Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 88: My Family's Little Ling'Er Has Never Been This Lovely

Chapter 88: My Family's Little Ling'Er Has Never Been This Lovely

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Wang Lu stood up, shook his head, and said to Wen Bao, “Tell me again the details of that scene; there is valuable information in it.”

Upon hearing that, the Lady Boss froze and then humphed. Realizing that she might wrongly accuse the other party, she no longer tried to stop him.

Without any other option, Wen Bao had to retold the sex scene once again.

Wang Lu clicked his tongue. “This old man can still get it up… then, according to your observation, the only woman that has sex with him was the one sitting on his lap; the other woman were just topless. Can you remember if there are any clues that indicate the other women have had intercourse with him?”

Wen Bao was startled. “Um… Let me think about it.”

After a moment, he shook his head. “It seems like there’s nothing.”

“... In that case, I think I can explain why a four stars emissary become a six stars elder.”

The Lady Boss curiously asked, “Explain to us.”

“That fry fish at the Dog Ear Mountain didn’t lie to us. His contact person is indeed just a four stars emissary, and the four stars emissary is also impossible to become a six stars elder overnight… The truth is, the six stars elder that the fatty saw was another person.”

The Lady Boss’s eyes grew wide. “Another person? Then, where is the four star emissary?”

Wang Lu smiled. “Who do you think the person hanging on that six stars elder’s body?”

“Hanging on?” The Lady Boss froze for a moment, and then her cheek quickly turned crimson; she spat out, “Are you saying that those two…”

“Probably doing double cultivation or something. Well, aren’t trash level sects like them quite fond of doing this kind dishonest practices? If nothing else, it will increase their magical power considerably. Although the side effect could not be brushed aside, I don’t think they care about that too much.”

The Lady Boss nodded in agreement, but then she wrinkled her eyebrows. “If those two are doing double cultivation… then what were the rest of the women doing?”

Wang Lu rhetorically asked, “When you sing a song, wouldn’t there be several dancer dancing on the back?”

“... Just for the fun of it? Tsk, what a degenerate couple!” The Lady Boss resentfully gritted her teeth.

“Ai, when they’ve gone the double cultivation way, it’s easy to become degenerates. However, this is good actually. At least, they didn’t blatantly grab some girls on the street. They can do anything they want behind closed door, as long as there’s nothing to do with the outsiders. This is indeed an important detail.”


“Think carefully; the current situation is not favorable for us. Our opponent is not just a four stars emissary, but also a six stars elder. And because they are a double cultivation couple, perhaps they could display the special effect of ‘love is more solid than gold’. At the same time, my most powerful weapon is still in the Wang Family Village, so overall, we don’t have a big advantage in this conflict.”

The Lady Boss also agreed with his judgment. “And then?”

“But we still have a huge advantage: we are in the dark, and the enemy is in the light. As long as we fully exploit this advantage, we may be able to smoothly solve the problem.”

“Do you want to plan a sneak attack? I’m afraid that’s not going to be easy. Since those two is addicted to double cultivation, they would rarely go outside, so how are you going to do a sneak attack if they just stay in their room?”

Out of good moral standard, the Lady Boss didn’t oppose the sneak attack plan, but instead proposed a specific example where the plan might be difficult to implement.

Regarding this, Wang Lu already had his own plan. “Very easy, if they won’t come out, then we’ll go in.”

The Lady Boss laughed in spite of trying not to. “They’re on their own turf and have definitely made some precautions. At the same time, you and Wen Bao are sword cultivators who are lousy in spell casting, how are you going to secretly sneak in?”

“Why would we need to sneak in? We are going to enter ‘fair and square’.”

“... Are you sick? What kind of plan is this ‘fair and square’?”

Wang Lu had to sigh. “No wonder your tattered inn will quickly go out of business, you, as a boss, has a really worrying IQ.”

“Sh*t! My family inn still has over ten thousand daily turnovers, it’s far from going out of business!”

