Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 95: Ascension!!!

Chapter 95: Ascension!!!

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“Pay respect to Holy Maiden!”

Facing this young woman who suddenly appeared, the dirty old man and Wu Feihua, after getting their composure back, immediately knelt down without hesitation.

“Humph, I have to give it to you two for actually daring to try to break the Yinyang Death and Life Array of the Seven Stars Sect, a Sect Leader level array. If you really can break it, then why don’t you become the Sect Leader?”

The dirty old man and Wu Feihua hurriedly admitted their mistake. “We didn’t think it through and thus bite off more than what we can chew, which nearly led to a disaster. Holy Maiden, please give us punishment!”

“Humph, forget it. In any case, the disaster didn’t happen. However, you two need to remember this lesson well. Doing good deed is good, but if you overreach yourself, that’s not good.”

The two hastily nodded, then the dirty old man asked, “Miss Holy Maiden, why art thee here?”

The Holy Maiden said, “Of course, by being ordered… Somebody divined that a disaster might happen here, so he sent me here to look at the situation; I never thought I’m going to meet you two, these fools!”

Wu Feihua explained, “Senior Brother and I also came here because of divination, and thus, we discovered this astonishing occurrence, that’s why…”

“Humph, in that divination, why didn’t you divined yourself? Have you two ever stopped to think that if there’s really such an astonishing occurrence, can the two of you cope with it!? Forget it. I’m not going to bother with you two, I need to break the remnant of this array first.”

With that, the young woman, with an anxious look, took a step. However, her body suddenly shifted to several meters behind the crowd of villagers. When she took another step, in a flash, she had completely disappeared from their vision.

After a while, a burst of crying ghosts and howling souls came from one of the corners of the village. Moreover, it was accompanied by the shattering of the black veil, which made one’s hair stood on end.

At this time, the villagers, who had just recovered from the great terror, mustered up their courage to ask, “Daoist Immortals, just now that Fairy…”

The dirty old man said with a wry smile, “Yes, she’s our sect’s Holy Maiden. She has a venerated status in our sect, and her Immortal Method is exceedingly high… Today, if Miss Holy Maiden didn’t come here, all of us would die without burial ground.”

Upon hearing his remark, the villagers turned their gaze to a distant spot, looking incomparably in awe.

“Then, since Miss Holy Maiden is here, we… we.” Village Head Wang Qinian was at a lost; his heart was thumping wildly.

The dirty old man said, “Old man, you don’t need to be afraid. Miss Holy Maiden never bothers with unnecessary courtesy. Although sometimes she’s quick tempered, she’s actually very warm and kind. You don’t have to make a special arrangement for her. Moreover, Miss Holy Maiden is very busy, after she deals with this Yinyang Life and Death Array, in half a day, she’ll probably leave.”

“Ah, that’s too soon!” Wang Qinian and the other villagers were taken aback. “It doesn’t feel right!”

They all thought that on one hand, it was difficult for them to part with the benefactor who had helped them immensely. On the other hand, it was rare to be visited by genuine Daoist Immortals. If they just let them leave, that would be...

The dirty old man sighed. “Miss Holy Maiden has a venerated status, but she has many things to do, so no matter what, she couldn’t stay long in one place.”

“Then at least, we should properly give our gratitude to Miss Holy Maiden for saving us.”

The dirty old man was about to dissuade them when Wu Feihua played the bad cop. “Since your Wang Family Village was almost harmed by the Seven Stars Sect, there’s a high chance that the other villages are in danger too. But if we stay here to eat your local specialty, who is going to save the other villages? Do you want to be responsible for the death of several hundred human lives?”

Hearing such a heavy remark, no one dared to argue. However, just at this time, a burst of hearty laughter passed over.

“Hahaha, why would you leave so quick? Other places are other people’s responsibilities. Our Holy Maiden is not a firefighter team. I sent her here with the intent to work long-term.”

During this speech, the main protagonist of this drama finally appeared.

He was a young man with an ordinary appearance, medium stature, and without any distinguishing look. He seemed to be seventeen to eighteen years old, however, the vicissitudes of life in his eyes were similar to that of an old man, which formed an enormous contrast with his relaxed, smiling face, making one unable to tell his exact age.

Who was he? For a time, most of the villagers’ hearts were filled with doubt.

Actually, this young man was Wang Lu in disguise. Moreover, this was his casually made disguise.

It was nothing more than slightly changing the shape of his skeleton and applying some makeup. It was a much simpler image of Wang Lu. Let alone this disguise needed not to appear frequently, so it didn’t need to be carefully crafted.

His appearance today was nothing more than to set off the climax of this drama. Through layer upon layer of progressive approach, the villagers' mind was overloaded with awe until this group of brainless villagers’ mental defense was completely and utterly crumbled.

