The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 128 Overcrowded

Chapter 128 Overcrowded

Sweet Love Club.

The entire club was dark and noisy save the occasional flash of lights on the dance floor. The heavy music reverberated on both floors while people danced with full enthusiasm.

The chief bartender poured some vodka into the metal cup of a cocktail shaker. His hand motions were fluid and rapid as he added lemon juice, sweet sherry, and other components to make Bloody Mary.

A minute later, the bartender served the drink in a glass garnished with a celery stick, lemon wedge, and a cherry tomato.

Zed took the glass while another bartender served Club Special to Olly, Jessica, and Loren.

"You really don't drink alcohol?" Olly asked surprised how Zed was only drinking vodka with negligible alcohol content.

"Yes," Zed answered after taking a sip.

He was stating truth partially since his current form rarely consumed alcohol heavy drinks.

Kiba, on the other hand, was different. He would drink whiskey, rum, and other varieties of liquor every day.

It was one of his dreams to drink every fine liquor out there, and so far, he has tasted the best the city has to offer.

He never felt drinking liquor was a sin, and even if it was, he didn't mind committing this sin.

Liquor and women were the ultimate bliss a man can ever have. All his businesses were just a means to this blissful life.

They might be sinful in the eyes of many but for him, they were the means to joy.

"I see," Olly took another sip from his glass, "You must be earning a fortune from this club."

Jessica and Loren nodded as well at Olly's words. Just the price of the cheapest drink was more than the monthly income of a lower-class family.

"Not a fortune but enough to sustain my monthly expenses," Zed truthfully answered.


Olly, Loren, and Jessica looked him with wide eyes.

Monthly expenses?!

Just what type of expenses he had for so much money to only sustain a month?!

Does he spend money on drugs or something?!

Zed sighed after seeing their expressions. He couldn't tell them how it costed a fortune to run the underground sections of his villa.

Of course, he has many businesses and was now a billionaire with no lack of money.

"Let's have some fun" Zed shook off his head and pointed towards the dance floor, "Would be a pity if we don't use this opportunity to dance."

"I don't know how to dance," Jessica nervously said.

It was her first time in the life that she came to a club and she didn't wish to make fun of herself.

"Most people here don't know either," Zed took her hand to pull her from the stool, "But they are having fun nevertheless."

Jessica's cheeks turned red from the close contact. Thankfully the club was dark most of the times so no one was able to notice her nervousness.

"Loren, be a sport and join us," Zed offered her his other hand.

"Yes," Loren accepted his offer and the three rushed to the dance floor.

"Wait!" Olly hurriedly joined them.


Jessica didn't embarrass herself on the dance floor thanks to Zed's guidance. He leaned close to her and grabbed her arm as a slow tune came on.

They both swirled around in fun and laughter, and in few minutes, Jessica forgot that she was a newbie on the dance floor.

"He truly makes me forget my fears," Jessica thought in her heart as they danced.

Zed curled a hand into the curving span above Jessica's hips, fitting his fingers around her waist. Jessica didn't shudder and she moved her hand forward while the DJ changed the music to the latest party song.

Olly looked in disbelief how Zed moved his hands on Jessica's waist as they shook their hips to a fast tune. The next moment, Zed turned around and moved his hands on Loren ensuring he has the attention of both women.

No one could even complain of intimate touches since it was a dance and nothing more.

Initially, both Loren and Jessica felt embarrassed but now they were lost in the dance and music.

"He seems like a professional in managing two women," Olly bitterly thought. He could only dance with random strangers...


Twenty minutes later~

The four of them returned back to the bar counter with sweat covering their faces.

Zed was sitting in the middle of Loren and Jessica with Olly sitting next to Loren.

"We need freshments," Zed clicked a panel on the virtual interface to check the menu, "What would you ladies like to have?"

"A fruit drink," Jessica and Loren chose their favorites from the menu, "No alcohol please."

"You heard the ladies," Zed turned towards the chief bartender and placed his order as well, "Fruit juice for all of us."

The chief bartender nodded in agreement and proceeded to carry out the task after giving them a tissue box to wipe their sweat.

"You come here regularly?" Jessica has spent all her energy on the dance floor.

She took a tissue to clear her face of the sweat.

"No," Zed shook off his head, "Maybe once in a month or twice."

"What about Felicity?" Loren asked with interest. She knew they were close so she wanted to know as well.

"She is not really a fan of clubs," Zed answered with a heavy sigh.

"...Yeah," Jessica nodded her head recalling the type of activities Felicity loved.

