Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess Chapter 644 - Selection of Her Brother's Future Wife

Chapter 644 Selection of Her Brother’s Future Wife

But for her safety, Long Tianyu still had to give in. Apart from him, there were only Ling Ye and Qinghu whose martial arts were acceptable. Lin Mengya shook her head unexpectedly. She had seen how angry Long Tianyu was when Qinghu followed her around in the mansion.

She didn’t know what kind of hatred these two had had in their previous life. Every time they met in this life, they would be like two fighting cocks and no one would let go of the other.

“Take him. Although I’m outside, I’m afraid I won’t take good care of you. If he is there, you can be safer.”

Long Tianyu was worried, and Lin Mengya felt a little happy and helpless. She was glad that he was worried about her, but sometimes, he was worried about her excessively. For her, this was indeed a little unexpectedly burdensome.

“No. There will be many harem ladies this time. It is inconvenient for him, a man, to show up. Besides, I suspect that the people around the empress might know Qinghu. You know what he did for a living before. If someone finds out, I’m afraid it will not be a good thing for both you and me. The teacher’s matter is already a lesson. If you are not at ease, you might as well ask the teacher to prepare some self-defense things for me. With those things, even if you and Qinghu join forces, I’m afraid you won’t be able to get near me.” Lin Mengya blinked and said playfully.

In the end, Long Tianyu gave in to his princess and reluctantly agreed to her request. However, she secretly just wanted to ask Baili Rui for more poison.

Her safety was his first concern. If something really happened at that time, he would rush in and take her away safely, even if it was against the emperor’s order.

“Alright, I will ask someone to spread the message tonight. By the way, you said last time that you wanted to find a suitable wife for your brother. It just so happens that I have a list here for you to refer to. Besides, most of the ladies from each family will show up at the Buddhist ceremony in the temple. If you like any of them, you might as well check it out yourself.”

Long Tianyu had always taken her words to heart. Therefore, Long Tianyu, who had never cared about other people’s household affairs, had actually mobilized his secret guards to collect information from each family in the past few days.

Baizhi served the hot porridge. She put the dishes on the table before Long Tianyu one by one. Lin Mengya read the information of the ladies, while Long Tianyu ate quietly.

The information of Sanjue Hall had also been delivered to her in the evening. She had to admit that, compared to Long Tianyu’s amateur work, the speed and detail of Sanjue Hall made Lin Mengya very satisfied.

There were many similarities between the two materials. There was only one highlighted name of a lady who received very different reviews. Lin Mengya, after pulling out the information of this woman alone, found out that she was somewhat related to her.

“Xiao Xueyin? Didn’t she Xiao Yixin’s cousin who has been raised in Xiao Mansion since she was a child? Why, do you think she is unreliable? Or, what happened to the Xiao family?”

Lin Mengya looked at the name and remembered a very dignified and beautiful face. In Capital City, someone had made a list of beautiful women for the daughters of various families back then. Lin Mengya was stupid, but she looked elegant and beautiful, which was why she was called Miss Stupid in the first place.

Of course, the ranking of her was just playing tricks on her. Yue Ting and Xiao Xueyin were well-known on the list. Yue Ting was virtuous and gentle, while Xiao Xueyin was innocent and elegant. The two girls were neck to neck, but Xiao Xueyin’s family background was not as prominent as Yue Ting’s, so she fell slightly behind.

She remembered that Xiao Xueyin had a good relationship with Yue Ting. Besides, due to the Xiao family, Xiao Xueyin was one of the girls that her father had set her brother up with. She had met the girl several times before. Although she was not as patient and generous with her as Xiao Yixin, she had never spoken harshly to her.

To be honest, on the list of Sanjue Hall, she paid more attention to Xiao Xueyin. But in Long Tianyu’s file, Xiao Xueyin’s name was painted with a big conspicuous ‘X’ underneath.

It was clear that she must not be considered. Lin Mengya’s curiosity was somehow aroused.

