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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce Chapter 270 - Forgive you (1)

Chapter 270: Forgive you (1)

Gong Yimo’s taunting words made Li Ke flushed in embarrassment.

“I didn’t! It’s their fault! If because they didn’t give me a path to live, so isn’t my only path to die? I’m a man of character, so I’m not afraid of death. Isn’t it just a head? Just do it!”

“Then why do you want me to kill you?”

Gong Yimo faintly ripped apart his pretense and coldly smiled when she saw how deathly pale his face had suddenly turned.

If he didn’t feel any remorse, then why would he be here, begging for her to punish him?

“Perhaps you’re right, maybe you won’t regret it…”

Gong Yimo was a little tired as she softly sighed in his ear.

“But I still decided that I’ll forgive you.”


Li Ke suddenly raised his head to look at her, the muscles on his face was trembling. Was Gong Yimo pitying him by giving him alms?

But who would’ve thought, the moment he looked up, his gaze landed into Gong Yimo’s ice-cold eyes.

Her eyes seemed as if she could forgive all living things, but at the same time, it was empty, dangerous, and deep.

“Didn’t you say that you will be able to do a better job than your brother if you obtain a high official position? Didn’t you say you will contribute to the country and do good for the people, so that your name will go down in history? I will wait for it.”

After she finished speaking, she turned around and left. What followed was Li Ke’s angry yelling when he finally recovered his spirit.

“Gong Yimo, if you’re soft-hearted, you will die in my hands one day!”

Gong Yimo didn’t stop walking, she didn’t pay any attention to him. With her back facing him, she carefreely waved her hand, “Whatever, I think you should be thinking about how you will continue to live…”

Her tone showed that she really didn’t care at all.

Li Ke can’t help but tightly clenched his fist and buried his head deeply. He should’ve felt humiliated by this, but he doesn’t know why when Gong Yimo said “I’ll forgive you”, his body and mind relaxed.

It turned out that he wanted to use his own death to exchange for her forgiveness.

If he had been denying his true self, then what had he been doing all this time?

When he heard the sound of people fighting from afar, he suddenly smiled… he took out a dagger staged the scene like someone had stabbed him, as he stabbed his own body…

Before he lost his consciousness, he thought that if he died in this short life, then the only thing he didn’t regret was meeting her…

Gong Yimo, I have already abandoned my own conviction. But since you decided that you will persist on believing me, then please don’t change your mind!

On her the way westward.

Originally, she wanted to go find her master. But after thinking about it, she realized that she was just a stranger to the other party, so it was better if she didn’t go disturb her master.

She walked aimlessly around and after a few days, she reached a town called GuoCheng.

This town was still within the emperor’s territory, so trade was very prosperous. Gong Yimo changed into a man’s outfit and sat on a small stall to seat. She was unaccustomed to being alone.

She was focused on eating, when she heard the people sitting next to her discussing about something.

“Did you heard about it? The Ninth Prince, who had made great contributions in XiZhou has fallen critically ill!”

“What happened? I’ve seen him from afar before, he looked like an energetic and spirited young man!”

“Isn’t that right…”

Gong Yimo thought that she had heard wrong, so she quickly walked forward and grabbed the person. “What did you just say? Who is sick?”

The man’s legs almost gave out on him when he saw the killing intent in the depths of Gong Yimo’s sharp eyes. He was very scared as he quickly answered, “Gentleman, I didn’t lie, what I said is true! The Ninth Prince has been puking blood without end and none of the imperial physicians know what’s wrong with him. The palace is currently recruiting famous physicians!”

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