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Valhalla Saga - SS #4 Heda and Idun’s Diary

SS #4 Heda and Idun’s Diary

TL: Tsubak



The weather is a bit somber.

It seems like new warriors will be entering Valhalla in a few days.

But well, that is something that is not related with our legion.

Close to a hundred years have passed with no warriors entering our legion.

It has been like this since I became the representative Valkyrie of Idun’s legion…and the only Valkyrie in it.

It’s fine. I’m now really accustomed to it.

And…Actually I also know. That trying to maintain the legion is me being stubborn.

A legion with no warriors.

A legion with only one Valkyrie.

Idun is the Goddess of life and youth. Idun’s task is to look over the golden apple tree, not to lead a legion and go to the battlefield.

That’s why she doesn’t need a legion nor warriors.

But I still want to have a legion. Even though I know i’m forcing it and it’s something childish.

Actually, I don’t even know myself.

Could I be reminiscing about the time mother and father were still alive?Is it that I want to maintain a scenery that is similar to that time?Originally… A legion that has no warriors and has only one Valkyrie can’t exist. Idun’s legion is only able to continue thanks to the keeper of Valhalla, Freya-nim, having considered our situation.

Coherence started to disappear as I wrote what came into my mind. But well, it’s a diary anyways.

Anyways, they said new warriors would be entering in a few days.

That’s why I should at least go to the dock. Who knows? I may be able to use the cigarette this time.

Gandur will certainly try to make a bet this time too.

If a warrior will enter Idun’s legion or not.

But funnily enough, the one that always betted that no warrior will enter was me and Gandur betted on a warrior entering the legion.

This way, the two of us will feel good no matter who wins.

What should I ask her to do if I win this bet this time?Gandur is a really good friend.

I also like Gandur. Because she’s bright, cheerful and hilarious. Huh? They all have the same meaning? Heda, you are too much. You told me that you wouldn’t interfere when I was writing in the diary. What? The way I speak changes every time?Hmph, can’t do anything about it. It’s a conversation with none other than you.

I also start to look forward to the day new warriors will be entering. I don’t know why but I feel like a new warrior will enter this time. What? On what am I basing my words? Actually, I had a dream. Of a new warrior entering.

How was that warrior?I wonder… How should I explain this? First, promise me that you won’t laugh.

Um, he was a really cool warrior. A really cool one. Just like a prince riding on a white horse…Heda! You told me that you wouldn’t laugh! For real! Hmph!

Anyways! I had a dream of a cool warrior entering the legion. So this time…I will be looking forward to it in a long time.

Put me in your bet too.


The weather is clear. No, I don’t know. The important thing isn’t he weather!A new warrior entered.

My God. A new warrior.

I ended up looking forward to it thanks to Idun having talked about the dream. I also ended up arriving at the dock too early as I was the first one to arrive. That’s why I was really embarrassed. Huh? Of course it’s embarrassing. A Valkyrie of a legion with no warriors at all arrived first. It looks like she’s looking forward to it. That also pitiful. But of course, all the Valkyries are nice so they wouldn’t make fun of me although they may consider me to be pitiful. Ah, ah. Anyways, after I arrived at the dock first I took seat somewhere in the dock and waited.

I was anxious. Yes yes. My heart beat quickly. This is all because of the dream Idun had. It feels like something will happen because a God dreamt of it. I can only look forward to it. Well, although i’m also a God.

The other Valkyries started to arrive one by one as I was waiting while doing irrelevant things. The ships of Odin’s and Thor’s legion were really big. Honestly speaking, I was jealous. No, well there’s no one I can make ride the ship but a wooden boat was too much. Saying the truth, it’s a bit embarrassing. I also want to ride on a big ship.

Anyways, after the ships of the other legions arrived and after greeting the Valkyries I looked beyond the dock. The preparations for the night banquet should be in preparations right?

Finally, the warriors started to appear at the dock. They were big and energetical guys as expected of the ones that got able to enter Valhalla. The Valkyries were yelling the names of their legions loudly.

I also wanted to yell loudly saying Idun! Idun’s legion! But honestly speaking that’s…a bit hard. The legion has its history so I think that I may look even more pitiful if I start to work hard. I said it before but all the Valkyries are nice. Especially the nice ones like Ingrid won’t know how to act as they would feel too sorry…That’s why I will also feel pained, ah I don’t know. That’s why I pretended to be cool. It was unsightly actually but I sat on a wooden barrel and pretended to be uninterested. Saying Idun~ Idun~ in a low voice.

When the warriors started to flock over from everywhere… my voice started to become really low unconsciously. At first I was just pretending but then my voice got low for real. Yes, honestly speaking I became dispirited.