She felt a chill when she thought of the thrill park and was glad Felicity didn't invite her out.

Olly looked on as the three of them conversed. He felt left out but could do nothing except savor the drink the bartender offered.

He didn't regret his decision of joining them to the club though for he got to have Club Special multiple times.

Olly has enough pictures from the club to make his friends envious. He could imagine their shocked reactions when they see the pictures.

"We should invite Felicity as well---" Loren was in the middle of speaking when a wave of a crowd behind jostled.

The force from the crowd pushed her body on Zed. Her lips almost met his but thankfully Zed backed away to save her embarrassment.

"Are you all right?" Zed asked with concern.

"Yeah," Her cheeks turned red as tomatoes and she regained her composure after the justle of crowd stopped.

"That's good to know," Zed said.

"I'm sorry for the poor display," Loren apologized for pushing her body on his.

"It is fine," Zed waved off his hand and took a sip from a glass.

Loren didn't bring the earlier topic again and for a moment there was silence between them.

"Are you truly not worried about the police?" Jessica asked after she completed her drink.

She felt she needed to break the awkward silence so she brought the investigation into the conversation.

"There is no reason to," Zed answered with a smile.

"What do you mean---" Jessica was forced to stop as another jostle of the crowd surrounded them from behind.

Jessica fell from her position and fell on Zed's arms. Her breasts touched his arms but he helped her regain her balance.

Jessica felt grateful he didn't try to take any advantage of her. He was still the gentleman she knew and his impression only grew in her heart.

"I'm sorry," Jessica sat back on the seat, "It is overcrowded here."

"Yeah," Loren agreed for the crowd has pushed her on Zed again.

They were feeling hot and crampy unlike before thanks to the growth in the crowd.

"We should go elsewhere," Both Loren and Jessica said together at the same time.

They stopped as they realized how inappropriate their words were as women telling a man to go elsewhere.

"Sure," Zed left his chair, "Let's get some fresh air."

"Thank you," Jessica and Loren said.

They felt gratitude he didn't show any strange reaction and reacted in a natural fashion. Most men would misinterpret their words but he didn't.

What truly made them respect was his conduct. Not once he showed any inappropriate move when they fell on him.

Olly was in the middle of drinking when the three left the bar counter. He left the glass on the counter to follow them but then he suddenly stopped.

He turned around and saw the chief bartender leaving the bar counter. The bartender was not walking towards inner staff room but instead towards the dance floor.

"That's strange," Olly felt something amiss, "Why would the bartender suddenly leave? And he is not going towards the washroom either."

He used the methods he has left from his father to sneakily followed the bartender's movements and a minute later, he got a shock of his lifetime.

"Here is the amount we agreed," The chief bartender took out an envelope consisting of cash.

"Glad to work for you," The head member of the crowd said.

Olly looked on in disbelief as the bartender gave thousands of dollars to a crowd of twelve. What shocked him wasn't the money offered but the twelve people making the crowd.

They were the same ones who have pushed Loren and Jessica a few minutes ago! It was because of their movements that both women fell on Zed!

"This can't be," Olly muttered in his heart.

He was completely horrified as a terrifying possibility struck in his mind to explain why the bartender offered the money to the crowd.

"Don't tell me Zed planned the movement of the crowd to make Jessica and Loren felt cramped?"

Olly retraced his steps back to leave the bartender and the crowd of twelve.

"He created a situation where Jessica and Loren had no choice but to suggest to Zed to take them out!"

Olly then recalled how Zed has helped both Jessica and Loren when they fell on him. His actions were so fluid without any malicious intention.

Even Olly felt impressed by Zed's conduct. After all men of such nature were rare who didn't take advantage of such situations.

But now Olly felt the world he knew before was a complete lie. The impression he had of people and their actions fully changed.

He moved back to the bar counter and ordered a drink. He no longer thought of his sister but only about Zed's actions.

"Why couldn't I think of such method to get girls?" Olly bitterly thought as he consumed a glass of vodka.

He wasn't angry on Zed, but instead, he was envious and impressed!

In his entire life, he has never heard of such a genuine trick to fool women! He felt the methods he has read on internet paled compared to what Zed pulled today.

The methods he knew would arouse the suspicion of women but what about the trick Zed used?

There was nothing to be suspicious of! A fully safe method especially when he recalled Zed's conduct during the entire process!

After all, who would expect the pushing from the crowd in a club be a part of an elaborate scheme?!

"Just how did he got such a method to get girls?" Olly thought as alcohol helped him forget his sorrows...

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