Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 82: Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You

Chapter 82: Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You

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On the other side, Wang Fugui pulled his son back to their house.

At home, Madame Sui Shi was preparing lunch, carrying a bowl of hot soup from the kitchen. She was taken aback when she suddenly saw her husband rushing back to the house, but when she saw the youngster behind him, the bowl simply slipped from her hands and fell down.

At the same time, a red and white figure suddenly sprinted over and caught that soup bowl.

“Ai, mom, be careful. If this hot soup falls on your feet, it may become a veritable pig’s feet soup.”

“Smelly kid, don’t talk like that to your mom!”

Master Wang peevishly gave him a slap, only to be met with a smile by Wang Lu. The next moment, his dad’s cry of pain was heard.

“Ouch! Why is your head so hard!?”

“Hahaha, my IQ density is so big.”

While saying that, under his mother’s surprised eyes, Wang Lu put the scalding hot soup bowl to the table using only one hand.

His mother immediately took a careful look at his hand. “Is your hand okay?”

“Rest assured, even if it’s directly burned, it doesn’t matter.”

With that, Wang Lu turned to look at his father; his face now has turned serious.

“In the end, I have become a real Immortal Cultivator…”

Master Wang and Madame astonishingly looked at him in silence; the youth that they haven’t seen for more than two years have changed so much.

After a long time, Wang Lu went to the kitchen, carried back the rest of the dishes one by one and sat on the table. Only then did Master Wang heave a deep sigh.

“Ai, what exactly is going on there?”

Wang Lu thought for a moment. “You want a long answer or a short one?”

Madame Sui Shi's mouth moved a bit as if she wanted to say something, but when she looked at her husband’s eyes, she forcibly stopped herself.

Master Wang sternly stared at his son. “Tell us the short answer first.”

“Oh, it’s just that I’ve found the Immortal Path, so I came here to visit my home. But when I arrive, I saw a group of cult swindler was actually trying to deceive my family; the rest happened just like what you saw just now.”

Sui Shi became uneasy. “Wh-what happened just now?”

“Ai, don’t interrupt.” Master Wang asked again, “So, you found the path of Immortality?”

It was Wang Lu’s turn to feel puzzled. “Dad, for the last two years, I’ve sent you guys letters almost every month. Wasn’t my experience in the Spirit Sword Sect that I’ve written there clear enough? Except for a few shameful things, I didn’t conceal anything.”

Master Wang became even more surprised. “What letter!? Have you ever written a letter to your family in these two years?”

The atmosphere at the dinner table suddenly turned cold. After a long time, Wang Lu, with an incredulous look, tentatively asked, “Have you never received even one letter in these two years?”

“Never has.”

“Damn! Who the hell did this…?” Wang Lu, who has been surprised too many times today, wasn’t surprised this time. “Is Great Arrangement Delivery really that unreliable? No matter what, they’re an industry under the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals; surely, they won’t tarnish the union’s reputation…”

The so-called Great Arrangement Delivery operated under the Union of Ten Thousand Immortal’s name and was funded by Mysterious Sky Mansion, Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, and several other large-scale organizations. Sects would send their personnel to be administrative officers responsible for managing this large-scale postal service. Its main business was the correspondence between the Immortal Cultivation World and the mortal world.

Because the communication between cultivators could be solved mostly by delivering document through flying sword and talisman, the correspondence between the mortal world and the Immortal Cultivation World had to rely on specialized postal service. However, the communication between the mortal world and the Immortal Cultivation World lacked the effective management. Only after the establishment of the Union of the Ten Thousand Immortals, after peace fell throughout the countries, and after Immortal Cultivation World deeply penetrated its control on the mortal world did this organization manage to appear.

By relying on the prestige and fame of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, The Great Arrangement Delivery held an unparalleled competitive advantage. It rapidly expanded throughout the entire Nine Regions, opening its outlet everywhere. However, it was also because of this monopoly position that its service quality has been deteriorating… It was just that, Wang Lu never thought that it has deteriorated to the point of not delivering the letter for more than two years!