Ah, I got nothing this time too. I should have noticed when Idun told me she had a dream. What was I expecting like a fool? It was when I was wondering what I should ask Gandur-

A shadow formed in front of me and I also felt a presence. I got really surprised so I asked while frowning unconsciously. So that warrior said.

“I’m the warrior that will be entering Idun’s legion today, oh beautiful Valkyrie.”No, he said that for real. For real!Ah, I don’t know. Believe it or not. I got really surprised either way. I got really really surprised but I pretended to not be surprised and spread a scroll. Because the name of the warriors get engraved in the scroll the moment their legion is decided. Huh? Why didn’t I check it before? I didn’t think I would be able to endure it if I spread the scroll and saw no name in it. Actually, a really long time has passed since I opened the scroll.

There was really a name in it.

Lee Tae Ho.

It was a weird name, no, a really weird name but was it time to think about that? A new warrior entered the legion!Actually, I don’t remember much what happened after that as I was really excited. But it was really hard to pretend to not be excited when I was.

First, I opened a tobacco pouch. I have been treasuring so I could give it when a new warrior entered the legion. Wow, my God. A day when I actually used it came. Gandur gave it to me saying that warriors liked this but that was something that happened years ago. I think that ten years have already passed.

Anyways, I forced my trembling hands to calm down and lit the cigarette on fire. A long time has passed since I saw Gandur doing it so I was worried if I would make a mistake but I think that I managed it. But that was too strong. It seems like the newcomer didn’t see me cough though.

The newcomer said that he didn’t smoke. Gandur you liar. She said that all warriors liked smoking.

Anyways, I hurriedly put off the cigarette and talked about several things. What should I say, he seemed uneasy because he was going to a secluded legion compared to the other warriors so I ended up lying.

I know. I know that lying is bad. But this is a good lie. A lie to soothe the uneasiness of the newcomer.

Anyways, I told him that we had some senior warriors and…told him the strong points of our legion. Also the stories I heard from mother, father and the warriors of the legion when I was really young…I remembered them really clearly as if it was a lie.

And I also emphasized that he would have personal lessons and that that was a good point. Yes yes, this really is the strongest point we have. I’m planning to stick next to him and teach him everything.

After we arrived at the residence, I lead him to the shrine and moved really fast for ten years…no, twenty years. You know the reason for that, right?You know it well.

My warrior Tae Ho.

Isn’t that have a good ring to it? A cool warrior came like I expected. He’s nice, reliable and cool and most of all his first impression was really good. And his eyes looking at me were also good.

It was really cute seeing him getting embarrassed after I blessed him.

My warrior Tae Ho.

My warrior Tae Ho.

My warrior Tae Ho.

I understand. I will stop here so stop speaking.


The weather is a bit rainy. After that it got a bit somber.

I went to visit him for the first time.

No, it wasn’t the first time. I have followed my senior Valkyries several times when I was younger.

But you know right? It’s the first visit I go alone.

But I think that culture has changed. Ingrid was putting a really surprised expression when she heard that I have come to visit Tae Ho. She opened her eyes roundly.

Ah, there wasn’t much of a change in Ingrid’s expression. Should I say that she always has a calm expression? She’s a kid that looks really sincere. Anyways, looking that Ingrid opened her eyes roundly means that if it had been Gandur she would be jumping all around asking if it was true.

It seems like I was the only Valkyrie that had gone to visit my warrior.

Well, thinking about it this expedition only consisted of lowest ranked warriors. It’s obvious that there aren’t many visits. In addition, it’s only the beginning of the expedition.

Whatever the case, I met Tae Ho thanks to Ingrid’s lead. He liked it a lot when he heard that I have come to visit him.


Anyways, I controlled my expressions and talked about several things with Tae Ho. When I took a glance at him I noticed that he wasn’t particularly hurt so I was glad.

And… I saw Tae Ho’s saga.

My god. My God! Wow! Oh my God!An incredible warrior has entered. A really incredible warrior.

And I got moved. Huh? Why did I get moved by the fact that a strong warrior entered? No, that’s not it…but at the fact that Tae Ho believed in me.

Tae Ho told me in detail how his saga was formed. Honestly speaking I couldn’t understand it completely but I was really grateful that he told me a secret that big to me.

Right, in Tae Ho’s position he only has me and he obtained information about sagas only from me so that may have been an unavoidable choice. But I was still grateful that a warrior of my legion believed in me.

And in another side I was worried.

What will Odin-nim know if he gets to know about Tae Ho?Tae Ho is a warrior of Valhalla so he has to continue fighting.

