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The Strongest Emperor of the Three Kingdoms Chapter 1570 Bear less pain

"I don’t know where my Soul Palace offended the two, making them so angry. I don’t know if the old man and others can resolve the grievances in the two hearts."

The one who spoke was a bald old man.

When he saw this bald old man, Du Yu suddenly remembered the monk he had sensed before.

At that time, the monk was on another planet and was discovered by Du Yu because he was monitoring Du Yu.

It can be said that that was also the first time Du Yu knew of the existence of the Soul Palace.

After that, Du Yu also had a general understanding of the Soul Palace.

Seeing the old man talking, Du Yu smiled, "You say this, it seems that the contradiction between this is not incapable of being resolved."

After Du Yu finished speaking, the five old men breathed a sigh of relief.

As long as Du Yu has the needs, it is easy to say, as long as Du Yu’s needs are met, the Soul Palace is naturally safe and sound, and when the headquarter sends the monks over, they will naturally clean up Du Yu.

After thinking about it this way, smiles appeared on the faces of the five old men.

Although Du Yu killed many monks in the Soul Palace within a short period of time, this was of no value to the five old men.

After all, they are ordinary monks. If they are removed, they will be removed. Then they will be trained again. It’s just that it’s a little troublesome in the middle.

After thinking like this in my heart, the bald old man headed by him suddenly smiled, "My lord, please tell me, my soul palace will definitely meet your requirements, lord."

Seeing the old man on the road like this, Du Yu suddenly smiled, "It’s very simple, you commit suicide now, I will naturally bypass the soul hall."

After Du Yu finished speaking, he looked at the old men in front of him with a caring and mentally handicapped look.

Sure enough, just after Du Yu finished speaking, the expressions of the five old men changed one after another.

Suddenly, the old man in the head shouted, "Hmph, it seems that you are looking for death by yourself. In that case, I Clindo has nothing to talk to you."

After Clindo finished speaking, the four old men behind him suddenly moved.

These five people are the most powerful beings in Yunfeng City, so apart from these five people, no one can handle Du Yu and Du Yu.

"It seems that there is no need to talk about it." Du Yu smiled. At the same time, a powerful force burst from Du Yu’s body.

Under this powerful force, the complexions of the five Clindoes suddenly changed one after another.

They did not expect Du Yu to be so decisive.

With this shot, Clindor waited for the monks to feel Du Yu’s powerful strength.

It can be said that in the face of Du Yu’s powerful strength, these five cultivators have no way to resist.

The five monks could hardly move just because of the glaring.

"How, how is it possible, who are you!"

The expression on Clindo’s face changed one after another.

Although he knew that Du Yu and Pan Gu were difficult to deal with, he never thought that Du Yu and Pan Gu were so powerful.

Of course, during this process, Clindor’s heart was also somewhat unwilling.

Because the five of them didn’t even use the formation method, they were directly controlled by Du Yu.

This feeling made the five very uncomfortable.

"Who am I? Go to **** and ask."

Du Yu’s voice fell, and a powerful force burst out immediately. For a while, the five cultivators immediately disappeared, and there was no chance to resist.

Also, with Du Yu’s cultivation base, unless it is the presence of a saint, he will not be able to match Du Yu at all.

After all, Du Yu’s current cultivation base is not the same as when he was fighting the saint.

At that time, Du Yu was only slightly aware of the power of a saint, but now, Du Yu possesses the power of a true saint in his body.

In this way, the level of strength is naturally different.

Du Yu believes that if he encounters the giant face of the saint again this time, Du Yu will definitely be able to easily crush it.

Of course, as for the real arrival of the saint, Du Yu still knows how many catties he is.

There is no big problem with the current cultivation base and the avatar of the saint, but if you fight with the saint’s body, naturally there is only a dead end.

Without any nonsense, Du Yu walked towards work after killing five monks.

At this moment, Du Yu could sense that on the top of the ancient pagoda was the place where some important things were placed in the soul hall.

First, Du Yu and Pan Gu came to the fifteenth floor and saw dozens of utensils.

These utensils look similar to those liquid medicines.

There are various creatures in these vessels.

Among them are naturally human beings.

Du Yu could see that these humans were covered with things that did not belong to them.

Some people have horns, while others have scales.

All in all, these things that didn’t exist at all had grown out of the cultivation of this liquid medicine.

This feeling is very scary.

Even if Du Yu’s cultivation reached the realm of semi-sage, when he saw the scene in front of him, he felt the creeps.

"This, I didn’t expect the Soul Palace to be so hateful."

Pangu on the side saw this scene and couldn’t help but speak.

Hearing what Pangu said, Du Yu also nodded.

He could see that these creatures in the vessel were very painful.

However, being caught by the Soul Palace, these people have no means of resistance at all, and can only withstand the various methods of the Soul Palace.

"What about these people?"

Looking at the utensils in front of him, Pangu couldn’t help but speak.

Seeing this, Du Yu was also very emotional.

To be honest, Du Yu thinks that there is no problem if Du Yu saves one or two people.

But with so many in front of him, Du Yu thinks that he has no way to rescue him.

After all, these people weren’t ordinary injuries at all, but were forcibly added by the Soul Palace.

Obviously, even if these people are rescued, they will be full of various situations.

After thinking for a while, Du Yu shook his head, "There is no way to save you, so let you bear less pain."

After Du Yu finished speaking, a powerful force burst out in his body.




Just in the blink of an eye, dozens of utensils in front of him were directly turned into fragments under Du Yu’s powerful force.

As for the creatures in the vessel, their souls are scattered.

In the scene in front of Chopper, Du Yu didn’t know if he was doing it right, but Du Yu believed that under the current circumstances, he could do just that.

If it is said that Du Yu’s original malice towards the Soul Palace was due to the pressure of the saints, then Du Yu is truly full of hatred towards the Soul Palace.

This is also the reason that Du Yu himself has enough cultivation base, so he was not caught by the Soul Palace.

If Du Yu’s cultivation is not enough and he is caught by the soul hall people, will he also endure all kinds of pain like the creatures in the vessel in front of him?

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