Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 10 - This Man Is Truly Savage
Chapter 10: This Man Is Truly Savage

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A melodious ringtone broke through the silence, effectively interrupting all conversation.


Su Zhe’s face darkened to a pitch black, knuckles clenching to a fist soon after he picked up the phone call.

He ended the phone call soon after and stared at Tang Mo’er. “Xiaowan was attacked by one of the haters and she has been seriously injured. She is in the hospital.”

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and go to see her.”

“Tang Mo’er, I want you to release a statement immediately. You need to clarify to everyone that we had already broken up and ended our engagement a year ago, then Xiaowan won’t be considered a homewrecker.”

Tang Mo’er sneered at him, her lips curling in disgust. “Do you think I’m plain dumb or a saint like Mother Teresa?”

“You’re unwilling to do so?”

“Did I not express myself clearly enough for you?”

“Tang Mo’er, even though we are no longer together, our families are still old family friends. I’m not going to cut all ties with you because of our family relations… but you had better not force me to do something we’ll both regret,” with the domineering attitude of a king, Su Zhe turned and stalked off immediately after speaking.

“Wait,” a soft, feminine voice coaxed him back.

Su Zhe released a breath, his eyebrows relaxing and lips subconsciously lifting at the corner. He turned and looked at Tang Mo’er with a condescending smirk, his head held high as though he was too good for her. “Is there anything else?”

Of course there was!

Tang Mo’er strode forward and lifted her right hand to slap him hard in the face.


Su Zhe’s handsome face was thrown to the side as she slapped him with as much force as she could muster.

“Su Zhe, I didn’t enter the villa last night because I didn’t want to throw up from seeing the two of you. You are a pathetic excuse for a human. Today, this slap is my payback. I am done with you. You stand there all high and mighty and say you don’t like promiscuous women? I don’t like cheating scum like you either!”

Tang Mo’er spun around with a swan-like grace and shut the door to her apartment without another word.

Tang Mo’er felt a numbing sensation burn the inside of her palm once she was back in her apartment. It was a strange feeling, it stung, yet it felt numb at the same time. She started to rub at her hands to get some feeling back when she noticed a tall silhouette appear out of the shadows.

Gu Mohan.

She hadn’t realized that he had been standing there all along. He had already changed out of the dark set of clothes from the previous night and was now dressed in a crisp white shirt with a pair of black, pressed trousers, all perfectly ironed without a single crease. The shirt accentuated his broad shoulders and chest while the trousers were tailored with sharp cut that complemented his long legs. He exuded a dignified aura filled with charisma.

Where did he get the clothes from?

He… why was he still here?

Did he overhear her conversation with Su Zhe?

Tang Mo’er ran through her conversation with Su Zhe in her mind and let out a small breath. Fortunately, there wasn’t anything that needed to be censored in her conversation. Everything was fine, other than the words… promiscuous woman.

She wasn’t going to explain to a stranger about the promiscuous woman incident because there wasn’t a need to do so. However, common courtesy dictated that she should greet him as it was the polite thing to do. She uttered a small “haha” before greeting him, “Good morning Mr Gu.”

Gu Mohan looked at her, “Morning.”

Tang Mo’er gestured towards the door in explanation with a simple, “Su Zhe.”

Gu Mohan showed no reaction, nor any recognition of the name. “What does he do for a living?”

“President of Prevailing Entertainment… have you heard of him?”

“Yes,” Gu Mohan nodded vaguely before speaking again, “I’ve heard of him.”

“You’ve really heard of him before?”

Gu Mohan took in her tiny face, delicate features wrinkled in surprise, “Did you not just tell me?”


Seeing his dismissive attitude, Tang Mo’er realized that he did not think much of Su Zhe. What she couldn’t figure out was whether he looked down on Su Zhe’s character or his position.

Gu Mohan had a poker face, his deep, cold eyes were frosty and difficult to read. “Is he your fiancé?”

” Ex -fiancé.” Tang Mo’er emphasized.

Gu Mohan slowly lifted the corner of his lips, it was not quite contempt but the disdain was apparent. “You have bad taste.”


Okay, he was not only looking down on Su Zhe, he was clearly looking down on her too.

Tang Mo’er was in a foul mood. Her mouth twitched in irritation and thought viciously, this man is just too savage.

“End things with him.”

His words were short, to the point and simply overbearing.


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