This would facilitate the next step of brainwashing.

Wang Lu’s debut was undoubtedly successful. His few words and smiling face successfully attracted all the people’s attention; they all looked at him with a vacant look.

However, from the nearly one hundred people, some with keen mind have caught the important part in those words!

I sent her here...

Aware of the meaning of the sentence, those clever ones suddenly felt as if their vision turned black; their worldview that had repeatedly been hammered once again shook!

Of course, some of them stubbornly refused this.

“Who are you? How dare you speak like that to Daoist Immortal!?”

This impatient, dim-witted boorish fellow subconsciously roared. However, immediately after, he saw two pairs of cold looming eyes staring at him—they were from the dirty old man and Wu Feihua. When these two Daoist Immortals stared at him, he suddenly fell to the ground, and a surge of warm liquid flowed out from between his legs.

A mere mortal would definitely wet themselves if they provoke a high-level Qi Cultivating Stage or low-level Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator.

After displaying their Immortal skill, the two of them respectfully knelt down towards that youth who arrived by floating in the air, which was according to the script.

“Pay respect to Sect Leader!”


Upon seeing the dirty old man and Wu Feihua knelt down in front of that youth, all the villagers were terrified. Pay respect to Sect Leader! This was actually the Sect Leader!

No matter how ignorant these villagers were, they still knew the meaning of the words Sect Leader… For these villagers, meeting one probably has the same level of terror as of that of an Emperor; it was simply unimaginable to them.

Since it was unimaginable, they could only freeze on the spot. Wang Lu inwardly sneered, thinking that this group of ignorant fools deserved to be levied IQ tax. In the past, even the Seven Stars Sect, that crappy scammer, could easily hoodwink them. Now, they finally encountered the professional one, so naturally, they have no resistance at all.

Although his heart despised them, Wang Lu still played his part convincingly.

“What pay respect? No need to be so formal!” Wang Lu smiled and waved his hand. The other two naturally acted as if there was an invisible force propping them up. Full of respect, they submissively stood aside.

The dirty old man and Wu Feihua’s realistic performance once again shocked the hearts of the villagers, which deepened their fear and awe towards Wang Lu, this Sect Leader.

However, it was not over yet, because, previously, in the presence of the Holy Maiden, the status of the dirty old man and Wu Feihua had dropped quite a bit in the villagers’ eyes. Therefore, soon after, Miss Holy Maiden who dealt with the remnant of the Yingyang Life and Death Array, made a timely appearance.

“Huh? Sect Leader, you’re here? Didn’t you say you have something important to do?”

“Because I don’t have confidence in you. This is, after all, a Sect Leader level array, so in case you were killed, I at least can burn incense for you.”

“Damn! What kind of attitude is this!?”

“The considerate and careful attitude of a superior towards his subordinate… Recently, whenever we met, you neither kneel nor say hello to me, which concerned me very much. Be honest, are you thinking on usurping my position?”

“Usurp your sister!” the girl retorted, yet she was still unwilling to greet Wang Lu with proper ritual. However, soon after, she grimaced.

This lively exchange was naturally part of the play. Although an awe-inspiring, dignified and solemn Sect Leader was more suitable to control a group of ignorant masses in theory, however, first, if he continued to rely on this group of amateur actors, it was highly likely that they would overreach themselves. At least, if he expected the Lady Boss to kneel before him and pay respect, he would have a better chance to wait for a painting to hang itself on the wall. Secondly, Wang Lu didn’t want to emulate the way of doing things of the conventional sect; he might as well use the dirty old man’s identity in the Seven Stars Sect to achieve his goal here, however, he very much disliked the Seven Stars Sect. Since he had determined to run a sect, if he didn’t show a new approach on doing things, he would be unworthy of the title professional adventurer. Therefore, he wanted this drama to completely destroy the Seven Stars Sect’s prestige and reputation in this village into pieces.

Then he would let these crazy and foolish villagers to experience how tremendous was his Intelligence Revenue Service.

Sure enough, seeing that the Sect Leader wasn’t someone who stayed aloof and unattainable, some people’s heart began to move.

“Excuse me, Daoist Immortals…” Wang Qinian once again acted as the villagers’ spokesman. At this critical moment, he summoned up his courage on behalf of the villagers.

However, before he could continue, Wang Lu had interrupted him, “Wang Family Village is a precious land with good geomantic omen. From all the places in this mortal world, this is the suitable place to build an altar. Unfortunately, my time in this mortal world is about to end and I have no choice but to return to the Immortal World. When I need to raise an altar, I will come again.”

