jokes and banter at the right moments. The jokes weren't sophisticated but not crass either, and the laughter that ensued were also warm, which heightened the atmosphere of harmony and depicted the scene of permanent friendship between the two sects.

Actually, from the start, Yuan Chaonian and the other two Elders who sat at the main table, didn’t want to sit there at all. After all, they were of a different identity. The Spirit Sword Elders that sat with them were also of different identity. If there was any contradiction, it could’ve easily evolved into a dispute between two of the Five Uniques of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, and that description would just elevate the Spirit Sword Sect instead, so it wasn’t worth it.

The protagonist of this banquet undoubtedly sat at another table, which was the table of Zhan Ziye and the others.

As expected, the moment the two sects’ disciples took their seats on this table, the atmosphere began to cool down. One side was headed by Zhan Ziye, who wanted to restore their lost of face and raise his sect’s prestige, and the other side was headed by Wang Lu, who had spent two months arranging the deceptive shows on behalf of the Spirit Sword Sect. Unlike the Elders who were seated at the main table, in this place, even the smallest contradiction would turn into a spear that they pointed to each other’s throat. These disciples were young and arrogant; they didn’t understand the severity of their actions and how to be civil like their Elders. When the time comes after they had eaten their meal, they would make the other side drain the cup of humiliation. Therefore… there was no need for scruple anymore.

As a matter of fact, the disciples of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect had long been eager to do so.

After a day of recuperation, Zhan Ziye and the others had recovered from their fright of the early morning skeletons and rediscovered their high IQ intellectual arrogance. In the afternoon when they visited the Spirit Sword Sect’s Scriptures Depository Pavilion as well as Method Development Hall, their feelings of pride that were etched deep on their bones have already bubbled up to the surface. Compared to their inconceivably rich collection of methods and their unrivaled Nine Regions’ research and development of method department, Spirit Sword Sect’s Scriptures Depository Pavilion and Method Development Hall were indeed pitifully crude. As for their academic capability, admittedly, Spirit Sword Sect did have a comprehensive education system, much better than the barbarian mountain gorilla that was the Royal Soldier Sect, yet it was still far from the Ten Thousand Arts Sect’s prestige.

Their morning predicament was just a temporary loss; as long as the Ten Thousand Arts Sect fully revealed their brilliance, a mere Spirit Sword Sect was bound to kneel and lick their feet.

As for how would they reveal their brilliance on this banquet table… it was actually simple. As per the custom of the Nine Regions, they would accompany the meal with drinking and chatting. As long as they show off a little bit of their vast knowledge, this group of uncouth barbarians would stare in awe at them and feel inferior… That was the gist of it. Moreover, in addition to chatting and drinking, they were bound to do the equivalent of poem exchange of their mortal world counterpart, which was the method exchange that only happened exclusively on the dining table custom of Immortal Cultivators. As their name implied, Spirit Sword Sect most probably adept at sword art, fighting, killing, and other various barbarous methods. On the level of spell casting, however, they could never be compared with the Ten Thousand Arts Sect that studied extensively on such matter. Moreover, the worst of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect five disciples were low-level Foundation Establishment, yet on their counterpart in the Spirit Sword Sect, only one of them was Foundation Establishment. Merely on the difference in the magical power alone was enough to turn the method exchange round into a one-sided slaughter.

With such confidence, they sat down and waited for the moment of attack. On the other hand, Spirit Sword Sect’s team’s imposing momentum wasn’t inferior to them. In addition to the Successor Disciples Liu Li and Wang Lu, there were also Yue Yun, Huo Ying, and Yue Xinyao, three younger generation’s elites. Even if their cultivation was inferior, their confidence was not.

The two sects’ disciples sat at intervals at the table, seemingly intimate and without boundary. However, the atmosphere rapidly froze until Wang Lu smiled and broke the silence.

"Junior Brother Yue Yun, Junior Sister Huo Yin, let me introduce you to our guests. This is the eldest brother of the younger generation in the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, Zhan Ziye. Next is the Second Senior Sister Ye Feifei, Third Senior Brother Zhao Jiangyuan, Fourth Senior Brother Lu Qiancai, and the last is Hai Yunfan."

Yue Yun and Huo Ying smiled and nodded but didn’t speak. Before they came, they have been briefed by their Master that the protagonist on this banquet would be Wang Lu. They would just need to listen to him and need not improvise.

"Well then, our Senior Brothers and Sister from the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, allow me to introduce you to my people here. You have seen me and Senior Sister Liu Li, but here, there’s also Junior Brother Yue Yun from the Misty Peak, next is Junior Sister Huo Ying, and the last is Yue Xinyao."

As soon as his voice fell, they heard the Ten Thousand Arts Sect’s Third Elder Brother Zhao Jiangyuan sneer. "So many female cultivators here, do you guys only know how to traffic girls?"

Upon hearing this remark, Huo Ying’s and Yue Xinyao’s complexion immediately changed. They were here not because of their female identity, but because among their peers, they have the strongest cultivation… However, Zhao Jiangyuan’s remark actually compared them to low-class women used for entertainment.

Wang Lu also sneered, thinking, "So you guys want to exchange barbs now? Bring it on, the master of hurling insult is here waiting for you. I had planned for this to start at the main course, but since you want to start this early, let me give you an appetizer."

However, before Wang Lu had the chance to speak, the nearby Senior Sister Liu Li suddenly pounded the table and yelled, "Ah, you’re the one who molested that little girl!"


Wang Lu immediately spurted out the liquid from his mouth. This Liu Li… was really outspoken. Those few words from her were loud and clear enough that the whole cafeteria heard it. All kinds of visions immediately shifted, making Zhao Jiangyuan’s complexion completely red.

"When did I molest a little girl?"

Hearing that refutal only made Wang Lu sneer again as he thought, "Idiot, how could you ask that stupid question? You’re just offering your neck to be cut by people!"

Sure enough, Liu Li naively replied, "In the morning, I saw you kiss a little girl with my own eyes. Master said that’s indecent."

"Nonsense, I just, I just…" Zhao Jiangyuan was so anxious to the point that his Primordial Spirit nearly split; the more he said, the more he couldn’t justify his early morning act.

Fortunately, Senior Sister Ye Feifei came to his rescue. "On this matter, different people will have different views. Junior Brother’s love of that little girl is completely pure, without any dirt. Only people with a dirty mind who see the act as indecent."

Liu Li frowned. She completely didn’t understand it.

Thereupon, Wang Lu smiled, ready to enter the stage… However, at this time, another person spoke before him.

"Then, we better have our meal first."

Wang Lu looked at the man, shook his head and smiled. "Little Hai said it right, we need to eat first."

Since they haven’t seen each other for a long time, Wang Lu didn’t want to make Little Hai lose face. In any case, this insult match was just the appetizer, the main course was still waiting in the back.

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