Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 83: People That Deserved To Be Killed

Chapter 83: People That Deserved To Be Killed

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The Sword of Mount Kun’s Autumn Beam was an Earth Element Sword Spirit, thus, she has a good nature and an indifferent temperament.

On all things under the heaven, in the fairy tale, Earth was often personified as a mother, which symbolized tolerance, good nature, abundant harvest… and so on. Compared to the explosiveness of the Fire Element, hardness of the Gold Element, the sword spirit of Earth Element always has the image of “one who tries never to offend anybody”.

However, after that moment of silence, Autumn Beamn actually uttered the words “deserved to be killed”.

However, if one see the noisy scene outside the house, Autumn Beam’s four words deserved to be killed suddenly appeared logical.

“Catch that devil!”

“Kill him!”

“The Daoist Immortals said that he will bring doom to all the villagers!”

A group of angry villagers, about twenty or thirty people, gathered outside of Master Wang’s house. They were holding various tools, like kitchen knives, stones, bricks, and other things while loudly shouting out slogans; their popular feeling was running high.

However, Wang Lu’s sight didn’t stay on this group of ignorant people a moment longer. When he got out, he immediately locked his gaze on the two people surrounded by the crowd. These two people were a pair of pale blue Daoist robed middle age gentlemen with features suggesting their extraordinariness and immortality.

Needless to say, the villagers were naturally instigated by these people. Otherwise, in his ten years of living in this Wang Family Village, an eruption of intense hostility from these gentle and laid back villagers would have never occurred.

The instigators were, of course, those two Seven Stars Sect middle-aged men. Through the subtle change in the surrounding spiritual energy, Wang Lu quickly determined that these two people were top rate Daoist Immortals characters within the Seven Stars Sect—which meant they were real Immortal Cultivators.

For a proper Immortal Cultivator, the spiritual energy within their Inner Mansion would circulate, thus breathing the surrounding spiritual energy would be automatic like a normal breathing. If the power of observation was large enough, through the volume of energy that was breathed in, breathing speed, the element or elements that were breathed in, and so on, one could analyze the cultivation level of the opposite party and even their spirit root’s property. Of course, as one of the top sects, Spirit Sword Sect would usually teach their disciples the method on how to hide their cultivation level. But, a pheasant sect like the Seven Stars Sword obviously wasn’t that meticulous. Wang Lu has seen through all the details of these two pale blue robed cultivators.

“A second level and third level Qi Cultivating Stage small fries cultivators… Tsk, tsk, no wonder they have to do this low-level method.”

When he showed the Sword of Mount Kun in front of that Seven Stars Sect’s Publicity Envoy, Wang Lu thought that the Seven Stars Sect’s reinforcements would arrive shortly, but he didn’t expect that it would be just two high-level Qi Cultivating Stage small fries cultivators; he, even more, didn’t expect that these two men would actually use the villagers as human shields.

Why did the gentle and tolerant Autumn Beam became angry in the first place? Because as an Earth Element sword spirit, she cherished all living beings; but right now, the ignorant villagers had been fanned here, so she wanted to protect them. As for the two Seven Stars Sect members, no doubt she regarded them as the Earth-damager pollutants.

For pollutants, even mother earth would spare no mercy.

“... Okay, the opening remark is over. The two of you, please die here.”

Originally, Wang Lu didn’t want to kill in the Wang Family Village, since this green and peaceful land could not afford too much blood. However, based on his current cultivation level, he still couldn’t erase the Seven Stars Sect’s trace in secret. After two years, the Seven Stars Sect, this malignant tumor, has taken a deep root in the Wang Family Village. If he wanted to root them out, he would unavoidably take several pieces of flesh and blood with it.

Since he was left with no choice, he must brace for the necessary sacrifice.

Wang Lu sneered and then strode forward, directly bumping into that human shield.

“Seize him!”

“Don’t be afraid, there are Daoist Immortals behind us, so there’s nothing scary with this devil!”

