Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 27: To the Pleasant Surprise of Everyone!

Chapter 27: To the Pleasant Surprise of Everyone!

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The Sect Leader Obviously didn’t do it on purpose. While others were busy with the Immortal Gathering, he was tied up with something else. Even now, his true body still hasn’t returned to the Spirit Sword Sect. He thought that with his Junior Martial Brothers and Sisters, as well as his avatar, observing, dealing with any situation wouldn’t be a problem. Yet, because of that moment of negligence, it almost led to a disaster!

If he indeed recruited the wrong person and passed on Wang Lu, it would truly be a regrettable decision.

Although the results were always fuzzy every time he performed the Stars Diffraction Technique and the importance of the so-called the Chosen One also fell with it after twelve years. But without a doubt, the passing of the Halley Comet would usher in a golden age in the Immortal Cultivation World. During these twelve years, rare talents continued to emerge one after the other. Even Spirit Sword Sect alone had found and accepted two or three of them, but this Wang Lu...

“Junior Martial Sister, how certain are you of this thing?”

“Damn, do you have the same short memory as a goldfish? You already asked this question many times before, didn’t you remember the answer? Of course, I am one hundred percent certain! I am always one hundred percent certain!”

The Sect Leader sighed. He knew that it was impossible for his Junior Martial to have a hundred percent certainty. She was never that reliable in the first place. But then again, Wang Lu’s qualification was indeed surprisingly unprecedented, and to consider him as the Chosen One was not that outlandish… He has the legendary Void Spirit Root - which solely from the collection value, was already difficult to measure. Furthermore, the results of the Stars Diffraction Technique...

“Very well, we’ll take him in… In any case, he also got that Firmament Cloud Ancient Coin.”

After this discussion, they returned to the Mystical Cloud Hall, where the other Elders have been impatiently waiting.

As soon as they appeared, Liu Xian asked, “Senior Martial Brother, what should we do now?”

“Let us listen to what he wants to say first.” The Sect Leader was in no hurry to tell the other Elders about his own fault for failing to recognize the right person. “Spirit Sword Sect is the place of rules and customs.”

The other Elders also had, more or less, the same idea. In any case, they didn’t have any problem of accepting Wang Lu as a disciple.

However, nobody was able to guess Wang Lu’s way of thinking.

“What? Will you really let me put forward any request that I want?”

Outside the Mystical Cloud Hall, Wang Lu revealed his much-awaited smile.

“Okay then, I want to be the Sect Leader of the Spirit Sword Sect!”


After a long silence, a trembling voice came from inside the hall, “Calm… calm down a bit will you, how about you make a more realistic request?”

And then, that familiar female’s voice indignantly said, “You dare to fight over this position with me [1]!”

Wang Lu asked, “Tsk, I suppose asking for an Elder position is also impossible then?”

A voice from inside the hall replied, “Even if we give you a position as one of the Elders, you may not hold it for long. Because in the Spirit Sword Sect, the Elder’s position is not for life. It is entirely possible for you to be dismissed.”

That familiar female’s voice cursed, “Shxt.”

Wang Lu continued to haggle, “Then, I want a top rank Immortal tool.”

“Okay, you just need to wait for someone from the Immortal World to come down and refine it, and then we will give it to you. Our initial estimate is that you need to wait for five thousand years.”

“... You won’t let me have that, and I can’t have this, do you guys have any sincerity at all?”

An angry Elder’s voice came from inside the hall, “Who the hell is not sincere here? All of your requests so far are like asking for the moon! If you make any more unreasonable demands, we will cancel your qualification to make a demand!”

“Fine, I’ll just take the next best thing then… Make me a Successor Disciple.”

All the Elders immediately sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

Successor Disciple!

In truth, this request was several times more reasonable than all the previous requests, but… it was still a bit difficult.

Because the quota for the Successor Disciples in the Spirit Sword Sect was very limited. Its status was entirely different than any run of the mill sects. In the Spirit Sword Sect, a Successor Disciple has a completely literal meaning; a successor to their Master, the Elders of the Heavenly Sword Hall. They would be the successor of their Master’s position and duty within the sect. Moreover, only when the Elders of the Heavenly Sword Hall were ready to pass on their position would they begin to choose their Successor Disciples. Among many of the strict requirements was… each of the Elders could only have a maximum of two Successor Disciples.

If they were too many, their Master would find it difficult to properly take care of them, and the value of a Successor Disciple would be diminished. In fact, in the entire history of the Spirit Sword Sect, most of the Elders only setup one Successor Disciple in their entire life. And now, the Elders of the Heavenly Sword Hall also did not intend to break this rule.

And most of them already have their own Successor Disciple, so the quota was grossly inadequate. It was clear to them that Wang Lu could only be a mascot; nobody wanted to accept him as a Successor Disciple.

Therefore, each of the Elders looked at each other in silence, secretly waiting for the “spirit of sacrifice” of others to appear.

Sitting at the honorable seat, the Daoist Master Feng Yin was “moved” by this display of “unselfish spirit of sacrifice” from his Junior Martial Brothers and Sisters and covered his face with his hand.