“Wait a minute. This isn’t quite right. No matter how bad their service is, for the last two and a half years, I have written at least fifty letters, how could not even one of them arrive…?” Wang Lu thought that this seemed impossible.

“... It seems like the flow of information from the outside has been cut down by the Seven Stars Sect. Blocking the outside world from their target is indeed a frequently used trick by the cults. Otherwise, as long as the villagers know some common knowledge about the Immortal Cultivation World, they wouldn’t have been deceived by this low-level swindlers.” Wang Lu shrugged. “Forget it; it doesn’t matter if the letters aren’t here since I can tell any of its content myself.”

Master Wang asked, “Two years ago, you said you wanted to go out to seek for Immortality, and then what? I sent Zhong’er to track you, how come he isn’t together with you?”

“This is a long story, but, the simple summary is that I and Wang Zhong were received by the Spirit Sword Sect as disciples. After practicing more than two years ceaselessly on the mountain, we have now become real Immortal Cultivators. Now, because the sect sent us down the mountain for Experiential Learning, I took advantage of this opportunity to visit you two. As for Wang Zhong… he has his own plan.”

Wang Lu seemed to say it like they were just a normal thing, but Master Wang’s heartbeat immediately jumped, and Madame Sui Shi stared at him with eyes wide open and an incredulous look. She tremblingly asked, “Little Lu’Er, you-you really are now an Immortal!?”

Suddenly, numerous legendary stories about immortals appeared in the mind of this simple yet kind hearted woman. For her child’s boundless future, she faintly felt a trace of sadness. In a moment, her eyes had started to turn red.

Master Wang scolded, “You this woman, little Lu’Er has set foot on the Immortal Path, that’s a lifetime of good fortune, so what are you crying about?”

“I’m just too happy.” She wiped away her tears. “I-I am going to cook two other dishes; I didn’t know Lu’Er is coming back, so I didn’t prepare his meal.”

With that, she got up and left.

Master Wang snorted and then explained to Wang Lu, “Some time ago, your mom heard stories from a traveling storyteller who said that Immortals were inhuman; they refused to acknowledge their family, and even did such appalling things as killing their wives and so on. It just so happens that you haven’t sent us letters for so long, so she was worried that you had forgotten us. Ai, since you’re here now, I don’t know why she kept remembering those stories.”

As he said that, a trace of worry also appeared in his eyes, but he soon covered it up with a smile. “Lu’Er, you said you've found the Immortality, then… What is this Immortal Path? Can you…”

Wang Lu smiled. “You want to say, can you show me proof so that you can open your eyes? And be at ease? Otherwise, you won’t believe that I’ve truly become an Immortal Cultivator? Hahaha, you’re indeed worthy to be called the village Millionaire Master Wang, your skeptic spirit is truly commendable.”

Being somewhat embarrassed by his son, Master Wang suddenly slapped the table. “You, this kid, what kind of attitude is that!?”

“Hehe, don’t be angry. But dad, I must explain it to you; the so-called Immortal Path is unlike those set of acrobatic shows performed by those Seven Stars Sect. It’s not the fancier the better. You often go between counties and see a lot of people, so you should know how to differentiate this. On juggling, they may not be necessarily better than the city professional entertainer.”

Master Wang sighed. “Who said I don’t. This Seven Stars Sect, although they tooting their own horn is pleasant to hear, they indeed came up with some real things, but… it’s far from the things they brag about.”

“That’s for sure. A low-level swindler sect like them, even if they join the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, they’re still a dreg on the bottom of the ring; how much real thing can they show? Okay dad, I’m not going to hang your appetite anymore. Don’t you want to see the real Immortal Cultivator? Although my cultivation is still shallow, and I can’t wield some Immortal skill, fortunately, I still carry with me a treasure.”

With that, Wang Lu opened his mouth and spat out the fine needle-like Sword of Mount Kun. This spiritual treasure circled in mid-air, turned into a three feet long sword, and then landed on the table.

This scene has been previously seen by Master Wang once outside, but this time, seeing it at a closer look, he felt it was incomparably magical, however… those vaudeville entertainers in the county also seemed to have a similar trick—such as swallowing the sword and the like.