“Then a hundred years later, the turnover can only be one hundred.”

“Then let’s speak again one hundred years later! Enough about that, how exactly are you going to solve this problem with your professional adventurer high IQ?”

Wang Lu approvingly nodded. “Actually, the solution is obvious. That six stars elder definitely has the personality of a perverted old man. If we can’t exploit this glaring weakness, my professional adventurer spirit will cry.”

“You want to take advantage of his lust?” The Lady Boss was still not too clear about it, but she vaguely had a bad premonition about it.

And then she found out that Wang Lu and Wen Bao, with serious and focused faces, were staring at her with great anticipation. She finally understood what Wang Lu’s plan. “Don’t even think about it!”

“Hahaha, Sister Ling, don’t be shy. You’re a black star of cultivators; as long as you can launch a surprise attack, even if the opponent is a Yuanying expert, you can beat the opponent into a pulp, let alone a Foundation Establishment small fish. As such, you are the best candidate for this sneak up plan!”

“Heh.” The Lady Boss coldly sneered.

“Moreover, Sister Ling, you’re as beautiful as the flower… no, you’re absolutely stunning! I’m afraid, even seeing you alone would make that old pervert fall head over heels for you; he would break down without a fight! If not you, who!?”

“Hehe, you have very good eyes… Wrong!” The Lady Boss, who had just relaxed a bit, immediately turned serious. “Which idiot who recently said I was rude, brutal, and un-feminine?”

Without skipping a beat, Wang Lu turned to look at Wen Bao. “Is that you?”

Wen Bao was scared shitless. “What does this have anything to do with me!?”

Wang Lu shook his head sadly. “Sister Ling, looks like the blasphemer that rudely accused you is difficult to catch at the moment. Therefore, I urge you to set aside this minor contradiction first and instead fully use your stunning beauty to…”

Sister Ling sneered and interrupted him, “To seduce that old goat!? Wang Lu, you really have the nerve to make this request!”

Upon hearing that, Wang Lu couldn’t help but startle. Indeed, although sister Ling looked like your average country girl, she was, after all, the Sect Leader’s daughter, a proper second generation [1]. Asking her to do such a thing was indeed a bit too...

A bit too exciting! Hahaha!

“Sister Ling, I know that, as a woman, you have some reservations to be associated with such an act. This is not rare, but the world has changed; money is everything now. Only by letting loose of this reservation can women openly pursue their happiness. Other women have already unshackled themselves from this, and only you who could not; they have free reign to these happiness opportunities, leaving you only with the leftovers! Just think…”

Before he could continue, Little Ling Er already coldly interrupted him, “Are you trying to lure me into doing this like the brothel owner luring innocent young woman?”

Wang Lu was silent for a moment. “Excuse me, that was a wrong pitch. Let me try again, okay?”

“Try your ass! Let me tell you, this dirty trick of yours, don’t even think about it!”

Being flatly rejected, Wang Lu was taken aback, but then he sneered. “Humph, Sister Ling, to put it bluntly, you are not confident in yourself, am I right?”

“Ha! Don’t even try to provoke me!”

“I admit that if it’s purely from the outside, as a woman, you are absolutely nothing short of beauty.”

The Lady Boss slightly looked up, trying really hard not to look smug.

However, Wang Lu’s next remark immediately made her burn with anger.

“However, women’s beauty not only depends on appearance, but more importantly, is the temperament. This is equivalent to the internal force of a martial art master or the immortal heart of a cultivator. I’m not trying to disparage you, Sister Ling, but as a woman, your temperament is really bad.”


“Honestly, if there’s no other candidate, I really don’t want Sister Ling to take this risk. Because the probability of failure is too high, and it may also bring you serious psychological scar… Alas, since there’s no other choice, I and fatty will go to a brothel to spend some money to find a few cheap prostitutes.”

The Lady Boss was enraged. “You mean I’m no better than a few cheap prostitutes!?”