But I will protect him so he doesn’t get wind up in irrational things. Certainly. No matter what I have to do.

Let’s protect him together.

Our warrior.

My warrior Tae Ho.


The weather is clear.

Tae Ho is proceeding smoothly with his tasks and it seems like he has raised several big achievements.

Idun’s warrior Tae Ho.

Hehe, doesn’t that have a really nice ring to it?I think that way.

It sounds as well as my warrior Tae Ho.

But I only have one complaint. Why does Tae Ho call out Heda’s name and not mine in decisive moments? Hm. Well…It may be because he has met Heda more than me. I think that he will change soon. Um…He has to.


The weather is clear.

I’m embarrassed. But I like it. Kyak!Warrior Lee Tae Ho! It’s a visit!

The moment Ingrid yelled that way thousands of warriors yelled at the same time. A meeting! A meeting! And they were also calling out the name of Idun’s warrior and that was really good.

Tae Ho lead me in a dignified way. As expected of a warrior of our legion. He’s really cool.

It’s good that he raised great merits but i’m worried that he may be using his body too roughly. I’m glad I secretly hid a piece of a golden apple.

I also blessed him a lot. I trembled a lot when I stood on my toes but fortunately Tae Ho supported me. Hm, could this be a privilege of a Valkyrie?How nice of you. I also want to hear it. The voices of the warriors claiming Idun’s name.


The weather is rainy and more rainy.

I introduced Ragnar to Tae Ho. It was really fun looking at his expression when he saw Tae Ho’s saga. For real.

At least like Sigurd.

Right, our Tae Ho should at least become like that. And he will get stronger from now on.

But I’m still worried about him. I’m thinking that there are strangely more hardships and ordeals Tae Ho has to go through. And there are times the task gets more difficult than what was first expected.

I should go visit him more from now on and give him more blessings.

No, well…it’s not that I have other feelings about it. But because he’s the only warrior. He’s precious right?So that was the case. That was the case. Well, i’m just saying that is the case.


The weather is somber. Well, the weather in here is always like this.

There are many times Tae Ho and Siri get together.

Siri should know Idun well too. Because she’s a warrior Gandur treasures a lot. You remember that I spoke about this several times, right?She’s a female warrior that has a stiff expression while battling but puts a really gentle smile after the battle ends. That gap is scary to me. Gandur said that men fall completely for gaps like that but could that be true? That can’t happen…no, well. It’s not that i’m particularly interested in the relationships my warriors have but, it’s not nice if she’s from another legion.

Anyways, they get together a lot. I feel like Siri also likes Tae Ho.

Well, nothing special should happen. Well, they are fellow soldiers. Fellow soldiers, um. Nice, fellow soldiers.

But I feel like he’s riding on Siri too much. Um…well, they are fellow soldiers. Fellow soldiers.

I am bothered by that.

Go visit him more frequently.

This is a by-talk but I want to give Tae Ho a winged horse-wing coat but he continues to pick other things. Um, this is not my fault.


The weather is clear.

Something big happened. Tae Ho fell in a really big dange.

If Ragnar wasn’t there. If Thor-nim was a little bit late…

I’m glad. Really glad.

I think that the spear Tae Ho picked is a fragment of Erin’s treasure, Gae Bolg.

And I think that he met with Cuchulainn’s soul.

That’s why I felt a scent of an unfamiliar male when I blessed Tae ho.

That’s why I changed the blessing place. Ah, it’s really because of that. Not because I had other intentions. What? You didn’t even ask? That a guilty conscience needs no accuser? That’s not true. It’s not like that.

The hero of Erin Cuchulainn and the treasure of the Land of Shadows, Gae Bolg…

Tae Ho is really a warrior that has the traits of a hero.

And if you changed the blessing spot…right, I understand. I should also change the place.


A day with a lot of clouds.

Tae Ho brought a sea serpent called Adenmaha.

It seems like Tae Ho doesn’t know it at all but actually she isn’t a sea serpent but a Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann. She may also be able to transform into a Goddess. She can’t fool my eyes.

It seems like Adenmaha suffered a lot under the Tyrant Bress. Maybe it’s because of that that she pretends to be really arrogant like a habit but it feels like she’s wearing a mask. Should I say that her original temperament is really gentle…Whatever, she gives off that feeling.

I can’t go visit Tae Ho on every battlefield…So it would be nice if Adenmaha took care of Tae Ho well.

Ah, and Adenmaha is Tae Ho’s slave but it feels like Tae Ho isn’t conscious of that at all. It feels like a new comrade has entered rather than her being a slave.

I also like this much better.

She seems to be a kid with many wounds. Let’s also treat her well.


The day is dark.