“Um, this is not about spitting out flying sword… Autumn Beam, say hello to my dad.”

The Sword of Mount Kun didn’t immediately reply, but then, it trembled. A humming noise came out of it. After a while, this buzzing noise seemed to have a surprisingly strange rhythm, which then gradually turned into a person’s voice.

“Hello, I am Wang Lu’s sword spirit, Autumn Beam.”


This time, Master Wang was really scared out of his wits; a sword could actually talk like people!?

“Who-who’s talking!?”

It was the frightened voice of Sui Shi who just came from the kitchen with a plate of dish. Because of this scare, that plate began to slip from her hands again. Without any other choice, Wang Lu picked up the Sword of Mount Kun and stretched it to the back. The sword tip perfectly caught the bottom of the plate, firmly steadying it.

“What do you think, dad, is this proof enough?”

Master Wang knitted his brows. “... Mm, although it’s unlike what I imagined, nevertheless, it’s still more reliable than those Seven Stars Sect.”

Wang Lu shrugged his shoulders. “Dad, it’s too cheapening if you compare me with Seven Stars Sect. Although your son practices a plain non-flowery Immortal Cultivation and thus temporarily can’t show you flashy techniques, but I can easily kill those who can only show flashy techniques. Even if there are one hundred of them, you can be sure of this.”

Feeling the faint cold killing intent within his words, Master Wang was immediately startled. He only saw this kind of killing intent on those battle hardened veterans in the county; even if it was only a slight contact, it has already caused his hairs to stand on end.

Actually, Wang Lu’s killing intent was still a bit “immature” compared to a real senior Immortal Cultivator. His experience only came from his several experiential learning at the Small Clear Sky Peak, tossing around some fierce monsters. However, in the mortal world, it was equal to the killing intent of someone who had already killed mountains of people.

After all, even a mortal world warrior who has bathed in the blood of mountain of corpses could do nothing to a category three monster. And Wang Lu, at the previous experiential learning, was already able to play the category three monster like they were his toy.

“Hei, why don’t you tell your mother and I about your daily cultivation life in the Spirit Sword Sect.”

Wang Lu raised his brows. “Okay, it’s like this…”

The life on the Spirit Sword Mountain, relatively speaking, was actually very monotonous. In addition to the cultivation, experiential learning, cultural classes, it didn’t have other worth mentioning things. However, even though Wang Lu had talked about it for hours and the food on the table had already cooled down, the old couple still listened with relish.

Just as Wang Lu was talking about his second-year life, a loud noise suddenly sounded from the outside, interrupting the three people’s conversation.

Master Wang and Madame looked at each other; an uneasiness welled-up in their hearts.

Wang Lu, who was hundreds of times keener than his parents, had already clearly knew the source of the clamor outside; his mouth hung a sneer.

“... Unexpectedly these f*ckers still embark on this road.”

As soon as he said that, he stood up and took the Sword of Mount Kun.

Master Wang was shocked. “Lu’Er what are you doing?”

“Some people want to deliver their lives; I will naturally accept them with open arms… Dad, stay here and don’t move. Mom, you too, the following scene may not be suitable for children.”

“Wait a minute, Lu’Er, don’t just rush outside and kill them!”

Wang Lu shook his head. “Rest assured, I will not hurt the villagers. Although they are retarded, they’re still my folks; I am just going to act as if they’re a disobedient pet husky… However, there are some who hides behind them and using them as the human shield; it’s unreasonable for me if I don’t kill them.”

Master Wang was about to urge him again, but Wang Lu immediately interrupted him. “On some matters, cutting off the gordian [1] knot is better. If I, on the other hand, keep on enduring the provocation from this group of imbeciles in silent, I’m afraid one day, I won’t be able to control myself.”

With that, he lifted the Sword of Mount Kun and smiled at it. “Sister Autumn Beam, what say you?”

After a moment of silent, the sword trembled.

“Instigators… can be killed.”

[1] Gordian - pertaining to Gordius, ancient king of Phrygia, who tied a knot (the Gordian knot) that, according to prophecy, was to be undone only by the person who was to rule Asia, and that was cut, rather than untied,by Alexander the Great.

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