With that, his figure immediately vanished; it all happened in a flash. This caused the thousand words that the old Village Head wanted to say to be stuck in his throat.

Then he heard Wu Feihua sigh. “The Sect Leader have ascended to the Immortal World again?”

The dirty old man gently nodded, his face was filled with a look of reverence. “He is indeed a person from the Immortal World; he came without a shadow and left without a footprint. Like seeing a dragon, before we can see its head, its tail has disappeared!”

Listening to this exchange from the side, Miss Holy Maiden was speechless, thinking that these two people were too serious in their play. Moreover, what’s with before seeing the dragon’s head, its tail has disappeared? Didn’t he just use the invisibility spell on Wang Lu? He was now standing by her side watching quietly!

However, only by acting in earnest could they win the people’s heart.

Sure enough, Wang Qinian, who heard the words Immortal World, was aghast. “Mr. Sect Leader is really an Immortal!?”

Although the people of the Wang Family Village usually called them as Daoist Immortals since the time of the Seven Stars Sect, they actually knew they were just cultivators, not an actual Immortal. It was just that even if those “Daoist Immortals” were just cultivators, they were still several levels higher than a mere mortal. Thus, the villagers would attentively fawn on them.

But now, seeing that scene… was the youth just now really an Immortal!? However, when they carefully thought about it, it didn’t seem too inconceivable.

The dirty old man and Wu Feihua, these two Daoist Immortals’ abilities were already astonishing. Later on, Holy Maiden showed that she was even more powerful than them. Finally, when the Sect Leader arrived, even the Holy Maiden had to report to him. Thinking about this layers upon layers of progressive relationship, it was easy for Wang Qinian to draw the conclusion.

If the youth was not a true Immortal, how could he subdue these several powerful figures before them?

The dirty old man said with a smile, “Mr. Sect Leader is of course a True Immortal! Unfortunately, Sect Leader is bound by the rules of the Immortal World, there needs to be an interval before he could descend to this world again. Each time he descends to the lower realm, he needs to form a corporeal body, which is not easy at all. Since you guys were able to see him, that’s already a blessing for you for many lifetimes.”

The villagers hastily echoed him and bowed down.

At this time, the old Village Head displayed his unique wisdom. “Just now, I heard Mr. Sect Leader said that our Wang Family Village is a precious land with good geomantic omen, I don’t know if…”

The dirty old man said, “This place is rich with surrounding spiritual energy, which is a great place to cultivate. The Seven Stars Sect, after sensing this rich spiritual energy, set up the Yinyang Life and Death Array that transformed the surrounding spiritual energy into dead aura… This kind of place is rarely seen in the Nine Regions. Unfortunately, although Seven Stars Sect is the first to discover this treasure, they just want to destroy it so they can sacrifice it to refine devil treasure; their visions are too shallow!”

Naturally, Wang Qinian didn’t know much about the surrounding spiritual energy and the devil treasure, but he did know that he must grab this opportunity!

He thought about the words that the Sect Leader just said—to set up an altar—to practice… This old man’s heart could not stop beating wildly.

Then he thought about when the Seven Stars Sect was still in this village. Even after the villagers assiduously fawned over the Public Envoy and the other cultivators, so much that they specifically made a building for them, they were only able to make them agree to stop here temporarily, and to lecture the villagers about the Immortality. Of course, now it all seemed logical; originally, the other side had planned to destroy their village from the very start, so how could they wanted to stay here for long? However, it seemed like this Wisdom Sect wanted to set up their Altar here, then…

“Mr. Daoist Immortal, may I ask what Mr. Sect Leader mean when he said he wanted to set up the Altar here...?”

“The so-called to establish an Altar is to set up a construction-like instrument that could condense the dispersed surrounding spiritual energy and transform it into spirit pills or spirit stones type object, which would help the cultivators in their cultivation. However, Sect Leader wasn’t serious about that; it was just a casual remark. The establishment of the Altar will likely change the direction of the spiritual energy field and influence the geomancy. At least, it needs the consent from the local people.”

Wang Qinian, of course, agreed; he nodded again and again. “Daoist Immortals are our village’s savior, so feel free to build it!”

“That being the case… Miss Holy Maiden, what do thee think?”

What could Miss Holy Maiden think? She had long been bored watching this play. “If you want to do it, just do it.”

The dirty old man was taken aback. How come Miss Holly Maiden didn’t follow according to the script!? On the script, she should slightly have more enthusiasm, and a little more excitement!?

However, the dirty old man was worthy to be a former professional high level swindler; his response was very fast. “With the approval of Miss Holy Maiden, I think we may be able to achieve twice the result with half the effort… Feihua and I will leave to prepare the materials first. After two days, we will come here to set up the altar!”

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