Tae Ho, Siri and Bracky headed to Midgard together. Bracky is a comrade that became an inferior rank along with Tae Ho.

His motivation to go down to Midgard and publicize Idun’s legion is amazing…but i’m fine if no new warriors enter the legion, I only hope for Tae Ho to not get hurt.

I wish he returns safely.

Huh? It feels like I missed the most important point. Am I the only one that feels that way?Is that the case?Like you blessed him in a completely different place from before… don’t scream girl. You should say it if you like him.

I like him as you also like him.

My warrior Tae Ho, my Valkyrie Heda.

It’s just a saying, really just a saying but I wonder how would the best blessing feel. No, i’m not saying that I want to do it. For real.


The weather has lots of thunder.

Tae Ho’s achievements are great.

So are his publicity campaigns in Midgard.

Tae Ho said that he was a pro gamer in his original world. Could a pro gamer be related to a publicizing job?

But I think that Tae Ho is getting hurt much more after he went down to Midgard. The same goes for Adenmaha.

I would like it if they don’t get hurt.

And…ah, for real. Why doesn’t he use the visit ticket?

I want to see him. Also bless h…not, not that.

Idun, please ask him.

Weren’t you too blatant?Well…I will ask him at a later time.

Perhaps, his heart got taken away by some maidens of Midg…no, i’m joking. It’s a joke. What? You don’t want me to say such things even if it’s a joke?Um um, you fell too deeply for him. Too deep.


The weather is clear.

New warriors entered Idun’s legion.

Not warrior but warriorS.

Tae Ho is amazing. He’s incredible!I couldn’t take them with the wooden boat so I asked Adenmaha for help. Wow, can you believe it. There are so many warriors that won’t even fit in the wooden boat!I didn’t have enough cigarettes because there were too many members. No, everything was lacking.

I should quickly increase the number of Valkyries. And increase the number of establishments too…Repair the broken places…

The residence of Idun’s legion will become noisy again just like before.

My warrior Tae Ho.

Heda, Can’t you admit it by now? That my dream was right. That a warrior that’s like a prince riding on a white horse will appear.

My warrior Tae Ho.

My warrior Tae Ho.

Huh? If i’m embarrassed? I’m not embarrassed at all. For real!That’s why it would be good if you didn’t only find Heda but me too. You aren’t Heda’s warrior but Idun’s.

Idun’s warrior.


The weather is rainy.

The decisive battle with the Tyrant Bress came to an end.

Tae Ho also raised great merits this time. He defeated Bress himself.

There were many sacrifices. Tae Ho, Bracky and Siri got really hurt too.

But it was a worthwhile battlefield.

We cleared the grudges of Erin. We removed one of the enemies that threatened Asgard.

When I went down to Midgard I felt that there were many beings aiming for Tae Ho.

The Valkyries were also like that. Tae Ho and Rasgrid were close from long ago. It feels like Rasgrid acts quite gently in front of Tae Ho when she’s originally cold towards the other warriors. Ingrid also feels suspicious. Although for a really little bit.

That’s why I spilled the cup.

Yep, I did it.

My Valkyrie Heda.

You did well.

Having sealed the stamp so that they aren’t able to lurk on him is a really great thing.

My warrior Tae Ho is my- no, our, he’s ours. Yes. Ours. What? You are suspicious of me? What are you saying? I don’t know what you are talking about.


The day has a heavy rain.

Could it be Tae Ho’s fate?It feels like Tae Ho is being focused by foes and allies maybe because he defeated the Tyrant Bress.

A battle against the Giant of Earth…

Tae Ho also won this time. He received help from the Knights of the Round Table and confidently defeated one of the Five Fingers.

That’s a really cool thing. It’s something I should boast to everyone in the legion.

But i’m really worried for him. What kind of strong foe will he have to face the next time? And will Tae Ho be able to return smiling at that time?Rolo and McLaren got really hurt. Adenmaha cried a lot and I also did. I want to see Tae Ho.

It’s fine. It will be fine.

In this fight, the knights of King Arthur…the knights of Camelot protected Tae Ho.

We aren’t the only ones but the powers of Erin are also protecting Tae Ho…so he should be fine.

He will keep doing well.

I also want to see Tae Ho quickly.


The day is clear.

As soon as Tae Ho got out of the Tower of Shadows he got called by Freya-nim.

She called him because there was something really urgent but just as expected, it seems like she tried to seduce him almost as a habit.

But it didn’t work at all for Tae Ho. For Tae Ho…uh, um…ahem ahem. I’m the prettiest. For real.

Not coming to me immediately when he came out of the Tower of Shadows is a bit, no, i’m really disappointed.