“That’s right! The Daoist Immortal has given us the talisman that increases our strength, so we shouldn’t be afraid of any devil!”

Seeing Wang Lu came out, several courageous brawny men, who have been enhanced ten times their strength by the talisman that was plastered on their back and now had strength comparable to the village’s old cattle, rushed to reach out and grab him. They wanted to win credit in exchange for the favor from the Seven Stars Sect.

However, when those several stout palms met Wang Lu’s clothes, an irresistible reaction force bounced them back. Believing that evil shall not prevail, these several brawny gritted their teeth and tried to reach out again. But this time, the rebound force shook their whole arms causing them to feel a tingling sensation.

Wang Lu continued to move forward. A few brawny who were late to reach out stuck out their chest to block him. But when they bumped with the opposite party, a stronger reaction force flew them away.

Although he wouldn’t kill these villagers, it didn’t mean he wouldn’t touch them. All that stood in his way were forced to the side.

“Ouch, what should we do!? The devil used the demon technique!”

“Black dog blood! Quickly find black dog blood!”

“We can also use virgin boy’s urine! Lao Li, can you do it!?”

“Fuck you! Your father I am single, not a virgin boy!”


In their quarrel, the crowd turned into a mess.

This was the might of the seventh level Qi Cultivating Stage’s Non-Phase Golden Bell Shield. When the Non-Phase Sword Art wasn’t sufficient enough to block all the attack from the outside, then the Non-Phase Heart Sutra would transform the surrounding aura into a defensive shield that would rebound all the external force exerted on it.

And if this Non-Phase Golden Bell Shield was broken, he could still rely on his Non-Phase Sword Bone to bear the attack… However, even the first layer of defense—the Non-Phase Sword Art—was enough to give Foundation Establishment Cultivators a headache, much less his three layers of defense.

All the way, as he strode forward, Wang Lu just bumped those villagers who blocked his way to the side without even looking at them. Before long, the crowd had been thrown into disarray; how could they have ever seen a real Immortal Cultivator? Soon, fear and trepidation fell upon them. Under these increasingly unbearable panic, before long, the two Seven Stars cultivators lurking within them were finally exposed. The two of them were surprised, yet they didn’t go into panic.

Because Wang Lu didn’t conceal his cultivation, his low-level Qi Cultivating Stage was plainly seen by them. Thus, these two high-level Qi Cultivating Stage Seven Stars cultivators naturally didn’t need to panic.

Although this low-level Qi Cultivating Stage cultivator seemed strong, a low-level Qi Cultivating Stage was still a low-level Qi Cultivating Stage. Compared to a high-level Qi Cultivating Stage, it was still as different as the heaven and earth. Let alone the two high-level Qi Cultivating Stage cultivators possessed magical tools inside their bodies, so how could they be afraid of the opposite party?

“Kid, surrender without a fight, and we can spare your life.”

The one who spoke was a thin person who looked like a drug addict with a pale cheek and a hoarse voice. Between the two people, he was the one with the higher cultivation level and also a more revered status. He belonged to the Seven Stars Sect’s Four Stars Emissary, two stars higher than the Publicity Envoy surnamed Zhou. The Seven Stars Sect wasn’t a large organization with rich history, so high level Qi Cultivating Stage members were already regarded as their backbone. As for the Five Stars Elders, the only requirement was the Foundation Establishment level.

Not long ago, these two people received a distress signal talisman from the Publicity Envoy in the Wang Family Village. Thus, from a hundred miles outside, they used their magical tool to rush over. After hearing the report about the matter, they completely disregarded the Publicity Envoy who tried to stop them. They immediately brought dozens of villagers to be used as human shields, but now, when they saw him, it seemed like they were just making a fuss about a little thing.

It was just a trivial low-level Qi Cultivating Stage. Although the youth was young and promising, but if they really fight, the winner was, without a doubt, them. They really didn’t need to dispatch two Four Stars Emissaries. As for the Publicity Envoy’s talk to discourage them, it was all nonsense; what was there to be afraid of?