“Junior Martial Brother Liu Xian, I remember you said that you want to appoint Wang Lu as your Successor Disciple?”

Liu Xian hurriedly waved his hand to deny that. “Elder Martial Brother, you must have gotten it wrong. You know me, I have always been busy in taking care of the Inner Court Disciples. How could I have the leisure to accept a Successor Disciple… Moreover, for me, my Inner Court Disciples are where I will give all my effort to; they will all inherit my legacy.”

Upon hearing this high-sounding speech, the other Martial Brothers and Sisters had a new revelation of their second brother’s moral integrity.

The Sect Leader then asked, “Junior Brother Fang He, you…”

The always serious and quaint Disciplinary Elder immediately said, “Elder Martial Brother, you know me, I am not very good at training a disciple. My previous Successor Disciple… Ai, let’s not talk about it.”

The Fourth Elder Zhou Ming also said, “Elder Martial Brother, you know me, I already have my favorite disciple. I am only waiting for her to cross through the Brilliant Peak, then I can pass on my mantle to her.”

The other Elders all gave their own reason and difficulties. In short, they didn’t reject the idea of Wang Lu as a Successor Disciple; they just didn’t want him to be their Successor Disciple.

It was not because the Spirit Sword Sect’s management team was lax, but it was because the matter of having a Successor Disciple was truly important. Not only was it concerned about the succession of the Elders, it was also related to the future of the Spirit Sword Sect’s various Peaks. So, the Elders could not be less negligent… Moreover, the two, who had yet to receive any Successor Disciples, had not yet opened their mouths, so most of the Elders were not in a hurry.

“Ai, since everyone has their own difficulties, I suppose I have to bear it.” The Sect Leader sighed and then turned his vision to a certain someone.

“Ahem, Fifth Martial Sister, I remember you still don’t have a Successor Disciple.”

The Fifth Elder, who was bored and was idly spending her time by looking at the latest news from the Jade Plate, was surprised. “Senior Martial Brother, don’t bring me into this! I don’t have any relationship with this matter whatsoever!”

The Sect Leader said, “How can you not relate to this thing? Everyone has seen Wang Lu’s exceptional performance in this Immortal Path. You designed those inhumane additional trials which he easily passed. Thus, it could be clearly seen that you were destined to be his master.”

“I don’t want this kind of ill-fated destiny!”

Seeing that the Fifth Martial Sister vehemently refused, the Sect Leader promptly used his primordial spirit to secretly pass his voice. “Junior Martial Sister, please cooperate with me. Now within the sect, only you and I know about the Chosen One, and this thing also started because of you and me. We have no way to force others.”

“What? You can’t force others so you come here just to force me? If you want him to be accepted as a Successor Disciple, why don’t you take him? In any case, you only have one Successor Disciple, so you still can accept another one.”

“Junior Martial Sister, don’t kid like that. I am not an idler like you… At the end of the day, within our sect, you are the only one who is fit to be his Master. If you don’t accept him, his Void Spirit Root would be wasted.”

“Senior Martial Brother, why do you have to force me? You know that I am stupid, lacking in achievements and shallow. I am the black sheep of the Spirit Sword Sect. In my one hundred years of cultivation, I could only reach Jindan Stage. If I accept him, that youth would be led astray instead.”

Listening to this, the Sect Leader became extremely angry. “Being well-known as the number one Jindan Stage Fifth Elder, when did you learn to be modest?”

“Hahaha, I am not modest, I am just being facetious. In front of someone with a Void Spirit Root, I simply couldn’t be compared.”

The Sect Leader gritted his teeth in anger. “... In the end, do you or do you not accept him?”

“I do not! Only a Sect’s Elder can set up a Successor Disciple, while I am not even a Sect Elder anymore. Not only can’t I get the Elder’s benefit, my future twenty years of salary has also been cut. I can’t even wait to go out and rob some people, why do I want to accept someone as my Successor Disciple?”

“... Fine, as long as you agree to help me, I will restore your status as an Elder, and you will also receive your benefits as usual, as well as your salary.”

“I seem to have fallen into a debt recently…”

“Damn it! Fine, I will write off your personal twenty thousand spirit stones debt to me. Are you happy now?”

“Some times ago, I fancy a bottle of Mystical Yin Pill…”

“I’ll buy it for you!”

“Oh, there’s also that purple tone sword that I like.”

“Damn! I’d rather accept him as one of my Successor Disciples. Although the Stellar Sword Cultivation Method is incompatible with the Void Spirit Root, but since he is the Chosen One, he would probably find ways to overcome those obstacles.”

“Fxck! Senior Martial Brother, don’t be so hard on yourself, didn’t you just tell me that you were too busy with other things to accept another Successor Disciples? Fine, I think that purple tone sword isn’t something that suits me, just forget it.”

“Humph, then do we have a deal?”

“We have a deal.”

Their heated exchanged actually happened in just a blink of an eye. When the other Elders were still having that wait and see approach, the ex-Fifth Elder, who was well known for lacking in empathy, bravely stepped forward.

“I will take this kid as my Successor Disciple!”

Everyone was pleasantly surprised.

[1] Originally, A monk dare to fight over a nun with a priest.

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