And Heda, Tae Ho only said that you were prettier than Freya-unnie, not that you were the prettiest. Doesn’t he call our names alternatingly? Huh? That’s only because of authority? Hmph, I don’t think that way. What? We should ask him later? What are you saying, that’s embarrassing. It’s not because i’m worried that he may say you are prettier than me. Not at all. Yes yes, whatever.


The connection with Tae Ho got cut.


Tae Ho returned.

I knew he would return.Right, I knew it. I believed in him.

I’m also happy. The emotions I felt when Tae Ho returned to Valhalla…I can still remember the Tae Ho of back then when I close my eyes.

But Heda, weren’t you too much? How could you share the best blessing for tens of minutes?

I’m also able to give the best blessings really well. Huh? No, this is a mistake. Mistake. No, for real.


The weather is clear.

Nidhogg and Adenmaha have a really good relationship. Should I say that there’s no space for me to butt in because of how well they fare…? Well, there’s no need for me to butt in in the first place. Although I do feel a bit disappointed.

Nidhogg seemed to be a really lovely child. A lovely child.


The weather is clear.

The conversation about Tae Ho’s and Idun’s marriage started to proceed earnestly.

Well, that’s unavoidable… First, it is Idun’s legion and i’m a Valkyrie of that legion.

I can marry him after Idun does. Right, that’s why you shouldn’t worry Idun. For real.

Thank you.


The weather is rainy.

Tae Ho went to Olympus.

He went with Adenmaha, Rolo and Nidhogg but I don’t feel at ease.

How long has passed since he defeated the Magician King…

I wanted to go instead of Adenmaha. With you.

Let’s pray together. Tae Ho will be fine. He will come back laughing like he always did.


The weather is bright.

I took a big resolution and came to Olympus but everything had ended already.

No, well…i’m glad that everything ended well but…I enjoyed the happiness of visiting him in a long time. The moment Ingrid yelled It’s a meeting! All the warriors turned to look at me and honestly speaking, really honestly speaking nothing entered my vision. I only saw Tae Ho.

But he has gone too far. A mad festival of meetings? The God of meetings?Just what did Adenmaha do? I told her to keep watch of him well.

But it was still nice to have met Tae Ho in a long time. My warrior Tae Ho. My pride.


The weather is thundery.

The last war. The real Ragnarok started.

For Asgard and the nine realms.


The weather is clear.

When I woke up I noticed that my waist was dislocated.

Just what were you doing all night? It was completely dislocated. In addition there were several bruises in my body and I couldn’t put strength in my legs.

Right, Idun. I’m writing this for you to see. Why don’t you put up an excuse? How could you do that? Huh? So was it good? Huh? Don’t just smile like a fool!Hehe.

But you know Heda. Hm hm, Tae Ho really is incredible. For real.


The weather is rainy.

I admit it. Really. Tae Ho is incredible. I imitated Adenmaha and…uh…um…I did the I want to have my waist dislocated…and was about to die. Really. But it was still nice. Hmhm. Yes.

Right? I was right, right?#25

The weather is clear.

For Asgard and the nine realms.

I feel proud of Tae Ho.

For Asgard and the nine realms.

My warrior Tae Ho.

The protector of all worlds.

Heda slowly stroke the cover of her diary. The diary that has different hand writings in each page didn’t only belong to her. It was a kind of interactive tool she shared with idun.

The diary doesn’t end here. Close packed stories filled up dozens of pages and dozens more clean pages were left.

Heda passed some pages. Her diary was filled with several memories that made her form a smile.

The day she took Nidhogg to an excursion. Idun’s wedding and her own. The time she prepared food for everyone in the residence with Adenmaha.

‘I can remember every one of them.’

Idun said and Heda nodded. She then thought of something ill natured and pointed at one point.

“Isn’t this part too erotic?”Waist, waist, waist.

Idun stayed silent and Heda’s face turned red. It wasn’t because of Heda but because of Idun’s embarrassment.

Heda formed a small smile and passed a few pages. A completely empty page appeared and Heda made another smile.

A story that continues and will continue from now on.

‘Are you going to write in it now?’

“Yes, I haven’t been able to for a few days. I will write in it before I forget to.”‘Adenmaha and Nidhogg were also writing in their diaries.’

“Yes, I want to exchange it with them and read what they wrote…but that will be impossible right? That’s embarrassing.”Idun laughed soundlessly and Heda soaked her pen in ink. She wrote the weather like usual and wrote on her diary.

The day is clear.

I went to Terra with Tae Ho, Adenmaha and Nidhogg.

A story that continues.

An endless story.

New stories started to develop following the pen in Heda’s hand.


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