“Kid, didn’t you hear what we just said?”

On the side, a slightly fatter cultivator impatiently urged him. In his opinion, even if Wang Lu was just a low-level cultivator, the kid should be able to sense that his Senior Brother’s cultivation was far above him. But yet, he didn’t obediently surrender; did he think he could fight the two of them? Even if the kid put on a menacing appearance, with such a gap in the cultivation level, how could he do about it?

If he didn’t give him some lesson, the kid would never learn.

Thus, before the Senior Brother had the chance to say something, the fat cultivator took the matter to his own hand. He activated his magical power and said, “Fix!”

It was the Fixed Body Technique, which utilized magical power to bind the opponent’s body. If the power used was lighter, it could paralyze the body, making it unable to move. But if the power used was heavy, it could even forcefully stop the beating of the heart—a one hit kill technique.

This Fixed Body Technique that was cast by a high-level Qi Cultivating Stage cultivator could even fix an elephant that was running amok in place. However, Wang Lu just sneered loudly.


He then took a step forward while swinging the iron-rod-like Sword of Mount Kun toward that fatty’s cheek.


Seeing that his spell was totally ineffective, the fat cultivator was taken aback. And when the opponent swung the sword, it left him baffled even more.

Wasn’t he a cultivator? Why would he use a mortal world’s martial art technique? This attack didn’t even contain the surrounding spiritual energy; what’s the point in using it against a high-level Qi Cultivating Stage Cultivator then? Would it even matter?


The fat cultivator cast another spell. This time, he turned the magical power within his Inner Mansion into an invisible barrier which covered his entire body. Although it was invisible, it was actually firmer than a sheet of iron; even the ballista which used to defend the city wall would find it difficult to penetrate it, let alone this...


Along with the sound of the terrifying disintegration of flesh and blood, the fat cultivator flew out like a piece straw. His fat head turned into a bloody mangled mushy ball. It fell to the ground and twitched twice before it no longer moved...

“Junior Brother!?”

The pale face cultivator was horror stricken. Just now, he clearly saw that Wang Lu’s attack was just a simple sword swing; it made no sense that it could break his Junior Brother’s body protection spell!


Wang Lu took another step, twisted his waist, and drew a hard arc with his arm, ruthlessly swinging the Sword of Mount Kun again.

“Move!” The pale face cultivator didn’t dare to directly block the attack; he cast a spell and almost instantly moved a few meters away. At the same time, he lifted his right hand threw out a mass of purple smoke from his sleeve cuff towards Wang Lu.


Wang Lu simply ignored the opponent’s spell. In any case, he has the Golden Bell Shield and the Non-Phase Sword Bone. His defense and resistance had already reached a terrifying level that he was immune to any spell from a high-level Qi Cultivating Stage cultivator!

Therefore, facing that purple smoke, he charged forward instead and immediately inhaled that fog of highly toxic venomous insects. And then… and then there was no “then”.

The pale-faced cultivator actually threw up a mouthful of black blood. That mass of Morning Gauze Heart Parasite was a category three middle-rank venomous insect; a lump of it was enough to poison the entire people in the Wang Family Village. Moreover, there was still an enormous space to grow because he had sacrificed his life essence to refine that purple fog, which he had prepared in case he would encounter a Foundation Establishment opponent one day. However, just now when Wang Lu inhaled that fog, sixty percent of the insects were silently destroyed—he didn’t even have enough time to avoid the blowback power.

And when he saw Wang Lu’s sword swept towards him, he was so petrified that he had no strength to move. Even knowing that it was useless, the pale-faced cultivator still tried to struggle.

“Firm! Firm! Firm!”

Three invisible barriers were cast in succession, which nearly spent all the magical power inside the pale-faced cultivator’s Inner Mansion. With three superimposed layers of iron sheet, he was confident that he could block an even bigger force, what a pity...

“Do you have a short memory?”

