Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 12 - Second Brother, Why Do You Keep Staring At That Woman?
Chapter 12: Second Brother, Why Do You Keep Staring At That Woman?

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Tang Mo’er pointed and signaled to the bartender, “I want that glass of alcohol in your hands.”

The bartender looked at Tang Mo’er with an ambiguous expression, “You want this ‘One Night Stand’?”

The full lips on Tang Mo’er lifted at the corners, not expecting this alcohol to have such a sentimental name. Without much further contemplation, she nodded her assent, replying “yes”.

The waiter brought the elegant glass over, colors bouncing attractively. She swirled it around, before taking a tentative sip — it was delicious. Being fond of it, she downed the glass of alcohol in one big gulp.

Qi Xi felt a bit uneasy, “Mo’er, please drink less. Have you forgotten how weak your alcohol tolerance is?”

“It’s because my alcohol tolerance is weak, that’s why I need to train.” Tang Mo’er defended as she pouted her lips to gain Qi Xi’s favor. Her dense lashes fluttered alluringly as she gave Qi Xi a coy smile.

Qi Xi was her manager. Because of that, she had to enforce a lot of restrictions in her everyday life such as not allowing her to drink.

Qi Xi pushed her away, her voice indignant, “Tang Mo’er, stop that! I’m one hundred percent straight, not a lesbian!”

Tang Mo’er teased a few locks of her lustrous hair behind one ear. Grabbing Qi Xi’s arms, she gave her manager a final flirtatious glance, “I can go away. But that alcohol just now was really tasty, can I have another glass?”

In one of the VIP rooms in the bar, Gu Mohan was seated casually upon the luxurious leather sofa. His handsome face and tall body were concealed in the darkness. His presence was like a blur, adding to his mysteriousness.

He narrowed his eyes, gaze fixed dangerously on the figure perched on bar counter some distance in front of him. From his angle, he could see half of Tang Mo’er’s dainty face. A flow of colorful liquid would kiss her cherry lips, gradually falling inside her mouth, then she would lick her lips, savouring the sweetness. It was a seductively charming sight to behold.

Fu Qinglun, who sat adjacent to Gu Mohan, followed his hardened gaze. His lips quirked up in a gentle and refined manner, “Mohan, why do you keep staring at that woman? With two glasses of ‘One Night Stand’, it looks like that woman wants to find someone to spend the night with.”

Huo Beichen glanced at Gu Mohan’s taut physique, “Second Brother, are you interested in that woman? Do you want me to bring her to you? Since you haven’t experienced what it’s like to have a woman, why not let her be your sexual partner tonight?”

Gu Mohan raised his eyebrow and stared at the duo who spoke in tandem, before dismissing their comments in a low voice, “You talk too much.”

Fu Qinglun and Huo Beichen shut their mouths immediately. They were curious. For many years, an uncountable number of women had thrown themselves at the capital’s wealthiest and most successful businessman. Yet, he had never taken a second glance at them. Not a single one. In order to prevent unwanted rumors, he had even claimed he was sexually incompetent and that he was facing problems in determining his sexuality.

Judging from the way he was acting, it appeared that those rumors would eventually be torn to shreds.

“Mohan, the attackers have been caught. The fourth master of Tianye Pier is behind it. How should we settle things?” asked Fu Qinglun, changing the topic back to more serious matters.

Tianye Pier was the largest port in Karghalik. Not too long ago, the Gu’s had acquired Tianye. However, the fourth master was extremely unhappy about the acquisition. As he had dealings with the black market, he decided to carry out an attack once he discovered that Gu Mohan was coming to Karghalik.

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