“Xiao family is reliable, and with Xiao Yixin, the relationship between them and us is already unbreakable. As for this girl Xiao Xueyin, according to their report, she recently had a close relationship with a confidante of Qinghan. This morning, Qinghan mentioned to me that the seal he didn’t use frequently was missing. Fortunately, he reacted quickly and pretended to accidentally mention the seal to His Majesty. Otherwise, we would be still kept in the dark if something went wrong.” Long Tianyu put down the spoon in his hand and explained it with a solemn expression.

Confidante, the missing seal, and sudden kindness. Even Lin Mengya found these key factors surprisingly weird. Besides, she never believed that there would be such a series of coincidences easily.

She stared at the information and thought for a while before she thoroughly understood the meaning of Long Tianyu.

“Are you afraid that our Lin family will have another spy from the empress?”

Long Qinghan’s confidante was actually just an artistic and beautiful courtesan in the city. Besides, with the Xiao family’s consistent arrogance, how could she have a close relationship with a courtesan of low status? She certainly had tried to made friends with that woman with a purpose.

Long Tianyu saw that she understood it, so he stopped talking and just nodded slightly in reply. Lin Mengya couldn’t help but feel a little bit angry. Why did the empress have so much power? It seemed that the empress’s spies were everywhere.

It was really hard for her because there were traps everywhere!

“This is not an easy job. I originally intended to find my brother a wife who has a prominent family background and is not easy to mess with. This way, it can prevent them from conspiring against him again. But it seems that I can’t be sure. After all, no one knows how they are related to each other!” Lin Mengya didn’t care much about intrigue.

She could remain calm when the two armies were confronting each other. But it was the intricate nepotism that gave her a headache. In her last life, she didn’t even have parents. God had probably overcorrected it and gave her such an intricate life.

It had really caught her by surprise.

“What is bothering you?” Long Tianyu looked at her, amused. She was so disappointed.

It was rare for him to see her so depressed. When he was full, he put down the tableware, moved to Lin Mengya’s side, and took the file in her hand. After just a few glances, he realized that his princess was probably stumped by the chaotic relationship between these families.

“Long Tianyu, why do these big families have to intermarry? Technically, these people are almost all relatives. I’m confused now. This problem is not simple at all.”

She pouted. Lin Mengya could behave like a child only in front of Long Tianyu. Long Tianyu looked at her helplessly. He had no choice but to accept his fate. He started to analyze the choice of her elder brother’s fiancée for his beloved wife.

“Indeed, I have a suitable candidate here. But even if your brother likes her, she may not be willing to marry your brother.”

Long Tianyu sat upright. He was holding a pile of girls’ materials as a matchmaker. Her spirits immediately picked up. Her eyes widened and she looked at Long Tianyu suspiciously.

“My brother is a young hero. How could a beauty not love a hero?”

With that, Long Tianyu’s heart suddenly trembled. However, after thinking about it, he had joined the army at the age of thirteen and gone into battle at the age of fifteen. In fact, could he be regarded as a hero? After collecting himself, he began to answer Lin Mengya’s question.

“If you want someone who does not cater to anyone and can deter the empress’s family, I really have a candidate. However, her family and the Lin family have sworn enemies.”

Could it be…

The pride on Lin Mengya’s face immediately froze. Yeah, there was a hard nut to crack who she could consider

“Apart from her… isn’t there really any better choice?”

She swallowed and looked at him sincerely. She really hoped that he could immediately think of an alternative. But the reality was cruel. After Long Tianyu looked at his beloved wife apologetically, he could only silently shake his head.

“Apart from her family, intermarriage with any other family is risky. But if you really don’t want to, we can wait.”

A deep sense of powerlessness rose from Lin Mengya’s heart. God, these were all debts owed by others, so why did she need her to pay it back!

Looking at his princess’s frustrated look, Long Tianyu felt that though these two families had some misunderstandings, it was none of Lin Mengya’s business. Was there anything hidden from him?

“I can go to the Jin family to make peace for you. Although Jin Jue is a bit stubborn, he will still respect me. Don’t worry, I will help you.”

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