Bam! Blood spattered everywhere!

Even sealed with nine heavy seals, the Sword of Mount Kun was still an eight rank spiritual treasure. How could a mere energy barrier stand a chance against it?

After killing two Seven Stars Sect cultivators, the feeling of irritation in his heart was slightly reduced. Wang Lu humphed a sneer and swept his gaze all around him. The villagers shrieked and howled wildly; before long, they all scattered away and left the place.

“Ah, what a disappointment. I thought it would be some kind of elite monster, but it turns out to be just a grizzly minion.”

Wang Lu shrugged and began to walk back to the house.

“Wait, you… stop right there!”

Looking back, that pale-faced cultivator was actually still alive and conscious. The Sword of Mount Kun has left a big hole on his head, but new flesh began to cover that hole again; it was rapidly healing.

To have that skill as a cultivator from an inferior sect, it was actually worthy of praise. However, Wang Lu wasn’t in the mood to give praise to him.

“Kid, you’re indeed powerful. That magical tool in your hand is really fierce!”

That pale face cultivator touched the nearly closed hole on his head and sneered. “Unfortunately, you’re still too inexperienced. Now hand over that sword! Otherwise…”

His hand was clutching a twelve-thirteen years old girl.

That was the girl who came to watch the crowd of villagers just now. Wang Lu remembered her as Doctor Wang’s daughter, Wang Li Juan. From her young age, she was quite sensible and competent. While her father was treating his patient, she would often help him. Wang Lu would often praise her as the Wang Family Village head nurse.

She just had one problem; she was too fond of watching a lively crowd, which now had finally worked against her.

“Hey, give me that thing in your hand right now, or I’ll kill this girl!”

Wang Lu was puzzled, Wang Li Juan wasn’t his child bride; as she was still thirteen, it was against the law. Who wanted to break the law just to get her hand in marriage? Using her as a hostage was stupid!

“Oh, don’t pretend to be indifferent! I heard from Zhou Ming Rui that you have an emotionally deep connection with this village, so it’s impossible for you to just stand by and watch the people on your village die!”

Wang Lu sighed. “So, you’re using this to threaten me?”

“Yeah, so?” The pale-faced cultivator has completely lost his reason. “Hand over the sword in your hand, now! I know that sword has spell breaking attribute. A sword that could break my three-tier spells is at least a high-level magical tool!”

“High-level magical tool… You really don’t have any imagination at all.” Wang Lu could not help but look at this low-level cultivator with pity. In their eyes, presumably, a high-level magical tool was the most top level equipment that they could carry.

“However, what makes you think you have the qualification to threaten me? If you have the skill, hurt her and we’ll see.”

The pale-faced cultivator was stunned. Then, he immediately gritted his teeth and decided to cut the girl into pieces to show the opponent how serious he was. However, when he was about to move his hand, he found himself unable to. His body was like being tied up—he simply could not move.


While his right hand was holding the Sword of Mount Kun, Wang Lu’s left hand was actually gripping something.

“See, this is the real high-level magical tool, Flowing Cloud Thread.”

The pale face cultivator could feel that the silk thread continued to twine and bound himself more and more tightly until he almost gasped for breath.

“Rest assured, I am not going to kill you today. I want you to go back to the Seven Stars Sect and send a message to your Elders and Sect Leader. If they don’t want me to come to their sect and exterminate you all, then stay away from Wang Family Village. I don’t care how far you stay out, just don’t let me ever see your people again.”

The pale-faced cultivator was panic stricken, but he also felt a trace of joy.

Because he could still keep his life.

However, the next moment, he felt his blood turn cold as he heard even more icy words coming to his ear.

“Death sentence can be exempted, but you will not get away free from the consequences of your crime; since you dare to put your hands on a thirteen years old girl… Just go practice Bixie Sword Art. [1]”

[1] A skill in Jin Yong’s novel “Smiling Proud Wanderer” where the (male) practitioners have to castrate himself before he can learn the skill.

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