Wang Lu quickly shook his head. “How could I dare? It’s just that this industry specialized in feminine quality, while you, Sister Ling…”


Little Ling’Er roared, her true qi burst out, shaking the entire alley that the dust on both sides rustled and fell.

Seeing little Ling’Er venting out her frustration with that roar, Wang Lu was also startled. He had never seen her this angry—could it be he went too far this time?

After he and Wen Bao looked at each other, they both thought that things had become a bit tricky. If they really provoked this “great-aunt” too far, she might run back to Spirit Creek Town in anger. By then, the two of them would have no chance of defeating the Sect Leader of the Seven Stars Sect who was a Xudan Stage cultivator—let alone a Xudan stage cultivator, they could not even do anything to the combination of these two four stars and six stars.

As for now… a flash of idea suddenly entered Wen Bao’s mind; he quickly winked at Wang Lu in secret and then used their previously agreed secret sign to tell him the ingenious plan that he had just thought out.

Kowtow! Senior Brother, kneel down and kowtow!

To deal with sister Ling, this trick has one hundred percent success rate!

However, the thing that Wen Bao could think of, how could Wang Lu not? While he inwardly sneered and prepared to call her master again, he suddenly heard a sneer from sister Ling.

“At the end of the day, you, Wang Lu, are trying to goad me into doing this… don’t take me as a fool.”

Wang Lu said with a smile, “Sister Ling, you are a wise martial god, who would dare to take you as a fool?”

Little Ling’Er ignored this insincere flatter. “I can see that you revealed some of your innermost thoughts in your previous words. Humph, I never thought you actually think of me like that.”

The Lady Boss’ smile turned increasingly cold. Although her reaction seemed to have been expected, Wang Lu still could not help himself.

“Little Ling’Er, that…”

“Don’t ‘that’ that with me. Being goaded into this point, regardless of whether I dare or not, I have no choice but to step up and meet it head on.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu was surprised that for a time; he was speechless. Then, his face lit up. “Ooh, sister Ling, sure enough, you are indeed righteous, a role model for us!”

Little Ling’Er sneered. “Don’t get excited just yet! This thing may not be that simple. Do you think I’m just going to sell myself for sex just because of your words? How could there be such a cheap thing?”

“Em, sister Ling, are you going to charge then?”

“F*ck! If I charge money, what would that make me look like!? I want to make a bet with you… If I do this, then your so-called feminine quality arguments are just pure nonsense.”

Wang Lu hurriedly tried to appease her. “It’s all nonsense talk from the start, don’t take it seriously, Sister Ling!”

“Then, I want you to apologize.”

“I apologize to you!”

“Humph, what’s the use of this wishy-washy, insincere apology of yours?”

“Then what do you want me to do?”

“... I haven’t think about it yet, just consider this as you owe me one.” When she finished talking, the Lady Boss looked up and glanced at Wang Lu; her eyes rolled, and her face revealed a deeply meaningful smile.

“But, when the time comes, don’t think that you can easily get away with it!”

“Em…” Being stared at by that pair of twinkling eyes and a faint smile, inexplicably, Wang Lu suddenly felt that his heart started to beat faster.

However, he ignored this and responded loudly.

“Rest assured, Sister Ling’s great kindness and beautiful countenance will definitely be engraved in my mind! I will remember them every night before I sleep!”

“Humph, be careful you’ll die from excessive ejaculation.”

“No, as long as I think of Sister Ling, I will naturally be as spirited as the dragon and fierce as the tiger.”

“F*ck! I’m not going to bother with you about this again! How are we going to continue? Do you have a plan? And, do I really need to dress up?”

Wang Lu’s spirit shook; he quickly said, “I do have a plan. But, I don’t think you need to dress up or something. Sister Ling’s natural beauty is like a clear water on top of a lotus, an ornate artwork! Your makeup is just right!”

“Em, I think so too…”

[1] Similar to second second generation rich. See:

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